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UN membership for “a Palestine; a mistake of history!

31 Oct


Until now, as an international entity without a face, the “Palestinians” were able to get by when shooting missiles out of their territory into Israel. Not being a recognized entity, Palestinians miss-deeds were more or less ignored by the international community.

But, should “a Palestine” become a member of the United Nations, any action such as missiles into a UN member in good standing, international condemnation, and perhaps more severe retribution will have to follow. Did the Palestinian Authority (PA) think the matter through when it applied for full UN membership?

If there was ever a case of someone “cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face,” it was the Palestinians requesting admission to the United Nations as a full member.

First, there is no single authority to represent all the “Palestinians,” Hamas that controls was duly elected to represent the people of that territory, it is NOT represented by the Palestinian Authority.

Second, Jerusalem should not, and will not be included as part of “a Palestine,” if such state does emerge; Jerusalem is Israel’s capital as it has been thought history, and as it will remain in perpetuity.

Third, there are no Arab “Palestinians,” there was never a sovereign Palestine, and there should not be one now. Those Arabs referred to as Palestinians are Jordanians (living on the West Bank,) and Egyptians (living in Gaza,) those territories, should be annexed to Jordan, and Egypt, in that order.

Why establish another country where there never one before? And where there should not be on now!

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MSNBC Sensationalism should be curbed!

27 Oct

MSNBC Sensationalism, as displayed by Lawrence O’Donnell, and other comentators, should be curbed!

Lawrence O’Donnell, a third tier television commentator is simply attempting to use Trump fame to feather his own nest. O’Donnell, and MSNBC, the losers in the cable television audience race, are politically inflexible, and often sensational.

I listened to O’Donnell on Tuesday, and Wednesday trashing Donald Trump; all I heard was O’Donnell saying to Trump, engage me, please, I need to boost my, and MSNBC rating. First amendment right notwithstanding, O’Donnell clearly crossed the line of propriety, ranting and raving about Mr. Trumps shortcomings, and using an old MSNBC trick to make derogatory statement about a celebrity and invite said celebrity to appear on their shows, hoping to boost the sagging audiences.

It is time that the FCC enter the picture, and within second amendment boundaries, keep irresponsible and fraudulent personal attacks on innocent people, by television outlets that are trying to boost their audiences.

Since using the nation’s airwaves is a privilege granted by the Government, new rules are in order. First amendment rights preclude people from shouting fire (when the is no fire,) in a crowded theater; it should not allow the likes of television outlets to use people celebrity in order to advance their own causes when it is based on untrue allegations.

Lawrence O’Donnell should be sued by Donald Trump, and be exposed for the fraud that he is, and heavily fined, a fine large enough to make him, and those like him, from using the public airwaves to enrich them even with no consideration of the truth.

Could Cain become the 1st African-American President?

26 Oct

Since Barak Obama’s election, I kept wondering why he was referred to as the first African-American President of the United States. At that time the response to my question was mostly anger because I used the term mulatto when referring to Barak Obama, even though he is a mulatto, and that is NOT a derogatory term, to me it simply refers to a person of mixed races!

Should a presidential contest between Obama and Cain develop, the whole race issue will assume a new dimension. To the liberal community, it would represent a positive development! Liberal would simply suggest that race is declining as an issue in the United States.

To the  “red-neck” community, it would suggest that America is declining since it would appear that only two “non-Christian-whites” are qualified to run for President. What a disgrace to white supremists of all kinds?

Even though in the twenty-first Century race should not be an issue in politics, it is. It gained importance and became a more visible and significant  issue in 2008, when Oprah endorsed Obama, and most of the African-American community lined up behind the now President of the United States. How will African-American vote if it is indeed a race between Obama and Cain?

History will tell, but could Cain become the first African American President of the Unites States? As my wife says, whatever happens, Barak Obama led the way for an African-American to become President.

Gingrich and Cain, the GOP 2012 ticket; it could win!

25 Oct

Of all the GOP potential candidates, there is doubt that Newt Gingrich is most qualified to run the country. The main problem that Gingrich has, has to do with his personal morality, and the conservative wing of the Republican party. A way to resolve the issue is to select a very conservative running mate, who better than Herman Cain?

Since Cain is clearly not presently “ready for prime-time,” running with Gingrich will give him valuable training, and may well offer the Republicans a winning ticket.

In addition to satisfying the conservatives, Herman Cain on the ticket could will neutralize Obama’s attraction to minorities.

Cain’s humor, such his ad with his campaign manager blowing smoke, is a clear suggestion that Cain realizes that he will not be taken seriously enough by the GOP as its Presidential candidate. Cain also realizes that he can prompt up a GOP ticket and will very likely accept a proposition to become the Vice President candidate.

Limbaugh, [radical] Islam, and Obama!

25 Oct

Rush Limbaugh continues to remind the world how he predicted that those Islamic nations who overthrow autocratic regimes are likely to return to Islamic fundamentalism, he was right (see:,) except that he is wrong by limiting the predictions to “radical Islam,” even though in reality, do to Quranic teachings, such future applies to all who profess to be Muslims.

Limbaugh is also wrong in suggesting that Obama realized that removing these autocracies would increase Islamic influence in the region. In spite of exposure to Islam during his youth, neither Obama, nor any member of his foreign policy team, has any understanding of either Islam, or Islamic culture, as supported by the Administration overtures towards Iran, in spite of being told that no negotiations would be considered by that Islamic Republic.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, to be followed by Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and Jordan will become Islamic “Republics,” in the near future; the Gulf autocracies will follow reasonably soon.

Limbaugh is right in predicting increasing Islamic influence in the Middle East, but he is wrong in suggesting that Obama encouraged the revolts knowing that they will cause greater Islamic control of the region.


GOP debate signals Palin’s re-entery 2012 race! The “Divine calling:

19 Oct

The first new “shot across the bow,” is the suggestion the GOP candidates acted like bickering children during their Las Vegas debate.

With that statement Sarah Palin just formally opened the door for re-entering the 2012 Presidential election…her next step: “The Gop candidates are so inadequate for the job that I received a divine message to save the country and run for the highest office…” Mark my word!

The one and only one Jerusalem Israel’s capital in perpetuity.

17 Oct

It is time the world come to realize that there is no such thing as “East Jerusalem,­” there is only one Jerusalem, the same Jerusalem that begun life 3000 years ago, and is Israel’s capital, and will remain so in perpetuity­.

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A Bloomberg led 3rd Party: The antidote to US 2012 Political Quagmire?

14 Oct

3rd Party: The antidote to US 2011 Political Quagmire?

When “America’s Mayor” vacated the position, most people felt that New York City would fall into the abyss, to never be recovered again…Emerged Michael Bloomberg, and NYC is thriving; the most visible and complex city in the world benefited after America’s Mayor left, and Michael Bloomberg took over.

One of America’s most successful businessman, Mr. Bloomberg not always improved NYC’s Administration, the Mayor was able to extend his term beyond what previously a position bound by term-limits. An ex-Democrat, turned Republican, but functioning as a centrist, Michael Bloomberg proved to be able to administer complex systems in a bi-partisan manner, something the United States could use now, more than ever.

The 2011 leading to the 2012 election grid-lock in Washington, hard-liners inflexibility, ideologies, and most scary, opportunism, are causing the United States to move in the direction of chaos, while causing many millions of Americans to suffer. One may suggest that unless significant changes are incorporated into the United States democracy, the [historically] young democracy may prove a failure. By human measures the United States experiment in [Jeffersonian] Democracy is very young, and unless some of its major flaws are fixed, it could fail; not a desirable fate.

The status-quo is proven inadequate to take care of the US democracy, some significant antidote is needed. A solution based on the present two-party system is not likely to prove viable, a new approach is needed, a third-party, one with a significant numbers in Congress, and in control of the White-House, may well be what the US requires.

There may be a number of people who are qualified to lead a third-party, but based on past performance, Michael Bloomberg could well be as qualified a person as anyone to do the job.

Please Mr. Bloomberg, with you proven track-record, and your vast fortune that could make you succeed without required public money, or that of others to whom you could become beholden, please form and run a third-party and then become the occupant of America’s White-House!

Herman Cain, a Twenty-first Century “Uncle Tom?”

10 Oct

Just because he made it, Herman Cain suggests that all African-Am­ericans can also “make it,” what a simplistic and narrow point of view.  Notwithstanding the fact that unemployment among African-Americans, especially young people, is much higher than that of whites, Orientals, and even Latinos, Cain’s suggestion that race is not holding African-Americans back, is an insult to anyone who listens to him stating that racial discrimination, especially to African-Americans.

He first suggested that African-Am­ericans are brain-wash­ed to stay away from the GOP; his view when directly iterperted­, says that African-Am­ericans, as a group, and as individual­s, are not inlelligen­t enough to make their own minds!

Cain thinks that if he was to run against President Obama he could get about one-third of the African-Am­erican vote, what an unrealistic view.  From where I sit, Cain versus Obama would net the potential GOP candidate, less than 10%, perhaps as low as 3% to 4%.

Herman Cain is a disgrace to his race, using a somewhat incitive term, Herman Cain is the epitome of an “uncle Tom,” an African-Am­erican who essentiall­y abandons his heritage, and culture, in order to try to live, and act, like a white person in the United States.