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Obama’s Nobel selection: Another anti-Jewish/Israel travesty!

9 Oct

Even though in recent years there were a number of notable exceptions, the Swedish people continue to demonstrate anti-Jewish sentiments. Selecting Barak Hussein Obama as winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Price, is similar to selecting Yassar Arafat and Jimmy Carter, two other notable anti-Israel political figures whose contribution to World Peace was, at best, zero!

The Nobel Committee suggestions that Obama’s overtures towards the Islamic World are acts of peace are simply ludicrous; Obama’s birthrights and his desire to gain access to more Islamic controlled oil were clearly the prime motives behind his Islamic sympathies.

Recent anti-Israel and totally unsubstantiated Swedish press, coupled with the selection of at least the three anti-Israel/Jewish Peace Prize winners, suggests that perhaps Sweden, or at least the Noble Prize Committee, possess anti-Jewish/Anti-Israel sympathies.

Obama anti-Israel leanings are quite clear; only 4% of Israeli Jews feel that the American President can be trusted, and is a friend of Israel. On the other side, however, the Islamic World does not embrace Obama as the United States President, they mock him in that role; yet many Muslims do accept him as a brother muslim, which through his birth, he indeed is, and will always be.

The selection of Barak Hussein Obama as the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner is an insult to all those who earned the Prize by honest and diligent contribution to world peace.

Limbaugh’s Politicizing and minimizing the threat of swine-flu; the epitome of irresponsibility:

2 May

Politicizing the swine-flu, a sample of Limbaugh disgraceful and irresponsible behavior:

Limbaugh after repeating the fact that he is 91.1% correct explained to his audience that, while the global community was entering a state of panic: The swine flu pandemic is Democrat fabrication designed to divert attention from Obama’s lackluster first 100 days!

The man who speaks for the United States conservatives, the man who claims to nearly never be wrong, insulted those members of the global community who have a level of intelligence beyond that of the herd of sheep that is his (Limbaugh’s) audience.

Limbaugh is a druggy, shaking as he was at the CPAC convention while wishing that Obama should fail. Limbaugh’ ego is either so big, or his insecurities so enormous, that by making outrageous statements he thinks his poor academic history, his highly immoral life, and low level of intelligence, can be hidden; they cannot!

Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace to conservatism (that he claims to represent,) to the GOP, and more importantly, to the United States. When will Limbaugh learn to either shut-up, or start dealing with realities, and not with his drug generated fantasies!