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Israel, 50 new settlement units authorized: In your face, Obama! Or, Impotent dealing with Iran: Obama forfeits role of leader of the Free Word!

29 Jun

For all practical purposes, Obama’s inept and impotent in dealing with the Iran election, and its aftermath, caused the American President to forfeit his role as leader of the Free World, and signaled to the like of Israel, that instructions from Obama are no more than idle talk. Even Ahamdinejad suggested that Obama’s handling of the Iran situation was a clear cemonstration that any talk of diplomacy was no more than words, words without any credibility.

When, in tghe meeting with Netanyahu, Barak Obama did not ask, or suggest, but rather attempted to instruct the Israeli Prime Minister to have Israel stop building on the West Bank, President Obama overstepped his bounds; you don’t instruct friends and allies, you ask, advise, or consult!

If President Obama hopeds to lead the free world, Barak Obama will have to learn how to communicate with allies, and how to assume control when dealing with adversaries such as the Iranians.

Consistent with what Ahmadinejad said recently, and with what Hilary Clinton said during the US election, Obama is inexperienced for the job of President, and his lack od experience, coupled with some misjudgements and understanding of his adversaries, may make Obama an inept President who could harm the United States unless he quickly get appropriate help, and shed some of his unrealistic ideals, such as the belief that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that the United States can indeed be a friend of Islam.

Did Obama’s reluctance to confront Islam result in squandering an opportunity of “neutralizing” Iran?

27 Jun

Did Obama’s reluctance to confront Islam result in squandering an opportunity of neutralizing Iran?

President Obama may not even be aware of the fact that his Islamic roots, instincts, and sympathies, those elements that constitute his soul, keep him from confronting Islam, but he clearly does!

In the case of Iran, President Obama decision to act objective and let the Iranian peoplechoose, was ill conceived, and poorly executed. There is little or no doubt that the Iranian elections were flawed. Not even sophisticated counting equipment could have declared a winner in an election with 50 million votes, as did the Iranians. The protest that followed should support that notion, the Iranian elections were rigged, and other nations should have officially objected to the results.

President Obama’s relatively mild rhetoric’s about the election gave Ahmadinejad an opening to criticize the young American President, call him inexperienced, and object to his meddling in Iran’s affairs. Obama not insisting on at a minimum of an objective international review of Iran’s election results, and at least an official hintof US holding back recognition of the newly elected government, did strengthened Ahmadinejad, and, of course, weakened Obama who cannot be viewed as leader of the free world with his mellow tone, and inaction.

Not being inside of Obama;s head no one but President Obama, and perhaps not even the President, can tell how much of his behavior is due to his Islamic soul. No one can tell with any level of certainty, if you will. Does Obama’s Muslim should represent a chinc in his arm, a weakness in his ability to govern the United States in a effective manner while Islamic forces are out to hurt the country?

Weak response to Iran: Is Obama’s “Muslim” Soul in control?

24 Jun

Could Obama’s deeprooted Islamic background be constraining his reaction to Iran’s treatment of its own public, and its total disregard of the democratic process?

The United States President, Barak Hussein Obama, may be a Christian by choice, but are his birthrights as a Muslim keep him from dealing with Muslims, and Islam, with an even-hand?

In Turkey, and in Cairo, Obama made a fool of himself. First stating that Islam never was, and never will be, an enemy of the United States. And then, in spite of a US history of having its citizens’ blood spilled while freeing Muslims around the world, President Obama apologized for historic US actions against Muslims.

It is quite clear that Obama Islamic roots affect his behavior, and his actions. The question: When push comes to shove, will his Islamic soul cause him to act against the best interests of the US and its allies (i. e. The Saudis, Israel, etc.)?

In the case of Iran: Could it be that Obama’s Islamic soul is a restraint to his actions?

23 Jun

There is little or no doubt that Barak Obama is a Christian [by choice], but it is also clear that his instincts, his and sympathies, or his soul, if you will, are in large part connected to his Islamic birthrights.

Could it be that Obama’s [Muslim] soul keeps him from openly going-after his Muslim brethren? Time will tell!

Iran’s election was determined by Khameni’s endorsement of Ahmadinejad; it was “divine,” rather than idiological.

14 Jun

Since in Iran Khameni, the supreme ruler speaks with divine authority, his endorsement of Ahmadinejad was paramount to assuring the President a win. Because a majority of Iranians are believer, only secular and some people disgruntled by their economic state were in a position to vote against Ahmadinejad; his win was thus assured, it was, as Khameni said, a divine act!

When President Obama was speaking of a robust [political] dialogue in Iran. he was totally misinformed, the dialogue, if any, was about personal economic problems, not about ideology, not in response to Obama’s Cairo speech.

The West is still to remember that an Islamic democracy is not strong enough to overcome religious beliefs, and the culture that accompanies them.

Iran’s election: Ahmadinejad trumps Obama, again; or, the rejection of Obama’s Cairo Quixotic speech!

13 Jun

Yesterday’s suggestion by Obama that he welcomes a robust dialogue in Iran, seemed to have been another of the young President’s dreams; over 60% for Ahmadinejad, not much of a robust opposition…

Obama leads and governs by preaching and promoting hope, and change; good things both, if supported by reality, but dangerous if they are just dreams of a dreamer!

The Iranian election is a clear demonstration that Obama’s dream of dialogue with Islam is no more than just a dream, the hallucinations of a dreamer!

It is time for Obama to have a serious dialogue with Israel and agree on means to take-out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, or, in a few years, face the dire consequences of Iran with nuclear bombs. Iran already demontrated bomb delivery capability to carry nukes as far as Europe, all of Russia, other Middle Eastern countries, and, of course, Israel, the country Ahmadinejad is on record as a country he wishes to destroy.

Obama must wake up and face the fact that his diplomacy towards Islam, especially towars Iran, does not make him a statesman, but rather a Quixotic dreamer who cannot defeat the windmills in his way unless he resorts to carrying a big stick.

The “Cultural-Islamization,” under Obama. Formative years shape a person!

5 Jun

Barak Hussein Obama was born, and spent his formative years, a Muslim!

Islam has no provisions within the Sharia (Koranic law) for a Muslim to convert away from Allah’s religion without committing a mortal sin. Barak Hussein Obama was born a Muslim, and in the eyes of Islam, will always be a Muslim.

In a recent speech, Barak Obama stated that the large number of  Muslims in the United States renders the United States one of the largest Islamic countries in the world; did the President include himself, perhaps as a virtual, or culruaral Muslim, in the count?

As a person who was largely raised in an Islamic environment, Obama instincts, sympathies, and thought processes; are rooted in Islam. President Obama’s action bear that contention, otherwise why would Obama choose Al Arabia, an openly anti-American, anti-Jewish media outlet for his first television interview as the President?  Why would Obama tell Turkish audiences that the United States never was, and will never be an enemy of Islam, when he knows that during World War I the United States was clearly on the side fighting the Turks? Not only that, a student of the Koran, President Obama would be simple minded not to realize that the Koran declares all Christians , Jews, and other infidels, enemy of Islam. Did Obama forget that by virtue of being a Judo/Christian country, the United States is identified by the Koran as a enemy of Islam?

Obama’s Islamic roots show, Obama sounds and acts as if the United-States is, or is the process, of becoming culturally a kin to Islam. 

More about Cultural-Islamization, a situation that may well be turning into a clear and present danger, a danger of loosing the American character!

Is Obama’s US (“the dog,”) being wagged by Islamic interests (“the tail”)? Or, is the US undergoing cultural “Islamization,” under Obama?

3 Jun

President Barak HUSSEIN Obama gave his first television interview to Al Arabia, an Islamic, anti American, and anti Jewish media outlet; was that the first signal of the process of Islamization?

In Turkey the young President told his audience that the United States is not now, and will never be at war with Islam, Obama failed to realize that the Islamic Bible, the Koran is a declaration of war against Christians, Christianity, Jews, and all other infidels, or, was that an official declaration that HIS United States is NOT a Judea-Christian country, but one turning towards Islam?

Obama with his Islamic roots, Islamic instincts, Islamic sympathies, is on the way to the Middle East, where he will bow to a king; and tell audiences that the United States is the dearest world Islam could ever wish for. The President preempted his visit by telling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the United States will capitulate and let him have Nuclear capabilities.

There are those who worry about Obama’s socialistic policies, they should put that in perspective, not be concerned, and start to worry about the United States move towards Islam. This is not to say that the United States under Barak Hussein Obama will become a Muslim nation, but this is to suggest that its culture and alliances are very likely to shift in that direction; and that the Islamic world will take advantage of that shift and that the United States will pay, and continue to pay for the actions of this President with his Islamic birthrights and tendencies.

Will Obama trade Israel’s security for his own legacy? Or, is oil more important than Jews (Israel?)

3 Jun

An ill planned, ill-fated Obama trip to the Islamic Middle East, is a slap in the face of Israel and its supported.  In addition to capitulating to Islamic leader, bowing to their kings, and now suggesting that the rogue Islamic nation of Iran has the right to have nuclear power at its disposal, Obama seems to be ready to allow the chasm between Israel, the only democratic ally that the United States in the Middle East, to grow.

Communicating with ones enemies may be OK, but negotiating with an enemy that is on record for destroying ones ally, is not; yet Obama is willing to hold discussions with the Iranians whose leaders are bound and determined to destroy Israel.

At the risk of losing Islamic allies (which the United States does not really have,) Obama is apologizing to the Islamic world for acts that the Unites States should not apologize for, for actions that were done in good faith, actions that may have well been the correct actions for the time and place.

Barak Obama must not try to judge actions of past Administrations, nor apologize for those who behind him did the best job they could. Obama also must guard against unrealistic ambitions. The President desire for oil independence should not be allowed to sacrifice allies such as Israel.

It is very important to avoid temptation, become cult followers of Obama, and accept his rhetoric’s about peaceful Islam. The American public could be easily trapped by Obama’s oratory excellence and start to believe that a sacrifice of Israel may ease oil prices, and bring about world peace; it will not, even some voices in the US are emerging that suggest Israel should not get the support given it by the United States if it have adverse effect on Islamic relations, more importantly, on the supply of Arab oil; please all be vigil or an irreparable rapture may develop, a rapture that may end any and all hopes for real word peace!

Deadline for Israel take-out of Iran’s nuke-power is while US controls Iraq airspace; or Iraq will return to Islamic autocracy.

3 Jun


President Barak Hussein Obama is dealing with the world from the vantage point of a man of Islamic birth, with Islamic instincts, and Islamic sympathies; but with NO real understanding of Islam, or Islamic thought processes.

The Iran nuclear threat WILL have to be taken out, and Israel will be the civil world surrogate for doing so. The time window for doing so will initially determined by the United States control of Iraq’s airspace. Even if airspace control resorts back to Iraq, Israel will have to take-out Irans Nukes, but id it is done at that time, one can count of a battle with Iraq, and essentially returning it to an Islamic autocracy, perhaps Sunni with large Al Queda influence.

Barak Obama’s ambitions and personal desires to build a legacy of a statesman, something that he is not, and not likely to ever become.

Giving Israel, the only ally of the United States in the Middle East, the cold shoulder by skipping a visit there when he visits the Islamic Middle East, is a faux pas at best, a major blunder in real life!

Obama must learn that his Islamic roots cannot be discarded, but that he is an American, and his loyalties should be with the United States and his allies, and should be more important than his personal ambitions.