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Beck’s rally: Genuine, or a farce? Or, are Beck and Palin the real faces of the tea-party?

29 Aug

Beck’s Rally: Genuine, or a farce?
Of Glenn Beck: It is hard to trust a man who can be an anti-right advocate when with CNN; and then switch to become an anti-left spokesperson with Fox. It is hard to trust an uneducated man such as Beck who now has his own “University.” It is hard to trust a man who seem to be able to cry on cue, a man who makes fun of Harvard intellectuals because he simply could not even finish college…It is hard to trust a man who all of a sudden found God and uses “it” to help propel his ambitions in his Washington DC rally.
Is Glenn Beck a charlatan? Or, is Glenn Beck, a genuine article?
As one of the prime movers behind the tea party, an organization without any positive missions, an organization built on “anti” government sentiment, Glenn Beck seemed to have decided that God may fill its void in purpose. This approach may have some credibility since Sarah Palin, the other tea party star, seem to be indeed a strong follower of religion.
Glenn Beck is an influential US political force, but is Mr. a force to the good, or are Glenn Beck’s interests to simply to further his own influence, and career?
Beck switch from CNN to Fox is not asimilar to Governor Palin’s leaving the governorship of Alaska, while breaking her commitment to the people of that state, and doing so in order to advance her own career, and enhance her personal fortune (which she managed to do in a very short time.)
One may ask, is the fact that the tea party most recognizable stars, Palin and Beck, are opportunists, will render the movement a “flash in the pan,” or will the tea party find leadership, and causes that will allow it to develop into a legitimate political force?

Mosques should be barred in US without Islam’s acceptance of: “Infidel equality under Allah!”

23 Aug

Until Islam formally accepts the equal rights of infidels and cease all calls for world religious domination, the United States should consider it a barbaric cult without equal rights to legitimate religions…

For example, a “ground-zero” mosque should not even be considered unless a formal statement is made by the total Islamic hierarchy involved, a statement that denounces all Koranic references to doing away with infidels, and for Islamic world domination. Before any additional mosques are permitted in the United States, Islam must agree that, consistent with the United States constitution: All man [humans] are created equal under God [Allah!] Islam must formally agree to that, or barred from further advancing in the United States.

Functioning in a manner contradictory to the US constitution, as Islam does when dealing with Jews, Christians, and all those who do not accept the Koran (the infidels), is not legal and should have an end put to it without further delay. The United States should be sensitive to the danger of tolerating Islam’s violation of human rights and other uncivilized behavior, or be in the unenviable position of many European countries who find themselves having to undue damage done by tolerating Islamic quirks for many years.

For Islam to be allowed to function in the United States, it must be made to comply with the United States constitution and US laws. US laws must, of course, supercede the Sharia (Islamic religious law,) a law that is often contradictory to United States and other civil rights, in the United States. To legally function in the United States, Islam must formally agree that it denounces the Sharia, and all Koranic edicts, when they contradict US law!

No US mosques without Islam’s acceptance of “infidels” as equals!

23 Aug

No US mosques without Islam’s acceptance of “infidels” as equals!

When the Islamic hierarchy behind the proposed ground-zero, and all other mosques in the United States, formally agrees to denounce all Koranic teachings about Islamic world domination, and about the destruction of all infidels, then, and only then, Islamic mosques should be permitted in the United States.

“The Mosque!”

15 Aug

Until Islam rejects the Koranic edict to do away with all infidels, it should not only be banned from building its “ground zero” mosque, but any and all other mosques in the US (and the civilized world.)

When Islam formally reject the Koranic call to for conversion to Islam of all non believers (or otherwise destroy them,) and accept all human beliefs as equal in the eye of god, then, and only then, it (Islam) should become an acceptable religion in the US and be treated as equal to all other civilized religions.

Until Islam can accept that believers in all other religions are equal under in the eye of god, Islam will remain no more than a cult, and should be dealt with accordingly…