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Syria versus Libya: Does US determine [global] moral-imperatives?

11 Aug

Does United States determine global moral imperatives?

While dire situations exist in Somalia, Yemen, and, of course,
Syria, the United States chooses to get involved in poorly managed
revolution in Libya, what prompted that judgment?

In all of the above situations, Muslims are on both sides of
conflicts.  Issues are not due to
differences between Sunni and Shia, they have much more to do with social
justice, they deal with autocracies where people rights are generally

Other autocracies are still functioning, some will likely be
toppled soon, some very wealthy ones, may remain in power for as long as their
Monarchs, or whatever the chief of state is called, are willing to share their
wealth with “the people.” Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Emirates are cases in
point, while Jordan, with large and economically suffering Palestinian, can be
expected to share Syria’s fate in the very near future.

To take a very callous view, the United States and its
allies, in the aforementioned cases, only selected the Libyan revolt as one to
support; was it due to the fact that of those mentioned only Libya has oil? As
many ask: Is oil more valuable than [human] blood?

 Is the United States in a position to stand in judgment and
use its might to enforce its view on the global community? Since within its own
territory, the United States has a large number of its indigenous people, the
American Indians, who clearly do not live at as high an economic level, as do
most Americans, how can it be the judge of others with similar problems.

Additionally, since the United States mores are based
Judeo/Christian teaching, how can it be right in a global community with about
1.3 billion Muslim people who believe that United States morality is all wrong?
After all, the basis for US existence is its democracy, a system that supports
the notion that majority rules, and the majority of the global community
does follow Judeo/Christian teaching, to the contrary, in the case of Muslims,
they believe that Jews and Christians are infidels that must be
eliminated, how can the United States attempt to enforce morality that is not
accepted by the majority of people in this world.

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McCain-Powell; how would it have done?

14 Jan

Like many, even though unlike some, I believe that the McCain’s VP selection cost the GOP many votes, credibility, and future support; do you agree (or not?)

Since only very few read my blog, I would like to hear from those who do (or don’t) agree with me, and have them solicit others to respond.

Thank you!

The 2008 US election; was Allah a factor?

5 Nov

In the eyes of Allah, once a  Muslim always a Muslim. The President-elect of the United States of American is of Muslim-birth, and under the eyes of many is, and always will be, a servant of Allah, his rejection of this notion notwithstanding.


The fact that Barak Hussein Obama was elected President will have a tremendous effect on African-American, and other Muslims in the United States. Ranks of Muslims, in spite of Obama’s insistent that he is a Christian, will swell, but many miss-representations of its merits will also likely to spread.


I am not a Muslim! I read the Koran, but I am not a Muslim; yet I believe that Allah spoke, Allah intervened in the United States Presidential election.

Studies of the Old Testament and related Jewish Scripture, as well as scrutiny of the New Testament, do not preclude me from concluding that the 2008 United States Presidential election was in large part guided by Allah, the founder and foundation of Islam, the youngest of the three major monotheist religions.


Senator John McCain is not a stupid person, yet he picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate. McCain picked an avid conservative as his Vice Presidential running mate at a time when President George W. Bush was destroying conservatism in the United States. Governor Palin was a symbol of right wing conservatism, a lightning rod, if you will, to add fuel a “movement” that Senator Obama already started. Was Senator McCain on a mission to destroy his political future, or was his choice [of Palin] a result of divine intervention?


In spite of denials, President-elect Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim-born servant to Allah. Being a servant to the Lord, whatever name one chooses to use as reference to the Creator, does not necessarily mean practicing the religion. The Creator works in mysterious ways! One does not have to be radical in one’s views to realize that in Islam, once a servant of Allah, always a servant of Allah, one’s own words to the contrary not withstanding.


A Muslim-born, practicing Christian, with a Hebrew first name (Barak means thunder, Obama, however, on s number of occasions said that the name was rather meant to be Baruchwhich in Hebrew means blessed), and who is half black-African, and half white-Kansan as President of the United States, cannot simply be the result of citizenry participation in a political process. The selection of Barak Hussein Obama to become President of the United States of America has all the earmarks of Divine intervention.


However, one must watch for those extremists who may wish to attribute Obama’s election to Allah’s message of a world united under Islam, others should be scrutinized who may suggest that his election was a message suggesting that blacks are superior. Most rational people are likley to just accept it as the Creator’s directed step in evolution of the human element within the Creation. Whatever the reason, Obama’s election appears to posses some wisdom beyond that which humans exhibit.


The rise of a Muslim-born man to power would empower Muslim all over the world. The fact that Barak Obama is black (though technically a Mulatto) would do miracles to black egos and self-esteem. These traits, however, are also likely to cause some inter-racial problems in the United States, and worldwide.


There will be those who may suggest that Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is an Islamic organization and try to associate it with legitimate Islam; that will be damaging and wrong. If many join the Nation of Islam, or similar fascist organizations, due to Obama’s election, then all the good it had done may be quickly erased.


Obama’s election should be put in its perspective. It was means for crossing color, religious, and ethnic lines and unite all people under a mandate that came from the Creator, or Allah, if you so chose. Under Obama Presidency the people of the United States, and other members of the global community should be vigilant and allow it to become a launching pad for bigotry, and mislead quasi-Islamic radical views.

Obama and Palin: The Untouchables?

4 Sep

If everything else was equal except that she was a male, would Governor Sarah Palin been given serious considerations as a United States Vice Presidential candidate?


If everything else was equal except that he was a white rather than a black American, would Senator Obama been given serious consideration as a United States Presidential candidate?


When Geraldine Ferraro suggested that Obama could not have been selected the Democrat Presidential candidate if everything else was the same except that he was a white, not a black, man, she was labeled a racist.


Borrowing from Hans Christian Andersen the Emperor’s New Cloth”; and seeing through what is, or isn’t, politically correct, one must say that: If not for Obama’s black skin, and Palin’s being a woman, neither person would have likely been selected as a candidate for the two highest offices in the land, by a major United States political party.


As much as the media and politicians like to say that the election is about issues and policies, and not about race and gender, they are wrong. Race and gender play a major role in American politics, and will likely continue to do so for many years to com!

To Black-America: Is Obama “The One?”

14 Aug

Even those few dye-in-the-wool African-American Republicans are finding Barak Obama tacitly be their choice. Not many of those black-American Republicans are voicing displeasure with Obama whose policies are clearly incompatuble with their thinking. To the contrary, important black-Republican voices will support Obama, be it because of his color, or for whatever other reason they may have. Most notable of those who may switch is General Colin Powell. 

Colin Powell, one of the most respected man in America, and supposedly for many years a friend of John McCain, may endorse Barak Obama; or so they were saying yesterday (8/13/2008) on CNN.

Most media outlets and many, many Americans, are trying to suggest that the 2008 United States Presidential election has nothing to do with race, are they right? Or, are we like ostriches hiding our heads in the sand, or like the Emperor’s subjects that would not admit that he was nude? Is disregarding what is happening regarding race in this election the epitome of hypocrisy?

After Barak Obama won the Iowa caucuses, and received the endorsement and blessing of Oprah Winfrey, it became tacitly “unacceptable” for black-Americans not to vote for Barak Obama. Why is it not a race issue when the poles suggest that well over 90% of black voter are expected to vote for Senator Obama?

Black-Americans, and most other “liberals,” would cry fowl, and complain of racism, if the poles showed that even if as few as 60% of whites will not vote for Obama; why doesn’t the 90% black for Obama does not constitute racism?

The Colin Powell vote is another issue. As respected as General Powell is, he may well decide not to vote for McCain due to his age, or perhaps for some other significant political disagreement; but appearances are bad, an endorsement, or even a vote for Obama will only serve to widen the racial chasm that already exist.

Obama: An enemy Israel does not need!

18 Jul


In spite of betraying Israel, and some of the most important interests of the Jewish people, Barak Obama will be received by Israel’s “powers-to-be” with dignity and respect. Obama will not be welcomed because of who he is, but rather beacause he may become President of the United States, and Israel will continue to need the United States!

A blatent betrayal of Jerusalem’s status, and of the State of Israel, by Barak Hussein Obama, is a dual edge sword: Obama’s reversal of his stance on a united Jerusalem under Israel, to a Jerusalem with a pre1967 borders, is a clear betrayal of Israel, and of the Jewish people!

Obama’s reversal of his position on Jerusalem within days, supports his motto of a change we can belive in; only it should modified to say: A change we can count on!

Jews for some 5000 years stated with their prayers that: Should I Forget You Jerusalm, May My Right [Arm] Be Forgotten! Through the ages Jerusalem has been the HUB of Judaism. In 1948 David Ben-Gurion sacrificed a large and heavily disproportionate part of his military resources to ensure that Jerusalem not be lost to the fledgeling State of Israel.

Obama, either insensitive, or not caring about Jews, Jewish interets, and Israel, in one quick statement on CNN said that were he President he would not support a Jerusalem consistent with the needs and traditions of the Jewish people. Obama’s CNN interview was paramount to those bumper stickers during the first oil embargo which stated: More oil, less Jews!

Barak Obama is not a friend of the Jewish people, but whose friend is he, one may ask? To date, based on his action, Barak Hussein Obama is a friend of those who can get him votes, whoever they may be. 

Senator Obama is a change-agent, but not necessarily for a change to the good, but rather for a change to gain a political edge, a change for political expediency!

When Obama spoke and committed to a Jewish group that he supports a united Jerusalem under Israel, Obama was courting the Jewish vote. But, when the dust settled and Obama realized that Jews only constitute about 3% of the United States electorate, he immediately shifted to a more universally accepted position. 

Obama’s betrayal of  Israel is consistent with his reversing himself on support of other friends and of other commitments. Obama is not a man you can trust unless one is willing to anticipate and deal with betrayal.