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Clinton: Because, he is like me…

28 Aug

President Clinton endorsed Barak Obama and suggested that those (like he and wife were a couple of months ago) who say that Obama does not have enough experience to be Commander in Chief, are wrong.

Clinton’s message: My opponents, when I was running for President, were criticizing me for being too inexperienced to be Commander in Chief; and just like I turned out to be a great C.i.C. so will Obama. I endorse Obama because he will be like me, great!

Bill Clinton forgot that it was not about him, Bill Clinton forgot about Somalia, Bill Clinton forgot about the USS Cole, and about the numerous misses at getting Osama bin Laden, etc., etc. — does the country want another Bill Clinton? Does the country want Barak obama? 

Like Bill Clinton, and perhaps with an edge, Barak Obama is a great speaker and motivator, but also like Bill Clinton, Obama is brash, inexperienced, charismatic, and an arrogant young man. Does the country want a real black-American (in this case a Mulatto) President after the “blackest white man” (as Clinton was dabbed by much of the Afro-American community) as its President?