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Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck: Please don’t politicize “Global Warming!”

19 Feb

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, you are but three of the conservative spokespeople who elected to use “Global Warning” as a tool with which to fight the “Liberals;” what you are doing, is wrong!

The fact that you discovered means for attacking Al Gore and his Nobel prize, is OK! To attack science that you do not understand, however, is clearly not in the public interest. You are “taking sides,” on a scientific issue that you clearly know nothing about. Global Warning is an issue that is now undergoing a scientific evaluation and debate, it is not something that can be determined using a democratic vote by lay people such as you. By contradicting the fact that Global Warning is an issue, you are simply confusing your audience, a [dys]public-service.

Unlike the three of you, I do have a reasonable scientific background. Even with a background in science, I do not profess to understand enough to take a public stand on the matter of Global Warming! This is a scientific debate that the three of you should avoid since your understanding on the matter is, at best, trivial.

Please, gentlemen, don’t use your influencial positions to confuse the public; please, gentlemen, act responsibly and let the scietists inform the world how serious the situation may be.