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Obama’s: Why “borrow” words?

29 Aug


Obama acceptance speech at the Democrat Contention was about what anyone could expect, an oratorical masterpiece! The problem with Obama’s speech is that is was mostly a rehash of the very thin content found in many of his previous speeches.

Obama’s great ability as an orator is wearing down since in spite of his motto of “Change we Believe in,” his speeches seem to be expanded rehashes of what he has been saying, mostly slogans and generalities.  From time-to-time, Obama does move to superficially deal with issues. Some of the reasons for Obama’s reluctance to deal with issues appears to be largely due to the fact that whenever he does, his lack of depth shows through When that happens, and without mercy, he is exposed by those in the know. There were not the positive revelations that I expected, and were hoping for, in Obama’ acceptance speech.

To my chagrin, however, there was one visible negative surprise; In the acceptance speech Obama used some lines, slightly paraphrased (to deal with the differnt names,) that were borrowed from the popular movie: The American President. I wonder (and hope,) that perhaps Obama use of these words was due to employing some of the movie writers to help write his speech, otherwise, it could simply be viewed a plagiarism! 

Clinton: Because, he is like me…

28 Aug

President Clinton endorsed Barak Obama and suggested that those (like he and wife were a couple of months ago) who say that Obama does not have enough experience to be Commander in Chief, are wrong.

Clinton’s message: My opponents, when I was running for President, were criticizing me for being too inexperienced to be Commander in Chief; and just like I turned out to be a great C.i.C. so will Obama. I endorse Obama because he will be like me, great!

Bill Clinton forgot that it was not about him, Bill Clinton forgot about Somalia, Bill Clinton forgot about the USS Cole, and about the numerous misses at getting Osama bin Laden, etc., etc. — does the country want another Bill Clinton? Does the country want Barak obama? 

Like Bill Clinton, and perhaps with an edge, Barak Obama is a great speaker and motivator, but also like Bill Clinton, Obama is brash, inexperienced, charismatic, and an arrogant young man. Does the country want a real black-American (in this case a Mulatto) President after the “blackest white man” (as Clinton was dabbed by much of the Afro-American community) as its President?

Is democratic politics synonymous with lying?

27 Aug

Not three months passed since Hilary Clinton stated without equivocation that Barak Obama does not have enough experience to be Commander in Chief, nor President of the United States. At the Democrat National Convention, however, Senator Clinton said that Barak Obama was her candidate and must be elected President in November, 2008.

Did Barak Obama gain so much experience in the last few months to now be qualified as President, or was Senator Clinton being disingenuous, either at the Convention, or three months earlier.

If a child were to ask why the discrepancy exists, one would be told that this is politics: “You say things during the primaries that you then change when a candidate is chosen…”

The way we, the democratic society that we are, explain lies, is by saying that “this is politics, you exchange real and fiction, right and wrong, to suit the political landscape!”

Biden: Will the tail wag the dog?

24 Aug

Obama’s choice for a Vice Presidential candidate is commendable, Joe Biden is a good man!

But there are issues. If it was guaranteed that Obama becomes President, one could not ask for a better Vice President than Joe Biden. As far as someone to help the ticket win the election, Senator Biden may not be the ultimate candidate. The passing over of Senator Clinton, for example, may be one of those issues that a Biden selection will not mend.

There is the Biden plagiarism, there is his leadership and maturity which in comparison would re-enforce the Obama rock-star image versus that of Biden’s stature as a leader. And, there are those statements on record from the primaries in which Senator Biden even suggested that McCain was more ready than Obama to become President.

And then, when it comes to a tail wagging the dog situation! When the recent Georgia war broke Obama did not react in a way a “wannabe President” should act, Biden would have, and actually did better. It is hard to visualize senior military commanders taking Barak Obama as seriously as they would Senator Biden…Obama as Commander in Chief conjers the image of the Television show Doogie Houser MD; a little boy trying to act as a medical doctor — maturity and experience count, and Senator Biden has an edge on Barak Obama on both counts.

Be that what as it may: Good luck to the Democrat ticket, let us hope you make the election a credible show, not continue to be a media entertainment event!

“Time-table:” Wind removed from Obama sails?

22 Aug

A couplne of weeks ago President Bush was speaking about troop reductions in Iraq. Bush was siting numbers, numbers based on actual performance on the ground.

Yesterday, August 21, 2008, Condoleeza Rice stated from Ira that the United States and Iraq are in the process of establishing a [flexible] “time table,” for removing US troops from Iraq. The Administration plan which is based on success on the ground, essentially, a victory!

Sadaam Hussein was removed, an Iraqi constitution was established, and a democratic Iraqi [partially functioning] government is in place. Should events on the ground, including civilian security and a fully, or nearly fully functioning Iraqi Administration be in place within the Obama sixteen-months time table, his time table may prove realistic. But, by his own admission, it may have to be moved either forward and backward, depending on events on the ground.

Obama main theme when he became a Presidential candidate is a time table for removing US troops out of Iraq. That message may have lost its meaning if troop removal becomes a reality because of success in the grounf, a success that in large part may be due to “the surge,” a military move that McCain supported and that Barak Obama objected to.

Assuming that the time table Secretary Rice is discussing becomes a reality, especially if it is accompanied by a clear definition of what conditions are expected (a definition of “victory,” if you will) to allow for a time table that Iraq-table will be turned in favor of John McCain, and Obama will lose one of his major speaking points.

An Iraq time table if accopmanied with the return to more “normal” oil production should also be one item that will help ease the pressure of gas prices on the economy. In spite of the fact that Bush will continue to receive bad grade, probably as bad as Jimmy Carter (the two worse Presidents in US history,) more oil production from Iraq, reduced gas prices, and troop returning, much due to the “surge,” could do nothing less than give Senator Mccain a big boost in what appears to be a tight US Presidential election.

Vacationing while Georgia is Burning?

20 Aug

Obama is not yet Commander in Chief, but when events that are changing global distribution of power and influence are taking place, he should show interest and involvement in real time, perhaps from Washington DC where as a Senator he can be current on events, not from Hawii where he is vacationing.

Vacation with families is not a bad thing, but for someone who has the ambition to take over until recently (one may argue that Mr. Putin may be assuming that role,) the most powerful job in the world to remain on vacation when global balance of power and influence may be changing, is at best a demonstration of poor judgement. Just like President Bush (who unlike Obama did have the responsibility for action,) image and credibility suffered when he failed to react to Katrina in a timely manner, Obama remaining in Hawii while “Georgia was burning,” will add another chink in his armor; ir will show another flaw in his foreign policy credibility.

As President Bush learned during Katrina, the Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) does not have a time for vacation, his job is 24/7/365; there may be enough time for Obama who may be C.i.C.-in-learning to learn that the President is indeed a FULL time job, no real vacation!

Islamic-Pride: The US Election

19 Aug

Ethnic and religious pride are powerful motivations!

If Barak Obama becomes President fo the united States, every Muslim in the world will declare kinship to the man, and claim him as a brother. Even as the Democrat candidate with tens of millions of votes for Senator Obama, he is, as he should be a hero to Muslims. In spite of denials, Obama’s Muslim-birth does indeed qualify him as kin to Muslims.

Getting to become the Democrat nominee for President of the United States, by itself, is a reason to cheer. This is especially true since the percentage of black-American voters is minuscule. Have a man of color become President, or candidate on of the two legitimate parties in the United States, is an achievement of enormous proportions.

There are those who are not pleased because in the case Of Barak Obama black-Americans prefer him to any other candidate in majority beyond rational choice based on qualification; but, how many Catholics voted for John Kennedy, and how much of the Jewish vote went to Kerry because of Lieberman because of their religions?

Ethnic and religious preferences, if they are used for the positive, are effective instruments in democratic elections. Voting against someone because of religion (unless it is some dangerous cult,) race, or ethnicity is wrong. Tipping the scale on behalf of someone with common background is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to criticize.