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Sequestration and “The Callous Presidency”

28 Feb

Sequestration and “The Callous Presidency.”
Notwithstanding the fact that President Obama is not eligible to run for “the” office after his second term ends, the young American President is running around the country, and when in Washington, dealing with his political agenda. President Obama is doing “politics as usual” while numerous Americans need jobs, and the national debt is out of control.
Barak Obama was elected with the hope that as a compassionate agent for change he will help America recover from the disaster left by George W. Bush, the inept but well-meaning President.
Obama did not waste time demonstrating that he was not what the public expected. He was re-elected after four failing years not because his performance, or ability, but rather because of his race. In spite of failing as President 97% of African-Americans and 70+% of Latinos helped elect President Obama, not a cross-section of the American public.
Starting on his second term, President Obama wasted no time capitulating and allowing politics determine his action. Calling people who make $150K to $450 middle class just so he can give the “middle class tax breaks,” and then his idea sequestration. All that was happening while forty million Americans either are unemployed, or under employed, and the President flaunts political and personal spending of taxpayers’ money.
President Obama has many flaws. One of the worst foreign policy in contemporary times, horrible economy, national debt out of control, BUT, his major flaw is that the man lacks compassion, Barak Obama’s Presidency is perhaps the most callous in history; what a let down!

Obama: The callous Presidency!

25 Feb

Obama: Where is the compassion? Where is the “simpatico” to the downtrodden? The callous Presidency!

When the young American President first appeared on the national scene, his oratory skills, charisma, compassion, and ability to change the system, set the man apart from all other politicians. President Obama came across as an agent for change, after George W. Bush a very welcomed opportunity.
Four years into his Presidency, and counting, the compassion seems to be missing, the Obama Administration is looking more and more as that of George W. Bush, and President Obama seems to have forsaken the downtrodden in favor of hobnobbing with the very rich.

Recent events are indication that President Obama is either not the man we thought he was, or that he has very callous handlers to whom he listens.

In the face of forty million unemployed, or under employed Americans, President Obama seems to be dealing with other agenda items rather than just employment, and national defense. Not only does he do that, he flaunts wealth and unreasonable taxpayers’ spending in front of these numerous people who cannot even make ends meet. What is President Obama thinking?
Let us deal with just very few, but disturbing examples.
Classifying people who make between $150K and $450K as middle class and giving them tax breaks
Going on a very expensive golfing vacation, with air-force planes, at great expense had to ensure his safety
Having Michelle Obama attend the Oscars at a tremendous expense to the tax payers.
There are many more, but the point, how callous, or unfeeling, or naïve can the President be flaunting all this untold wealth when so many American cannot even feed their families?

The inter-Islam war: Muslim versus Muslim! Israel’s existence a deterrent to WAR!

23 Feb

Muslim v. Muslim; Israel’s existence a deterrent to WAR!

“Throughout history,more people were killed in the name of religion, than for any other reason.” Muslims are willing, actually eager to die on behalf of Allah!
But which Allah? Sunnis don not accept Shiites view of Islam, the two are natural and fundamental enemies.
Why aren’t they fighting one another? One may ask; the answer is simple: ISRAEL; ZIONISM; JUDAISM; the mere existence of the State of Israel in the region provides Muslims with a common enemy, with enough of a diversion to delay their inevitable inter-religion war. Some of that war is actually taking place, Sunni-base rebels (including elements of al Qaeda) versus Assad and Iran supported Shiites, such as Hezbollah.

Those who thought that Benghazi was Hillary Clinton’s biggest failing must open their eyes and look at the world the woman left for John Kerry.
There was Arab Springs where she, and President Obama mistook a move towards enhancing Sharia law hold on North Africa as a move towards democratization and helped create a new very anti women environment. Afghanistan is about to execute its ex [woman] Ambassador to the US for blasphemy, and civil, as well as women rights in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are essentially suspended. Secretary caused many other problems by demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of other, especially Islamic, cultures.
Islam is made up of about 80% Sunni, and 20% Shiite, with a number of smaller sub-sets of either one, or the other. Arab Islam is nearly entirely Sunni. Sunni’s do not consider Shiites to be legitimate Muslims; if not for the existence of Israel which is the “enemy’s enemy who is a friend” one can could expect outright wars between Shiite and Sunni; with Iran being the most powerful Shiite entity.
Bashar Assad is a client of Iran; he is the conduit between Iran and its two main surrogates in the Middle East, Hezbollah, and Hama. As can be expected, Hezbollah is trying to keep Assad in power since without him, should Syria fall under either Sunni, or more secular control, its mere existence could be endangered.
With Assad’s falling, power alignment in the region would be much different than it is now. Syria, depending of how strong the Syria-al Qaeda emerges, would not likely be a client of Iran, but rather more aligned with the Sunni world. With Assad’s second-to-none chemical weapons arsenal, delivery systems to reach US troops on the Gulf, Turkey, Israel, and other Mediterranean
The situation in Syria where Hillary Clinton’s policy was to stand by except for some clandestine help to the rebels is unfolding. Syria is a microcosm of the [Arab] Middle East, much will be happening in that country before any stability can be expected in the region.

Hillary’s legacy: A powder-cake ready to explode!

20 Feb

The collaboration between Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama was a case of “strange bedfellows,” if there ever were one!
During the 2008 primaries Hillary Clinton asked if President Obama is ready to be by the red-phone when it rang early in the morning.
On September 11, 2012 Mrs. Clinton’s question was answered with a resounding: NO! As sad as this may sound, the Benghazi event made it quite clear that neither President Obama, nor Secretary Clinton was up tp getting that call.
It was fortunate that the Benghazi fiasco was a small localized event, it did cost four American lives, but it could have been much worse.
As Mrs. Clinton was leaving office, North Korea detonated another nuclear device and suggested that it poised to destroy South Korea if it it deemed it the right thing to do.
ayatollah Ali Khamenei repeated that Iran will not hold discussions with the United States, and Morse is strengthening his position as a religious supreme leader (dictator?)of Egypt.
One of the worse foreign policy periods in contemporary culminating with the terrible situation in Benghazi!

Declining relations with: Poland, China, Russia, Israel, North Korea, and Iran to name some.
The “leading g from Behind Arab Springs mistaking it for a move towards democratization, while it was always a move towards expanding Sharia law.
Declining women rights, Hillary’s “crown Jewel” through the spread of Sharia law
Syria is burning while Hillary Clinton’s policy was to stand by while 60,000 Syrian civilians were slaughtered and:
The very unstable Assad, a client of Iran has control of:
Over fifty metric tons of Uranium
The largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world
Delivery systems for the chemical weapons the can reach:
260,000 US troops on the Gulf
The Mediterranean with numerous US ships and personnel
US oil supplies from the whole region

This great patriotic collaboration between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama resulted in a horrible international situation; would the country been better off if someone other than Hillary headed states since the 2008 election? The answer is a very simple: YES!

Assad’s WMDs, Iran’s nukes, Gun-control: The US role?

12 Feb

At a time when gun-control occupies the hearts and minds of many Americans, at a time when the NRA main battle cry is: “It is not guns that kill people, it is people who kill people,” one must reflect on that logic.
Hundreds of thousands of United States troops are within range of Bashar Assad’s WMDs and would be within Iran nukes range within a year, can the United States wait? Since the United Nations cannot, and will not do the job, what are options available to the US?
Guns are tools meant primarily for killing. They are designed to kill innocent people, they are designed to kill enemies, animals for food (where that applies,) and to some degree for sport. In the hands of the “right” people guns are good, in the hands of “bad” people they are bad. Guns are also bad, sometimes very bad in the hand of mentally unstable people who tend to misuse them, for one reason, or another.
By nearly any and all standards Bashar Assad is not mentally stable. The Syrian dictator has in his position the largest arsenal of chemical weapons, and delivery systems to carry said weapons a long ways. Within Assad’s reach are 260,000 US troops on the Gulf, Israel, US and other ships on the Mediterranean, and other US allies.
In the United States we worry about keeping guns away from the mentally ill, how about those rogue entities such as Syria, North Korea, and Iran? Should the Unites States just stand by until one of those unstable entities unleashes an event that could become global catastrophe?
It is time for the United States to realize that WMD are there, that the United Nations would not control them, and want to or not, the US is the policeman of the world and must take action. In the case of Syria and Iran, time is running short!

US Mediterranean presence needs boosting, not reduction:

10 Feb

The United States must increase, not limit its Mediterranean presence; it needs boosting to avert economic disaster.
Budget constraint notwithstanding, holding back planned deployment to the Middle East in face of problems with “Arab Springs” countries, and especially with Syria, is a grave error.
The risk of allowing an exploding Middle East to the United States is not nearly as remote as it may appear by looking at the map. The first casualty could well be the highly fragile United States economy. An open conflict in the Middle East would likely jump US gas prices at the pump to someplace in the $20.00s per gallon, and with it, heating oil, and the general cost of doing business to catastrophic levels. Should a shooting war begin in the region, unless it is a quick elimination of Iran’s nuclear threat, and Syria’s uncontrolled weapons, the United States economy could decline so fast that, literally within weeks the United States economy could rival that of Greece, or perhaps even some third-world countries.
Dempsey delaying Truman Group deployment to the linkedin.comiddle East; what a poor timing, what a poor choice!
As part of its budget reduction, the Pentagon, per General Dempsey, is delaying the Truman Group deployment to the Middle East. With Tunisia in turmoil, Egypt unstable, Libya in a shambles, and Syria, mostly Syria, about to explode, delaying the deployment to the Middle East is shortsighted, and could prove to be disastrous!
Syria has more chemical weapons than does anyone else in the world, it has delivery systems to reach North Africa, Israel, the 260,000 US troops on the Gulf, as well as many other points of interest to the United States. Syria is a client of Iran, and Ahmadinejad just left Egypt stirring the pot there, as he is about to do in Gaza.
Israel just blew up a convoy of state-of-the-art weapons on its way from Damascus to Lebanon (for Hezbollah,) and Assad in now on record suggesting that Israel is behind the civil war in Syria.
The Supreme Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, just repeated that Iran will not negotiate with the United States (ending the Hagel doctrine, before it started,) while it still supports Syria with its fifty metric tons of Uranium.
The unstable Bashar Assad at the trigger of the most dangerous weapons in the world, is on record as ready to attack Israel with backing from Iran. With a backdrop of a revolution that was nationalistic, but that is now heavily infiltrated with al Qaeda elements, not enhancing the United States presence on the Mediterranean is a poor strategic decision, if there ever were one.
With all the option available to the Pentagon, cutting (or rather not enlarging) Middle East presence is about the least prudent choice it can take.
Not to second-guess a professional Pentagon staff, one may wonder about troop levels in Europe, South Korea, and elsewhere in the world, couldn’t they be reduces to allow for the added Middle East planned, already approved, and crucial deployment.

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Obama 2013 Israel visit must formalize Jerusalem as capital.

6 Feb

Obama 2013 Israel visit must formalize Jerusalem as capital.

Never throughout history was a nation’s capital imposed on it by others, until in 1948 the “international community” imposed Tel Aviv on Israel as its capital.
By choice, and based on history, Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital, it is so in perpetuity.
Israel must insist that all meetings with President Obama and with member of his team in his 2013 visit be held in Jerusalem, and that the United States President formally demonstrate his acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital in perpetuity!
President Obama must also insist during his upcoming visit to Israel, and its Arab neighbors, that said neighbors recognize Israel’s right to exist, and that they remove all references of their goals to destroy Israel.
In return Israel should accept some pre-condition for negotiation with the “Palestinians.” Israel must at least accept a formula for determining boundaries, and some level of Palestinian sovereignty.
Obama must be the diplomat and try to make up for four years of essentially inaction in the area.

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