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Mediocrity, or: The least Unqualified for President?

4 Sep

It is scary to look at America, the United States of America, and accept that the richest and more powerful country in the world, with its 400 million people, can only come up with four Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates that among them have less than two years of total civilian experience. The four candidates bring to the table a number of positive assets, not any, however, that qualify them to hold the most powerful position in the world.

John McCain offers a long history of public service and courage to the table. Barak Obama brings a God-given gift of oratory. Joe Biden boasts an outstanding history of serving in the United States in the Senate, while Governor Sarah Palin, brings her experience as twenty months of Governing Alaska, and having, what she calls, and a typical family.

Recent history suggests that sitting United States Senators do not succeed as Presidential candidates. One may wonder why the two leading Presidential candidates, and one of the Vice Presidential running mates are US Senators?

The second leading Vice Presidential candidate is a Governor of a States. Of the three Presidents that were ex Governors, two were abysmal failures; the third became a Republican icon. George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were two of the most unpopular candidates in the history of the United States. Ronald Reagan was a horse of different color. In addition to having experience as a Governor, President Reagan was a gifted communicator who knew how to speak to the American electorate.

The 2008 United States Presidential election may be a historic event. The first man of color (Obama is NOT, as the media refers to him a black-American, he is a Mulatto, or a man of color) is a major party Presidential candidate. John McCain, an elder statesman who will be the oldest person to become a US President heads the Republican ticket. Governor Sarah Palin is the first woman Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket, a Joe Biden, a very nice man who destroyed a future as President when in his first try he plagiarized a speech from a British politician.

The fact that the four candidates are making history notwithstanding, as potential leaders of the free world, individually, or collectively, they are the epitome of mediocrity. Governor Palin described the situation well when she said that her is a typical family.

These are difficult times these are times to rise to new heights. When energy resources are out of control, when crazies like Vladimir Putin are flexing their muscles, when Ahmadinejad vows to destroy Israel, America’s closest ally, and when global stability is at risk, the world need standout leadership from the United States, not mediocrity!