Will Obama order US forces to shoot down Israeli planes & missiles flying over Iraq towards Iran? Or, was Obama’s statement that Israel does not have the green-light, another overture towards Islam, particularly aimed at Ahmadinejad?

7 Jul

Will Obama order United States forces to shoot-down Israeli planes flying over Iraq on their way to take-out Iran’s Nukes?

In his political life it did not take Obama much thought to drop out of his favor the likes of the Reverend Wright, his mentor  (who, at tim4s, he referred to as his uncle,) and friend  of over twenty years, when the Reverend became a political liability. As soon as they became obvious political liabilities, Obama dropped the likes of Ayers, and Farrakahn, off the bus; loyalties seem to mean very little to President Obama.

His two-faced character, coupled with his Islamic instinct and character, is also obvious from his behavior towards Israel, one of the United States’ closest friends and better allies. Not long ago, Obama tried to dictate to Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel is not to build more in the West Bank;  in its wisdom, Israel just authorized fifty new units for the West Bank; in your face, Obama…

Obama unequivocal statement that the United States did not give Israel the green-light to take-out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, is another arrogant and insensitive demonstration of his ineptness as President. Barak Hussein Obama seem to not realize that Israel is a sovereign nation that does not need his permission in order to defend itself, and taking-out Iran’s nukes, may well be an important step in guarding Israel’s security.

When speaking about not giving Israel the Green-light, Obama kept suggesting that he would like to use diplomacy with Iran. This recent statement, in face of Ahmadinejad making mockery of democracy, and of the United States, demonstrates Obama’s lack of understanding of the world and reality. Obama’s actions support Ahamdinejad claims that he, Obama, is too inexperienced and naive to be effective as a world leader, a claim that was repeated once, and once again, during the 2008 US Presidential election.

Should Israel send its air power (planes and missiles,) over Iraq towards Iean, would Obama order US forces controlling Iraq’s airspace to shoot the Israelis down?

Israel may be the only option left to the free world  for keeping Iran from becoming a nuclear power, would Obama try to stop Israel from doing what it may have to do?


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