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$900M+ Secretary Clinton present to Ahmadinejad!

27 Feb

After a lackluster trip to the Far East, Mrs. Clinton is on her way to the Middle East in order to discuss a United States pledge of some $900M to be used in the rebuilding of Gaza, a contribution that will ultimately end up in Iran to pay for new weapons for Hamas.

Secretart Clinton and representatives of other donors will receive assurances that the money will not be used for weapons acquisitions, but such promises carry no weight, and should be dismissed.  

Mrs. Clinton is a role that does not satisfy her need to be in the limelight is likely to pursue controversial issues such as donating funds to Gaza reconstruction and that, in spite of safeguards, will end up enhancing Hamas which controls Gaza.

The United States must exercises care when donating money for Gaza reconstruction since a large part of the money will end up in the hands of the Ahmadinejad regime, for weapons, engineering and rebuilding of tunnels, and for training terrorists.

Orator v. Doer: Where is the Beef? Or, why is Obama’s A+ speech failing?

27 Feb

President Obama’s first speech to a joint-session of Congress was judged by both friend and foe as a masterpiece; and so it was: An oratorical jewel!

But, when the audience was asked to act, not just to assess; to put its money where their mouths are; they did, big sell-offs in the stock market! An A+ presentation followed by a D- measured performance.

The American public which at one time, in not-too-distant past, would invest on strength, and promises, now seems to require deeds, beyond words in order to take action. President Obama was elected on strength of his words, and was given a short-fuse, at the end of which his performance would be measured on concrete results, the end of the fuse is now in sight, its operational life is probably no longer than ninety days.

President Obama, perhaps the greatest orator in the history of the human race, must prove that he is a doer, not only a great speaker. Just following President Clinton’s advice regarding the adaptation of a more optimistic tone, does not work; measurable action by President Obama is needed before a required public acceptance can be earned, in other words, Mr. President: Where is the beef?

The Chimpanzee cartoon v. Common sense; are black leaders over reacting?

24 Feb

I first saw the Chimpanzee cartoon after hearing complaints of its racial nature from a number of prominent black dealer. I looked at the cartoon with care, but in spite of considering black sensitivities found the cartoon to be a poor attempt at political humor.

What I saw was two white policemen, like those who shot the now famous Connecticut Chimpanzee, standing over the body of a dead Chimpanzee and asking who would write the next stimulus bill.

My interpretation had to do two policemen who simply wonder who will write the next stimulus bill, after the Chimpanzee who first it was dead. The suggestion to me was that it was no great loss since it only too someone with Chimpanzee intelligence to write a bill like the present stimulation. I saw no racial meaning in the cartoon, The Chimpanzee was black because Chimpanzees are black; and since it was Polesi was the architect of the bill, the Chimpanzee should have been labeled : Nancy!

Your sequester is approaching, Mr.Obama: Time to start governing! Updated.

22 Feb

UPDATE: February 26, 2013
Your sequester is approaching, Mr.Obama: Time to start governing!

Yesterday President Obama spent a great deal of time in Virginia, speaking to ship building and Navy personnel about the pending sequester. Obama is preparing the nation to blame the Republicans for the sequester, even though it is a situation of his own doing, one of his typical compromises in his nunintended role as America’s “Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.)”
“We, the people” did not hire you, Mr. Obama to explain failure even before it happens, “we the people hired you to stay on the job and try to keep it from happening. You took a day to cover you a– rather than to work with the opposition to look for means to circumvent the problem. As Moshe Dayan of Israeli military fame said: :If you want peace talk to you enemies, not to your friends.” President Obama should be spending as much time as possible negotiating with Republicans to avoid sequester, and most of the rest of his time to created jobs.
Except job creation and avoiding g the sequester President Obama only be concerned with the security of the nation, no other agenda items should be dealt with until the economic issues are secured.
It is time to govern, President Obama, not to campaign!
Obama: Time to stop campaigning, start governing.

Since his election, President Obama maintained the posture of a campaigner. It is understandable, that like most people would, President Obama stayed in that character in which he is most comfortable. Unfortunately Barak Obama was hired by the people of the United States to govern, not to continue to sell himself in a manner one campaigns.

Rather than to run all over the country trying to sell the stimulus bill, and himself, while the bill was written, Obama should have played a much more active part in drafting the bill.

Much more can, and will be said, on this topic. For now, however, Mr. President, please stop campaigning, and do the job we, the voters hired you to do: Govern.

“Dire projections,” Obama covering his a—; a shakey month…

20 Feb

In the case of most false prophets, prophecizing doom is generally the safe thing to do.  If prophecies of doom don’t materialize, they are generally forgotten because people are joyed by the fact that they did not become a reality; if they do materialize, the prophet of doom gained respect for demonstrating foresight. President Obama is taking refuge in the fact  he inherited a very poor economy. By running around the country and suggesting that an economic disaster is in the making,  President Obama figures that he can reduce future expectations which will allow his Administration to perform under reduced public pressure, pressure to demonstrate acceptable level of performance.

President Clinton who supports President Obama, also suggested that President Obama tone down his criticism of the economy and try to give hope to the American public; to give voters the hope on which  his campaign was based. 

One additional word of caution:  When someone in the position of President of the United States offers gloomy future projections, the words may just become self-fulfilling prophecies and cause the situation to worsen.

Obama v. Reagan: The orator v. the communicator…

20 Feb

Reagan and Obama were handed straggling economies, both men were required to take drastic [spending] steps and sell them to the public.

History would attest to Reagan’s success, even though later in his Presidentcy the tricle-down economics did not fare well. Reagan, the masterful communicator that he was, was able to keep a doubting public behind him in spite of the severity of his effort.

Obama is faced with similar situation to Reagan’s. Even though Obama is the better orator of the two, Obama lacks Reagan’s communication skills. As much as Obama is using campaign tactic’s, traveling around the country, and all, he does not seem to have Reagan’s ability to speak to the people, regardless of who they may be. Obama’s oratorical style comes through even when he tries to communicate ideas to small groups; Obama appears to lecture, rather than to speak to audiences. Let us hope that with time Obama will acquire better communicate skills that will compliment his unique oratorical ability.

Neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism [can] exist; why the outcry about Obama’s “virtual”-socialism?

19 Feb


Prologue:                                                                                                                                Those interested in the topic of this blog which deals with the facts that Capitalism, as is Socialism, in their pure states, cannot survive within sovereign human societies, should also avail themselves of:               

This blog, Part II: Why is it not possible for either purs Socialism or pure Capitalism to survive?


Pure Capitalism means anarchy, while pure Socialism means Chaos!

The issue: Since neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism [can] exist; why the outcry about Obama’s [virtual]-socialism? The outcry about what many spoke-persons for US conservatives label: European Socialism?

Conservative media voices, such as Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, Ingel, Coulter, to name a few, keep telling their audiences that socialism never worked. What they fail to tell their audiences is that neither did capitalism. As a matter of fact, one cannot identify an economic system that endured without including socialistic elements, or without undergoing major changes, throughout the history of civilization.

Some economies have been around and prospered for a few years, they were (a few still are) generally a hybrid operations adopting principals from one system or another, when it deemed advisable. There are a number of capitalistic countries (such as Canada, and perhaps Sweden) that boast national, or socialistic health care systems. Their systems may not be perfect, but they are clearly not inferior the the US system, and they do not leave out tens of millions of their citizen without any health resources.

United States capitalism, the great success, that it appeared to be from time to time, had major failures (such as the great dipression, and the situation we are in today;) that notwithstanding, it also deploys socialistic elements to simply allow it to function. Labor unions, the small amount of income re-distribution in the tax code, and welfare, are but three examples, there are many more, none are necessarily destructive items to degrade capitalism, to the contrary, they usually enhance the way economies operate.

Conservatives should not fear Obama for socialistic elements that he may introduce in his policies; if they chose to criticize the President, they should do so on the merit of each item they don’t like, not because they could attach the socialism label to it!

Overwhelming-force needed: Afghanistan!

18 Feb

Overwhelming-force needed: Afghanistan!

Experiences of others, such as Russia, notwithstanding, Afghanistan unique character requires an overwhelming-force in order to accomplish the goal of neutralizing the Taliban, and establishing a democracy that is not encumbered by religion, or guided by Shariya (Islamic law,) as it now is. In spite of Americans reluctance about having fighting United States troops overseas, especially in harm’s way, a success in Afghanistan would bring about troop levels not a-similar to those reached in Iraq.

President Obama shows a significant naivete when he suggests that diplomacy could work with the Taliban. In spite of the President’s exposure to Islam, and his Islamic birth, President Obama demonstrates ignorance of even the minimal requirements dictated by the Koran. Koranic law would not even allow a Taliban to communicate with the heathen Americans, especially that they are represented by a woman.

For the United States to accomplish minimal goals in Afghanistan the American public must expect troop levels in that country to reach the same, or near the same level that was reached in Iraq.

Obama’s “Change:” The most political White House…

18 Feb

In well over fifty years of observing American politics, I have never seen a more politically oriented White House than the one under President Obama.

President Obama the Orator extraordinaire, and the very intelligent operator that he is, may not be the pragmatist that a Chief Executive needs to be.  Even though President Obama is able to improve the morale of America, one cannot eat high morale, or the feeling of hope, that this President brings to the table.

President Obama extensive travel, the public-works show in Missouri to coincide with signing the stimulus package, and the frequent appearances on media outlets, making the Obama Administration more political than any Administration that I have ever witnessed.

President Obama promised a change when he was running for office, the implication was a change to reduce politics and increase performance; so far it is more politics, and PR, and less actual significant work done.

Did Cheney order Libby?

18 Feb

Did Dick Cheney order Scooter Libby to reveal Plan’s name? Is he (Cheney) furiousat George W. Bush for not pardoning Libby because of his own guilty conscience?