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At what cost “political-correctness?” Muslims kill Muslims; but Muslims also kill infidels.

20 Apr

The Patriot’s Day Marathon killing in Boston is another message to those who keep saying that Islam is a peaceful religion: Islam is a violent religion, it does include members who are advocate of peace, but Islam is not a peaceful religion.
A great deal can be said about the subject, but this is not intended to be a scholarly presentation, this is just a quick overview of events in recent human history. Let me suggest that other prominent religions contributed to human turmoil, many people were killed in the name of Christianity, fortunately that phenomena appears to be of the past, Islam is of the present, and I hate to say, of the future.
Let me suggest that a great deal of Islamic rage has its roots in the Quran, but one must also include the fact that “the West,” for many years treated Muslims as inferior people, and that humiliation added to the rage!
Most terrorist attacks in the twenty and twenty-first centuries were perpetrated by, or in the name Islam; and Muslims are continuing to kill Muslim in impunity, as I am writing.
To those people who suggest, for example, that Middle East problems are due to the existence of Israel, to what Islamic nations continue to call Zionism, let me suggest that this is not the case. Israel at best was a diversion and allowed warring Islamic fractions to function under the adage: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Just examine the situation in the Middle East, and present realities.
The Israeli Arab conflict of the last one hundred years there caused a lot of death and carnage, but as soon as the Muslim Arabs realized that Israel was not a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, they returned to killing one another. In the last two years for example, in Syria alone, more civilians were slaughtered than in the whole hundred-year Israeli Arab conflict, there are now twice as many Syrian refugees in the region, and the number is growing.
There are Muslims slaughtering Muslims in Mali, Egypt, the Sudan, and in many other places, Islam is not a peaceful religion, and we, in the United States must suspend some of their civil rights in order to “protect the many [even] at the expense of the few.

The vacuum: Palestinians without Fayyad = void; or, “the tail wagging the dog!”

14 Apr

The vacuum: Palestinians without Fayyad = a void!
The only competent operative within the Palestinian authority, Salaam Fayyad resigned, leaving Abba, the butcher of Munich to find a replacement.
In reality this a case of the tail leading the dog; nor Abbas, nor Fatah, have anything to do with managing the Palestinian Authority, Khalid Meshaal, and Hamas are in charge, and Fayyad resignation is another display of that relationship.
The Arabs, or Palestinians if you will, are seeing their cause of blaming Israel, and Zionism for all the problems in the Middle East fade away. Synced there are about twice as many Syrian refugees in the region than are Palestinians, and since there were about twice as many Arabs killed in Syria in the last two years than throughout the whole Israeli Palestinian conflict; the Palestinians are quickly seeing their claim to being thud victims, being dwarfed by many other Arab against Arab situations.
In order to keep the pot boiling and try to maintain their plight, Hamas must lead the Palestinian cause since it is vocal about its desire to destroy Israel, and Fayyad was muting that voice.
The Syrian, Egyptian conflicts have so much more world wide significance than that of the Palestinians, that a voice for peace such as Fayyad’s had to be eliminated; Palestinians are facing a hard future with Syrian refugees, and Egyptian turmoil essentially removing them from the world radar screen and they arte looking for ways to overcome that eventuality.
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Russia versus the US; a Hillary expanded problem!

14 Apr

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused a significant damage to United States global interests. How much of that should be attributed to President Obama, is hard to say. One can say, however, that there is enough blame to go around, and Hillary Clinton proved without a doubt that she should not be the one by the red-phone at 3:00AM.
Obama’s desire to “reset relations with Moscow,” may just be too little too late. In four years as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton damaged United States relations with many nations, many beyond repair. Mrs. Clinton legacy at State would be on of the worst ever in United States history. In addition to causing deteriorating relations with many nations, Russia being the tip of the iceberg, following by Poland, Israel, Egypt, and quite a number of others, Hillary Clinton completely botched up United States activities in the Middle East. From her leading from behind at Arab Springs, to her fiasco in Benghazi, followed by the lying (not an uncommon trait of Mrs. Clinton.)
The most recent situation with Russia, among other things suggests that they have not forgiven Mrs. Clinton inept dealing with them, and will no do so in the very near future.
The sad part has to do that this is happening at a time that the United States could use Russia’s help in those powder cakes that Hillary Clinton left simmering. Place liked North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Egypt are just a few area in which the US can use Russia’s help, let us hoped that cool heads will prevail, and Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of US foreign policy will be put behind us sooner than later.

Considering Hillary; a monumental blunder!

8 Apr

James Carville, and Bill Clinton are already pushing to get Hillary Clinton into the White House, what a monumental blunder would that be! To move from the inept President Obama to Hillary Clinton would be tantamount to jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

With the most terrible legacy as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton should not even be considered as a candidate for President. Under Hilary Clinton’s, watch United States relations deteriorated with, Russia, China, Israel, Poland, Egypt, and many other nations. Mr. Clinton made a horrible call to “lead from behind” in Libya’s Arab Springs, a movement to expand Islam that she misread as one towards democratization…
Hillary Clinton was responsible for the Benghazi fiasco, which was “…systematic failure of management…” Then for lying about the matter, the truth is often a stranger to Mrs. Clinton.
There is the North Korea situation that she allowed to get out of hand, the inept dealing with Iran, and many more, but her “crown jewel,” must be Syria, and the Middle East.
Mrs. Clinton choice of helping rid the world of Mubarak, and Khadafy, and stand by during Syria’s revolt was a monumental mistake that will cost the world for many years. Until recently the ME was considered a problem because the Arab Israeli conflict, including the issue of Palestinian refugees. In two years Assad added twice as many Syrian refugees to the region than all the Palestinians refugees. Assad slaughtered more Arab civilian than were killed during the whole Israeli Arab conflict.
Hillary Clinton left the international arena in shambles, a less safe world than the one she entered as Secretary. Mrs. Clinton would clearly not be a prudent choice for the one to be by the red-phone at 3:00AM.

Obama’s vulnerables-tax; will baby formula be included?

7 Apr

Under President Obama’s facade of a charming intellectual with concern for others, seems to lie a different persona, an opportunist who is insensitive to the needs of others.
Sacrificing seniors, the disabled, including disabled veterans, is an unprecedented act by an American President. Obama’s most recent action that he considers “less than ideal,” is outright mean. His budget proposal need only to add tax on infants, and it would be Obama’s prefect “vulnerables-tax.”
President Obama vowed to fight for the middle class, instead the President seems to be fighting the middle class, the poor, and the vulnerable.
In 2013 President Obama gave a significant tax break to the rich, by simply taking a large segment (those making $150K to $450K and classified them as middle class, what a sleight of hand.
President Obama’s tax of the vulnerable, coupled with his other failing work, makes him the worst President in contemporary US history.

No Decorum in Obama’s White House:

6 Apr

Decorum, as is sensitivity to others, is missing from Obama’s White House.
With every passing day, Obama’s Presidency appears less, and less viable than should be expected. There are serious issues, such as the handling of North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Egypt; situations the President simply chooses to ignore. However, there are seemingly minor situation that speak to the character of Obama’s Administration.
The President willingness to sacrifice Social Security benefits was shameful, another example of Obama’s Callous Presidency. [Most] Seniors worked hard to earn their Social Security, and Medicare benefits, a President, any President, should not have the right to trample on those items that actually should belong to the seniors who earned them. The opportunist person that President Obama is, he now offers Social Security and Medicare as sacrificial lambs in order to get GOP support for his budget, what a callous move.
There is little or no doubt, that the Obama Presidency is a failing Presidency! More alarming is the fact that the President himself keeps degrading the office, and the image of the nation.
When President Obama, at a fundraiser calls a women Attorney General “the most beautiful,” he is not guilty of sexual harassment, he demonstrate a total disrespect for the office of the President, he displays a total lack of decorum, a word that seem to not exist within the Obama White House.

Obama’s callous Presidency!

5 Apr

There are many who complain about the fact that my posts are often critical of President Obama, and often they are indeed. The main reason is the letdown!
President Obama entered office promising to improve the country, to reduce its divisive nature, to take care of the poor, and to improved international relations, he failed in every one of these promises. Under Barak Obama Osama bin Laden was killed, Kudos to you Mr. President! However, what have you done since, or in addition that can be considered positive? Not much.
Flirting while campaigning is fine with me, but campaigning while the economy in such a mess, and so many people suffer, is not good form; govern, President Obama, and then you can campaign, but govern first.
President Obama has control the Senate, yet in nearly five years there is no budget. Record national debt, North Korea, Syria, Egypt, are the tip of an iceberg ready to crash down on humanity, and President Barak Hussein Obama is campaigning, where is the man’s sense of balance?
There are forty million Americans who either are suffering economically, unemployed, or under employed, and the President is fundraising and demonstrating how he has fun campaigning, while not much worried about those who suffer.
On the surface President Obama appears like a compassionate person, he even sheds tears when the occasion presents itself, but to be so happy, humorous, and detached from those in the country who actually suffer is callous; sadly, Barak Hussein Obama appears to be a callous human being who is wrapped around himself and with an ego that is larger than life.