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With a friend like Obama, Israel does not need enemies!

28 Aug

Hot off the press (from the Jerusalem Post): Only 4% of Israeli Jews consider Obama a friend of Israel!

For sixty years the United States and Israel created a bond of trust and friendship second to none in history. It took Barak Hussein Obama less than one year to rapture that bond and put what perhaps is an unbridgeable chasm between the two nations. With every day that goes by, the Muslim-born Obama seems to push further the “cultural Islamization” of the Office of the President of the United States; where will it stop?

Are Obama’s actions regarding Israel based on his Muslim birthright? His Muslim sympathies, character, and intuitions? Or is it that Obama values Arab oil more than he does the Jewish heritage? 

More to follow!

Obama’s fast-track to worst ever US President?

26 Aug

Barak Hussein Obama entered the Office of President of the United States as the solution to all that ails the country. The new President was anointed the Messiah, the new MLK, JFK, Ronald Reagan, and Malcolm X, all rolled into one; quite a stature to live up to…

When my children were young they used to chant: The bigger you are the harder you fall! In simple English what they said was that the larger the expectations, the more severe the failure.

Expectations from President Obama are enormous. Some are due to promises he made, and some simply because of his political stature, and oratorical skills. Reasons notwithstanding, the level of performance expected from President Obama is unprecedented.

Even if the high bench-mark set for Obama is ignored, in his scant seven months in office the young President was able to set a number of records in incompetent governing, or even in the simple management of the Office.

The increase in United States national debt since Obama took office dwarfs the national debt by all forty some Presidents before him. Not only is the level of debt out of control, it is debt that the Unites States will not likely be able to pay withing Obama term(s) in office, and well beyond Obama into the future.

The uncontrollable debt is not only an economic issue, the debt has significant national security implications.

Before examining the debt further, let give credit were credit is due. George W. Bush, with the housing bubble, and two unfunded wars, and Bill Clinton with Enron, the e-commerce bubble, and the start of Madoff, handed President Obama a situation that is very difficult to manage, but not one that is unmanageable.

The fact that Obama was handed a bad hand does not excuse the President from doing the job for which he was elected.

In the area of national security, Obama has been failing by seeming not to understand the implications of out of control debt to foreign nations, of an ever shrinking manufacturing economy, and for the need of overwhelming force in Afghanistan. President Obama failures in this area are compounded by campaign promises that perhaps should not be kept (such as pulling US troops too completely, and soon, from Iraq.).

Adding to President Obama’s failures, may be a characteristic that has its roots in his Islamic birthrights. The President unrealistic and condescending overtures toward the Islamic world did not only make him appear as a toothless tiger, it created a nearly insurmountable chasm between the United States and its only dependable ally in the Middle east, Israel. Obama’s dealing with Iran (which ridicules him,) the Arab nations (that, at best humor him,) and Israel, is a case study on how diplomacy should not be conducted.

Obama’s dealing with the economy, national security, the Islamic world, and Israel, coupled with broken promises (such as those to gay in the military,) political expediency over personal commitments (i.e. Wright, Ayers,) and the sacrificing of allies to boost his image (such as Israel,) suggest that the President may be joining the list of worst Presidents of the United States.

Unless Barak Obama is able to fly to Jerusalem, identify a location of a United States Embassy to Israel in East Jerusalem (with PA/PLO blessings,) drives to Ramalah and get the PA to formally accept Israel’s right to exist (while George Mitchell, his emissary, does the same in Gaza with Hammas,) then on to Tiberius and walk across the lake water down the Jordan river south to the Sinai, where he gets new tablets from the Creator suggesting that there is only one Creator (even though man made references to three [Jehovah, God/Jesus, and Allah],) get all monotheists religions to accept the new tablets as a legitimate message from the Creator, and because of those accomplishments, also getting Iran to cooperate with the family of nations and stop its nuclear activity. While, at the same time, get the Muslim nations to collectively agree to sell all the oil the United States needs for an acceptable price so it (the US) can return to being a manufacturing economy; unless such miracles are performed, Barak Hussein Obama is likely to earn the position of Co-worst United States President (tied with George W. Bush, and Jimmy carter,) and in 2012 relinquish the job to the likes of Mit Romney, or another savvy Republican candidate. 

An blog with closer analyses of the economic, security, and general character issues will follow soon.

Health care and the Peter Principle; inadvertently Palin may have been right.

17 Aug

Observing Sarah Palin since the 2008 Presidential election, one learns to take her words with a grain of salt; it is clear that to the hockey-mom, ex-governor of Alaska, political expediency comes ahead of facts.

Sarah Palin tirade regarding the death-panels (squads, as I like to call them) is not based on fact, her words are strictly politically motivated. That notwithstanding, it is quite likely that in the United States a government established system will assume a life of its own and start to grow; often following the Peter Principle which suggest that all things [human] tend to grow to the level of their incompetence.

It appears that the intent behind death counseling is quite honorable, counseling the elderly about the inevitable death and its consequences, is indeed a positive undertaking. But counseling will likely evolve into advising, and advising into suggesting, and finally, the inevitable, all end with instructing, or ordering, the senior how life must end.

Neither government, nor a death panel, those entities without any emotional ties to a dying senior, should ever be put in a position to play a role in determining said senior end of life!

Palin’s “death squads” claim is false, but may have basis in truth!

16 Aug

There are no death squads provisions in the health bill as it now atands, but it is not unheard of to experience the following type pf progression:

Counseling moves on to advising
Advising moves on to suggesting
Suggesting moves on to instructing

Could the health bill turn into means for determining the level of health care that senior citizens are entitle to receive?

Reverse racism, was Limbaugh right? The cases of Sotomayor, and Obama. US Politics are neither race, nor gender-blind!

7 Aug

When Rush Limbaugh, as inflexible and narrow-minded as he is, said that Sonia Stotomayor was guilty of reverse discrimination, he may not have been totally wrong. Based on some things that the newly elected Supreme Court justice said in the past, she may well have racial prefernces when passing judgements, and rendering decisions.

Recent events suggest that the majority of main United States minorities (Latinos and African-Americans,) prefer to be represented by “their own kind,” than are the US majority of Caucasians (whites.) This phenomena was demonstrated by the over 80% African-American vote for Obama in the 2008 Presidential election.

Oprah Winfrey never endorsed a Presidential candidate until Barak Obama decided to run. There were no doubts that would Obama were a white skinned candidate with the same qualification as the black Obama, with the same looks, the same charisma, and the same oratory skills, Oprah would not have endorsed him, and for that, and for other similar reasons, he would not have been elected President of the United States.

Sonia Stotomayor, The first Latino Supreme Court judge, a person with history of very liberal legal background, and with a clear racial bias as stated in her documented views, would have not likely been confirmed for the Supreme Court if she were not a Latino, and a Latino woman, to top that,

Obama’s selection of Stotomayor was politically a very wise move. Regardless of judicial qualification, the selection ensured strong Latino (the largest minority in the United States,) and women support.

The question is: Could one say that the United States is politically color/gender-blind? The answer is clearly: No!

When at least two key, and very significant  political positions in the United States, are filled by virtue of race and/or gender, one must question the impartiality of representative democracy as practiced in United States.