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Freedom versus documentation, the AZ law

29 Apr

One of the freedoms Americans enjoy is the fact that they do not need to carry, or even posses, identification documents (i.d.) If an American does not drive, that person does not require to have a driver license. An American who does not work does not need to have a social security card, or number. If an American does not travel outside of the United States, said person does not require a passport.
An American, in the United States, does not require to own, let alone carry, an i.d. on one’s person!
Conspiracy theorist believe that the first step the Government is likely to take in order to control individuals in the United States is to require a national i.d., a document that all individuals must have, and carry. According to Glenn Beck, the political “star” of Fox News, Progressives, which include Democrats, but also many Republicans, are planning to assume control of individuals, and take away individual rights; the national i.d. would be the start of such action by the Progressive movement.
The new Arizona immigration law, should it take effect, could easily be the start of requiring national i.d.’s in the United States.
Let’s examine a possible (even though perhaps a worse case, but never-the-less realistic,) scenario: A dark-skinned person who speaks with a Spanish accent flies to Arizona. At the airport the person takes a taxi, and the taxi has an accident. The police comes to investigate, they ask the passenger for information about the accident, and, of course, detect the Spanish accent and dark skin, enough reason to suspect that the passenger may be an illegal alien.
The policeman, who by the Arizona law must ask anyone who he suspect could be an illegal immigrant, performs his duty and ask the taxi passenger for his identification. The passenger who was born in the United States to a legal, but Spanish-speaking parents, does not drive, and has no identification documents to show the police officer. The police then ask the passenger where he lives, and could someone send documents from his home. The passenger then tells the officer where he lives, but inform the officer that since he does not drive and never travels out of the country and has no passport, nor other documents; what do they do?
If the proposed Arizona law becomes law, Americans who do not have identification documents will not be able to travel to Arizona without risking confrontation with the law. This, of course, would be more risky for Hispanics…
Does the proposed Arizona law represent the beginning of a situation where Americans will be required to have and carry national identification on their person? This is especially true since a number of other states besides Arizona, states such as Texas, are considering laws similar to the one proposed by Arizona!

Palin and the Emperor new clothing:

24 Apr

With increasing exposure Governor Sarah Palin demonstration of lacking cerebral capacity is becoming more and more obvious. For one reason, or another, die-in-the-wool Republicans, and some others on the right, adopted Mrs. Palin as a symbol of displeasure with the Government, and do not know how to acknowledge that the lady is not qualified to speak for intelligent people.
Like Hans Christian Andersen’s Emperor who rode his horse in the nude but had some shrewd handlers convince him, and the public that he was
wearing some new and fancy new clothing, no one was willing to admit that he was actually in his birthday suit, so does Sarah Palin who seems to believe and get her public to accept that she is not without appreciable level of intelligence.
Some commentators on the political left, and others, continue to try to suggest that Governor Palin is not cerebrally competent to be a political leader, today they are generally ignored. Keith Oberman the comedian who tried to speak as a political guru from the left continues to say that Sarah Palin’s knowledge is a joke, but since he is such a light-weight, his words fall on deaf ears.
The day will come, however, when some “little boy,” someone with no political agenda will step-up and cry out loud that “the lady has no brains,” and, like the crowd in the Emperor’s story, will find itself compelled to admit the truth and admit the ex Alaska Governor is not fit to lead a political movement, let alone the nation, because of her lacking cerebral capacity, and the lady will be dropped…
Back of her mind Governor Palin realizes her limitation, and resigned her job as Alaska Governor in mid-term so that she can take advantage of a situation before her limitations are exposed and make a great deal of money…

Obama and Israel’s nuke build-up! Or: Forcing Israel to become a nuclear “super-power!” — Borrowed from

15 Apr

“With friends like [Obama’s] United States,” Israel does not need enemies.

Enemies Israel has, it is surrounded by enemies, and it has enemies within its borders, especially within its united Capital of Jerusalem. But the United States, Israel’s most dependable ally of over sixty years, under Barak Hussein Obama, has distanced itself from the Jewish State, and through inept international relations, is forcing Israel to become more self-reliant when it comes to national defence. President Obama’s inability to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, or to get the Islamic nations of the Middle East to view the United States as a friend, has caused Israel’s security to weaken since he took office.

Barak Obama most recent nuclear nonproliferation activity, which returned Russia to a state of a “superpower” (while weakening the United States global influence,) also enhances Israel’s vulnerability. Iran’s open threats to Israel and that Islamic Republic nuclear ambitions which go unchecked (expect for Obama meaningless rhetorics,) are also causing fear in the Arab Middle East, which as a result, may elect to go nuclear at the expense of Israel’s (and the rest of the non-Islamic world,) security. The United states activity in the nuclear arena will force Israel to independently enlarge its nuclear arsenal, and the various nuclear-weapons delivery systems.

With a highly sophisticated home-grown missile technology, with state-of-the-art submarines built-in East Germany, and with an advanced aircraft industry, Israel will continue to work with the Americans, but will also build a parallel capability making it a nuclear “super power,” as small and fragile as it is.

Barak Obama’s nuclear nonproliferation will likely lead to an expended and more diverse “nuclear family,” not the results he seems to desire.

GOP unwittingly reversing Obama’s fortune, and improving his image.

3 Apr

In a very short period of about two weeks, GOP actions took the failing President that Obama was, and transformed him into what history will view, up to a point, as a great success.

The Obama Administration, and Congress, passed a healthcare bill, something neither Republicans, nor Democrats, have been able to do in spite of trying for sixty years, or more. Following the passage of the Obamacare Bill, as the Republicans call it; the political right-wing in the United States started to fall to pieces.

The Republicans, or at least some of their followers, relinquished civility in favor tactics not suitable for an advanced society in the twenty-second century. Shouting in the chambers of Congress, using race, sexual choices, religion, and even the way a member of Congress votes, as basis for conflict in a disgraceful manner, does not support the democratic process, to the contrary, it lays a foundation for an unruly society. Adding to that behavior, healthcare’s positive points started to show, and in an unrelated situation, the Republican National Committee started to demonstrate moral failing and expenditure beyond any reasonable bounds.

Michael Steele foolish behavior, spending more money than the GOP can bring in under his leadership, and his race, are all elements that help Barak Obama appear to be a better President than he really is. Steele’s race is only an obstacle because for the Republican party with very few African-Americans in position of authority, to fire Michael Steele could be a political disaster. On the other hand, keeping Steele and allowing him to further tarnish the image of the GOP, may prove disastrous; the GOP is caught between the rock and the hard place, at a time when the GOP was hoping for gains in the mid-term election; the Grand Old Party acts as if it is indeed ready to relinquish political control of the United States to whoever wants it.

Among other things, the GOP is leaving a void on the political right, a void that the tea party movement is filling by preaching generalities, and by bringing in people who can exploit anti-government sentiment, while not offering anything credible in return. The political right, now led more by the tea party movement than by the GOP, is offering rhetorics and theories to combat the pragmatism of government. The Constitution, small government, and lower taxes, and they might as well add motherhood and apple pie, are now the weapons of the right, but no tactic is proposed to reduce to practice what is proposed…

Finally, to add icing on the cake, job growth in the United States exceed that statistic for three years, or more.

With some luck, and inept opposition, and a few positive elements in the healthcare bill, Barak Hussein Obama, in just over a year in office has emerged as productive President who must leave the distinction of being CO-worst President (that he shared until recently) to Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.