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Obama, a visionary, or a failing illusionary?

28 Jul

Obama, a visionary, or a failing illusionary?
President Obama appears to suffer from illusions that he is a visionary who is paving the road towards the future of the United States; he is neglecting the sort-term in favor of his presumed legacy of a visionary. Obama’s visions, however, are quite inconsistent with visions of the founding fathers, and of well over half the American public.
No less important is the issue that Barak Obama is sacrificing short-term opportunities in favor of long-term; somehow not realizing that without short-term viability, there will not be a future. For example, President Obama is fighting the Keystone project, looking for any excuse possible in support of his environmental supporters.
Keystone may not reduce the price at the pump, but by virtue of going through the US, even for the purpose of export, its mere presence would be a backup should imported oil flow is interrupted. It may not mean as many jobs as those on the right predict, but even the number President Obama suggests, while unemployment is at 7.9%, is meaningful.
It is time for President Obama to accept the fact he is a mere mortal, a civil servant, and not even a very good one in this role. Barak Hussein Obama may be a very bright person, skilled in politics, and a great orator, but he is a poor communicator, not a good leader, and most importantly, he is not equipped to carry out the job of President of the United States.

With Outsourcing can Economy be Fixed?

28 Jul

Is a viable US economy in the face of unabated outsourcing an oxymoron?
In 1964 I “outsourced” to Japan, in the Seventies I arranged for outsourcing to India, at that time the US economy was doing well; outsourcing was an anomaly.
The world of the Sixties and Seventies had changed, the US economy is in shambles, and the present Administration is unable to govern the country. Now outsourcing, except for bringing new technology into the US, hurts the economy.
Can one limit outsourcing in a free market economy? Tariffs on imported products moves the US away from free market economy. Taxing all foreign profits of tentacles of US companies would help, but is that enough?
Asking companies to be “patriotic” and not outsource at the expense of profit would be contrary to free market, and harmful to shareholders, what can be done so that the US economy return to viability?
If it were my responsibility for fixing the US economy, I would start by taxing all foreign profits of US Corporation. I would sacrifice some freedom in the market and put heavy duty;on imported oil that will force the US to start utilizing its vast domestic oil resources. This could be hard for a while with increased gas prices, but it should not take long before domestic oil (starting with Keystone, then fracking, from Government lands, etc.) would allow America to return to economic dominance; energy, after all, is the fuel of any economy.

America will soon have “boots on [Syrian] ground.”

23 Jul

For sometime now it was obvious that the Hillary Clinton/Barak Obama decision to stand on the sideline in Syria was just as damaging as that of “leading from behind” at Arab Springs. The Arab Springs was aiding a movement to expand Sharia law that Mrs. Clinton mistook as a move towards democratization. The un-involvement in Syria gave Assad and his handlers (Russia, and Iran, Iran with Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Jihadists,) enough time to overcome the surprise and early advances of the rebels, and start to control the action. Assad’s support included the presence of Hezbollah troops, and a great deal of support from Iran, rendering his side a Shii effort.
As soon as it became obvious that the Assad side is a Shii movement, Sunnis in the region, led by the Saudis, with an element of al Qaeda started to aid the rebels and essentially cause them to become a Sunni effort.
Putting that in perspective, Syria’s large, the largest in the world, arsenal of Chemical weapons started to get the world’s attention. The Syrian chemical weapons with delivery systems that can reach about 160,000 US troops in the Gulf, as well as troops in Jordan, Turkey, and on the Mediterranean, made it obvious that without US “boots on the ground,” many American, and allies people are going to be in harms way. Poor understanding of the Middle East by Hillary Clinton may end up with the need for American boots on the ground. Had the USD entered the rebellion early one, it is quite likely that by now there would be a situation without Assad, and perhaps with a democratic regime in Syria.
In large part due to US foreign policy the conflict in Syria is now a religious war, a conflict that caused the adding of two million refugees to the region, and the death of about one hundred people in Syria, dwarfing the Palestinian issue by an order of magnitude?

Putin’s quest to regain “super-power” status:

19 Jul

Putin’s quest to regain “super-power” status:
Always having the upper-hand when dealing with Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin is on a vigorous course to returning Russia to a “super-power,” that it once was.
Russia, or rather Vladimir Putin, would a fast-track action for re-establishing Russia as the “super-power.”
Its approach seems to gain clients states and control in country rich with natural resource, but shy in the are of development. Russia is heavily involved in Syria, and through Iran, heavily involved in Iraq. Should it be able to assume some control of the Middle East through Syria, Iraq, and Iran (via al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Jihadists) it would become a super-power almost overnight.
But there is also China. Russian technology is quite advanced but the Chinese are catching up and surpassing most other nations. For example, China is the only country with X-Generation computing power, which give it a tremendous age in the area of simulation that leads to extreme power.
From what I can see, Europe is not in Russia’s sights; right now, it new target of becoming a super power is in areas that are less likely to resist Russia’s overtures. Europe worries should be much more from Islam. The influx of Muslims into Europe, and the insurgence and expansion of Sharia law in North Africa, should be Europe’s are of Sharia term concerns.

Obama’s 4 1/2 years scorecard:

13 Jul

“Positive: bin Laden

Negative: Healthcare, no public option, tons of delays, etc.
Fast and Furious
Russian relations
Media sources
7.9% unemployment
“Leading from behind,” at Arab Springs
Relations with Israel, and the misguided support of PA
North Korea
National Debt

Hanging: Gun Control
Final Keystone decision

And the clock is ticking…”

Is “civilian authority” eroding under Obama?

8 Jul

Is “civilian authority” eroding under Obama?
Do people in their right minds believe that the Egyptian coup took place without United States support? If anyone does, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell cheaply!
Removal of document so that they escape Freedom of information scrutiny is just another sign that United States Government covert actions are rampant; at times without the involvement, or knowledge of the President, our Commander-in-Chief(C.i.C.)
General Dempsey is on record that the Egyptian military and US military, are very close to one another; they are as “thick as thieves!” The Egyptian military could no have created a coup without its US counterpart’s knowledge.
Then, of course, the NSA revelations, and Fast and Furious, and “data mining” that include millions, and millions, the media source review, and the list goes on.
The is little doubt that the US Government is engaged in covert operation around the world, as well as in the homeland, an alarming set of revelations.
There are two possibilities. Either that the Obama Administration is aware of the activities, a bad situation. Or, a very scary scenario, one the founding fathers were very concerned about, that covert activities are taking place without approval of top US civilian authorities.
The Obama Presidency that held so much promise for openness, and transparency, is either the most secretive Administration ever, or, one that in its naiveté it is allowing elements within the military and clandestine operations to act outside of United States legal bound.

PRISM, a symptom of “information explosion,” beware!

2 Jul

PRISM, a symptom of “information explosion,” beware!
While the political and security implications of leaks by Edward Snowden are monopolizing the news, the main danger is from information overload, misinterpretations and perhaps dangerous (or even rogue) action could be the main issue.
Too much information leads to chaos, In the mid fifteen hundreds, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra predicted that too much information will drive people insane by demonstrating how his hero, Don Quixote, went mad because he read too much. Albert Einstein said the: “I fear the day when the [information] technology overlaps with our humanity; the world will only have a generation of idiots.”
In George Orwell’s 1984 he wrote of government that has total visibility to what every person does, and soon we shall be able to read people’s minds, to know what thoughts each person may have.
Communication is a complex process, which land itself to high level of misinterpretations. With Government monitoring everything its citizenry does, and take action based on interpretation by both man and machine, one can expect an eventual state of chaos in the world.
This year NSA’s one and one half million square foot facility in Utah would become operational, it would accommodate the trillions of bits of information that NSA is gathering from the United States and from around the world. Following is Wikipedia overview of the NSA facility:
“The Utah Data Center, also known as the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center,[1] is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community that is designed to store extremely large amounts of data.[2][3][4] Its purpose is to support the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI), though its precise mission is classified.[5] The National Security Agency (NSA), which will lead operations at the facility, is the executive agent for the Director of National Intelligence.[6] It is located at Camp Williams, near Bluffdale, Utah, between Utah Lake and Great Salt Lake.”
The Google information about judicial requests from various countries supports the notion that the world is moving towards an information overload, the world is leading towards a “cyber crash,” that could well dwarf any nuclear confrontation that may confront the human race.
Should, or could, safeguards be put in place to prevent information from going wild?
Several years ago when Gordon Moore of Intel predicted that every few years computation power would double, an alarm should have sounded. Moore was close to correct, except that information technology is growing even faster and could become an avalanche out of control.
It is likely that the human race will survive the “cyber explosion,” just as it survived Malthus prediction of resource shortage, of atomic annihilation. That not withstanding, the prudent thing for both scientists and politicians to exercise some rational control on information growth.