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Biden: Will the tail wag the dog?

24 Aug

Obama’s choice for a Vice Presidential candidate is commendable, Joe Biden is a good man!

But there are issues. If it was guaranteed that Obama becomes President, one could not ask for a better Vice President than Joe Biden. As far as someone to help the ticket win the election, Senator Biden may not be the ultimate candidate. The passing over of Senator Clinton, for example, may be one of those issues that a Biden selection will not mend.

There is the Biden plagiarism, there is his leadership and maturity which in comparison would re-enforce the Obama rock-star image versus that of Biden’s stature as a leader. And, there are those statements on record from the primaries in which Senator Biden even suggested that McCain was more ready than Obama to become President.

And then, when it comes to a tail wagging the dog situation! When the recent Georgia war broke Obama did not react in a way a “wannabe President” should act, Biden would have, and actually did better. It is hard to visualize senior military commanders taking Barak Obama as seriously as they would Senator Biden…Obama as Commander in Chief conjers the image of the Television show Doogie Houser MD; a little boy trying to act as a medical doctor — maturity and experience count, and Senator Biden has an edge on Barak Obama on both counts.

Be that what as it may: Good luck to the Democrat ticket, let us hope you make the election a credible show, not continue to be a media entertainment event!