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Al-Arabia interview: No apologies for the past (from:; emphasize the future!

31 Jan

Selecting Al-Arabia for his first television interview, may have hurt some, and offended others, but President Obama has nothing to apologize for, except for apologizing on the interview for America’s past deeds.

Generally speaking America’s past was nothing to apologize for, America was generally fair to the Islamic world, President Obama should have built on that, and promised to do more of the same in the future, and perhaps improve on the past, but no apologies; the United States might have made mistakes, but it did not mistreat the Islamic world.

It is good that President Obama is now speaking of his Muslim past, his relatives, his birth, etc., and it would serve the world well to have President Obama continue to cater to the global community with humility, but with no apologies. There may have been misdeeds in America’s past, but as a nation it has nothing to apologize for, emphasize the positive, Mr. President, and the world will be better for it!

Al-Arabia: Obama’s Islamic roots emerging; is Israel being sacrificed?

29 Jan

Is President Barack Obama’s foolish and irresponsible interview with Al-Arabia a result of his Muslim-birth, and a bond with Islam that he is finally displaying, or was the selection of Al-Arabia another demonstration that [the Bush] pro-Israel policies are about to change?


To chose Al-Arabia, an openly anti-Israel, anti Zionism, anti-American (at least while allied with Israel), and anti-Jewish, news organization, as the first television channel for an interview, is a slap in the face to many allies of the United States, and to many people who voted Barack Hussein Obama into office.


Since the Obama Administration is so dead-set at destroying everything the was done by the Bush Administration; would Israel turned out to be thae baby that went down with the bathwater; or would Israel lose because it was strongly supported by Bush, or would Israel be sacrificed because of Obama’s Mulim-birth; or could Israel maintain United States support becasue it is the right ting to do? Only time will tell how Israel will fare, so far, however, under the Obama Administration, it has a lot to fear, beyond just fear itself.


The Al-Arabia selection also enhances Iran’s Ahmadinejad position, which suggests that Islam is so powerful that the United States must modify its posture towards this ruthless and primitive religion. Muslims recognized President Obama’s capitulation to the Islamic world as a demonstration of weakness versus Islam. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for example, welcomed and publicly voiced his appreciation of President Obama’s apologies to the Islamic world during his interview with Al-Arabia. Ahmadinejad, however, is insisting that the United States must apologize to Iran separately. Ahmadinejad, who recently demonstrated his global influence by causing* the Christmas war in Gaza, seems to understand that regardless to statements to the contrary, Obama’s Muslim-birth has a great deal to do with who Obama is!


Since most of the Islamic world is made up of Semites, and because Iran is an Aryan nation, one can sympathize with Ahmadinejad demand, providing one believes that the United States did indeed wrong the Islamic world, which it did not!


President Obama may be very popular in the United States; his recent actions demonstrate that political expediency is more important to Obama than are earlier commitments and loyalties. Examples of Obama’s flighty nature are the cases of the Reverend Wright, and of Mr. Ayers who are but two close associates that Obama threw under the bus because they appeared to represent political liabilities.


After months of insisting that he is not, and never was a Muslim, Barack Obama finally came out of the closet and used his Muslim name, Hussein, when he was sworn in. By Shariya (Islamic law) once a Muslim always a Muslim, The Koran does not have provisions for a Muslim to convert out of Islam; to the contrary, whoever convert out of the religion receives an immediate death sentence. Technically, Barack Hussein Obama is under a Shariya death sentence since he was born a Muslim and later converted to Christianity.


President Obama’s selection of Al-Arabia as the outlet for his first television interview does not seem to appear as an innocent though poor, choice, the selection seems to be the beginning of a dangerous trend, a precedence setting event that may signal a shift in US policies under Obama to an approach to the world that may strengthen Islam and move it forward toward the world domination that is predicted by the Koran.


President George W. Bush was not a popular President, but he did work at keeping the United States safe from those who would like to destroy it.  Obama is moving away from the Bush approach to terrorism while giving openings to [Islamic] terrorists who are waiting for an opportunity to inflict as much damage on the United States as possible. We must all hope that Obama misguided ties to Islam will not come home to roost, or that the Islamic world does not take advantage of Obama’s soft spot regarding his Muslim-birth.



*Ahmadinejad started the recent conflict in Gaza by getting his surrogate, Hammas, to terminate a cease-fire with Israel and lob numerous rockets into Southern Israel on Christmas Eve. Note that the timing was selected to start on the Christian Holiday, and would have to stop on the United States Presidential inauguration, since Israel would not dare destroy that special day for the new President.

Obama: Great orator, marginal communicator

28 Jan

Ronald Reagan was called the Great Communicator, because he was one! Obama, on the other hand, in spite of being a great orator, is not an effective communicator.

President Reagan spoke to the people, Obama speaks at the people; Obama lectures, Reagan communicated.

As smart as Barack Obama is, he will likely come to realize that by changing his communication style he could become a much more effective President.

Obama’s first week: Where is the beef?

28 Jan

The first week of President Obama in office was full of motion, but little movement forward.  The President demonstrated that he has a lot of energy and that he is willing to use it in office. Using a lot of energy is one thing, but harnessing it so that it produces positive results is another; did the Obama Administration produce any positive results?

Following are some of the most visible Obama accomplishments during week one:

  • Guantanamo —- Allowed President Obama to live up to a campaign promise, and bought him at least a year before his action can be actually measured.
  • Troop level in war zones —– Iraq troop level will be reduced; Afghanistan with 30,000 US troops now will receive at least 30,000 (committed) more, and Secretary of Defense Gates is warning of the likely need for more, one can expect in 2009 that in Afghanistan US troop level will be on par with what Iraq was. The promise of bringing troops home may prove in net to just be a campaign promise.
  • Middle East —- Sending George Mitchell to the region while Israel and the Palestinian Authority each has lame duck heads of state, is pre-mature, and foolish. Timing is important, but rushing things and speaking to the wrong people can spell disaster.
    • President Obama’s decision to grant his first television to Al-Arabia, a notorious anti-Israel (and its allies) news outlet sends a message that he feels a “bond” to the Islamic world. Was that action due to Obama’s Muslim-birth, upbringing, or “intellectual” considerations?
  • Economic Stimulus package —- at best a short-term help, a band-aide for a cancer. Unless the stimulus deals with getting the US to generate actual products, not just services, or fixes of infrastructure, the stimulus will exasperate the problem. 

So far negatives must include:

  1. The financial bailout: Loser, the American public
  2. Auto Industry bail out. Loser, the American public
  3. Al-Arabia interview, loser Israel, world Jewry, and all Zionists
  4. Troops: Rather than bringing troops home, transfer many to Afghanistan; Loser, the American Public.

Positive activities include Guantanamo (even though it will require a year to assess,) the stimulus package if it includes a requirement to “buy American,” and produce USA made products.


Stimulus must be based on “buy American” formula!

24 Jan

Unless the Obama trillion dollar stimulus packages include provisions to rebuild a United States PRODUCT based economy, it will fail.


The new plan could not work unless it is based around the utilization of US products, such as steel, cement, in the road and bridges rejuvenation phase; US developed software, and computers using American made products for IT work, and so on.


The stimulus plan, at the risk of upsetting some of the US trading partners, must be designed around a “buy America” clause to ensure that its impact is not just a band aide for cancer.

From the Creator: Obama, everybody’s person!

21 Jan

Barack Hussein Obama is the embodiment of the “man for all people;” a man of humanity, if you will.

To African Americans, Obama is an African American. To Caucasians, by virtue of his birfth to a white woman, especially one from the “Heartland” of America, his “whiteness” suffices to qualify him as America’s leader.

His first name: Barack, means Lightning in Hebrew, and while campaigning, Obama told some crowds that his father intended the name to be Baruch, which in Hebrew means blessed. In either case, his name generally satisfy Jewish people of his sympathy and good will towards them.

His middle name: Hussein, and the fact that he was born to a Muslim man, should put President Obama in good stead with general Islam, an especially with Arabs, since his middle name of Hussein is an Arabic name.

His birth to a Kenyan man should generally please the people of Africa, while being born in Hawaii should, of course, make people of Hawaii quite happy.

Since Barack Obama is a Mulatto as are many, many Americans, Mulattoes and other of mixed births would feel a bond, viewing Obama as a part of the melting pot that the United States is!

Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the person of all persons!  

On the lighter side one can add an apostrophe after the O in his last name, that would make make his name O’Bama, and please the Irish.

The “vitual” Barack Obama; or, when will the real Obama emerge?

20 Jan


America is in trouble! The economy is in shambles. America is engaged in war(s) that it has little, if any control over, and the morale of its people is at very low ebb.
When people are in trouble, seeking a “hero” to bail them out is a natural reaction. Barack Obama’s speech during the 2004 Democratic Convention made his a visible and attractive potential leader. When in 2007 America started a search for a hero, the selection process started to during the Democratic primaries, and Barack Obama became a potential agent for hope and change. As the primaries moved on, the process of creating a hero shifted to the building of hope around the person of Barack Obama who eventually emerged as the embodiment of the hero America desired.
In America’s imagination, helped by media frenzy, Barack Obama became larger than life. The actual man who took office on January 20, 2009, is human, the expectations, and visions of what he can do, however, are super human; they are in the public imagination.Obama in America’s mind is a nearly a flawless combination of Superman, Martin Luther King, JF Kennedy, the Biblical Moses, to top that, the Reverend Farrakhan suggested that Obama is the returning Jesus Christ; perhaps a number of other historical heroes are rolled into the virtual Obama, be they real or imaginary.The real Barack Hussein Obama is human, a side of the man that the public is not quite ready to actually see and accept. In reality Obama has already exposed a number of his human traits that neither the public. Nor the media are ready to accept, or admit that they exist.
For example, the fact that President Obama has surrounded himself with a staff that is essentially an extension of President Clinton’s personnel beg to question his theme of being an agent for change. Retracting from his campaign promise to do away with Osama bin Laden as an item of top priority, also suggests that politics are a part of Obama’s make up, and he is covering his back side. 

For a while America will continue to deal with the flawless and “virtual” Obama. Soon, as soon as there is performance to be measured, the real Obama will start to emerge. Obama will remain a great, perhaps the greatest orator ever; he will remain a great motivator, but will President Obama be able to deal with the mundane day-to-day issues that make up his job?
Time will tell how Barack Obama will actually do; in the meantime, let us all hope that he can, and will, live up to his image!



Ahmadinejad (Iran) -2; Olmert/Livni (Israel) -0;

19 Jan

Since 2006 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through his surrogates, Hezbollad, and Hamas, handed Israel two defeats. The two recent defeats came after nearly sixty years of Israeli wins in any and all conflicts with Islamic entities.

Ahmadinejad’s actions against Israel are not designed strictly as means to destroy the country, they are steps by the Aryan Shiites (that the Iranians (Persians) are,) towards domination of the whole Islamic world.

The last two scrimmagees are like body blows in boxing, Ahmadinejad is softening Israel in preparation for a final blow… Will it ever come?

If Unilateral Israeli cease-fire holds; a second straight win for Ahmadinejad:

17 Jan

Ahmadinejad triggered Israel to act in 2006 against Hezbollah; Israel arrived at a stalemate, an actual loss. On Christmas Eve 2008 Ahmadinejad triggered Israel to act against Hama; if Israel’s “unilateral cease fire” holds, it would amount to another loss by Israel to Ahmadinejad.

Unless the 2009 cease-fire breaks and Israel completely incapacitate Hamas; the score of 2006 into 2009 would be:

Ahmadinejad 2: Israel 0.

One can hope Israel does not capitulate and strengthen Ahmadinejad by keepong an operational Hamas in Gaza.

Inaugurating the first “non Caucasian,” not an Afro-American; why is the issue being confused?

17 Jan


Why not accept someone who should be a proud “Mulatto,”  and insist on referring to  Obama as an African-American?