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The suggestion by Secretary Kerry, and President Obama that Jews caused DAESH (ISIS) does not necessarily prove that they are anti-Semits:

17 Oct

Even though it appears that President Obama are anti-Semites because they suggest that Jews may be behind the creation of DAESH (ISIS); it may not be the case.

I don’t often give Kerry credit for anything positive, in this case he is partially right. The two major segment of Islam, Sunni and Shiite, hate each other beyond the understanding of most outsiders. The Sunni do not even except Shiites as MUSLIMS.
Since the Koran considers the Jew to be of “pigs and monkeys,” it is easy to consider the Jews as the enemy of all Islamic fractions, and therefore follow the adage: “Your enemy’s enemy is my friend.”
Since the early 1900s when Jews started to re-enter the region in large numbers under the Zionist movement, ZIONISM become a rallying cry for regional Arabs, keeping them from fighting each other. They put aside their irreconcilable differences, and actual hate, to fight ZIONISM.
Finally, after many tries to oust Israel, regional Muslims concluded that they may not be able to defeat Israel by force, they re-kindled their internal hatred, the result: DAESH (ISIS)…
So, Kerry, and Obama, likely not even realizing why, what they are concluding about the creation of DAESH, has merit, they are correct in part because:
ISRAEL’S, the “ZIONIST & JEWISH state,” by its mere existence, its military prowess, and resolve, became the source for re-igniting the Islamic internal feud and made the Sunnis establish a Caliphate under the banner of ISIS (DAESH.)
Fueling that movement was also IRAN’S desire for its own Shiite Caliphate, and with the help of Russia it supported Assad, developed Hezbollah, HAMAS, and an number of Jihads.

IN CONCLUSION: No through in depth analyses, President Obama, and Secretary Kerry stumbled on a truth: The JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL, and ZIONISM, are, at least in part the cause of DAESH (ISIS:) Will miracles never cease?

“As long as the head of a snake is healthy, it will continue to do its harm.” As long as the US Government remain, the country will suffer!

17 Oct

ISIS (DASESH) is a symptom, not the disease, unless the root is eliminated, the head chopped off, the entity will remain a danger to the non-Islamic world for many, many years to come. President Obama spoke of a thirty year effort, realistically, the head of that snake can be chopped with an overwhelming commitment of [US] boots on the ground, in few short months. Surround the animal, and chop its head!
President Obama is not responsible for the existence of DAESH, but it is on his watch. President Obama did not create the Ebola crises, but its on his watch…The list goes on, including, but not limited to: Fast and Furious, the IRS issues, NSA snooping, Hamas attack on Israel, Assad’s slaughtering his people, and the general shoddy manner the United States is presently governed.
Appointing (late, I might add) a czar for Ebola, affecting [limited] air strikes on DAESH, and other measures for stopping the bleeding, but that leave the head of the snake intact, cannot, and will not stop America’s serious woes.
The 2014 Congressional election may bring in a new Senate, not one controlled by the “head;” perhaps that will bring about some relief. But the inept and irresponsible manner in which the United States conducts both its internal, and international business, may not stop until a new head is put on the failing snake who is now in charge.
Needless to say, the 2014 Congressional election is crucial, let us hope that with it the losing track that the United States is on can be altered, changed enough that the non-stop bleeding ceases to be.

Can US crossing into sovereign Syrian territory cause reaction by Syria and bakers i.e. Iran and Russia?

1 Oct

Is the United States blatant violation of international law in Syria enough to engage Russia, while continuing to allow ISIS to flourish?

Not withstanding the fact ISIS is a horrible organization, can the United States take action against it if it includes crossing into Syria, a sovereign state, without permission from said sovereign itself?
The actual situation is actually much more serious since Assad’s Syria is a client of Iran, which in turn falls under Putin’s Russia sphere of influence. Not only is Assad equipped with both Russian and Iranian weaponry, Syria has some of the most sophisticated surface to air air defense systems, systems that are generally manner by Russian technicians…
What if Assad forbids the US from using his airspace and therefore forces the Russian technicians to shoot down US planes?
This is a much more serious situation than just words since the United States, should it indeed decide to eliminate ISIS, will have to fly score of flights more than it is now doing, and, as every military expert say, will have to aid [US] boots on the ground.
President Obama declared that he intends to eliminate ISIS, could his actions draw Russia into the mix?
Another point, the US, as is Assad, are enemies of ISIS, al Qaeda, etc., but the United States is also an enemy of Assad, who is also backed by another US foe, Iran; what is the US to do?
Because the US relations in the area are quite marginal, it seems that the United States can only win, and do as President Obama committed to do, by putting an overwhelming number of American boots into the conflict; how would Russia/Iran, react? And, how would the American public deal for its peace President getting heavily committed to war?