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Profiling, a security “Muslims-Line;” it’s the right thing to do!

30 Dec

Not knowing the solution, is one thing. But, knowing the solution and not adopting it because of political correctness, is another; at best it is irresponsible, at worst: Criminal!

Since nearly all terrorist activities in today’s world are perpetrated by Muslims, why not have a separate security line for members of the Islamic faith? Inasmuch as Muslims are a relatively small minority in the United States, a special “Muslim-line” can be small, but equipped with the most sophisticated screening equipment money can buy.

Having a “Muslim-line” would allow other passengers the luxury of a very short and routine security check while improving their safety, and quality of life (at least in travel.)

To maintain a semblance political correctness, those manning the “Muslim-line” should be instructed to treat those they check with dignity, and make them realize that they are not checked because who they are, but because they happen to be members of a group within which undesirables are often found.

Obama, an epitome of the Peter Principle (functioning at his level of incompetence:)

30 Dec

Obama, an epitome of the Peter Principle (functioning at his level of incompetence:)

In simple terms, the Peter Principle states that: “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His level of Incompetence.” In Chapter VII of Dr. Laurence J. Peter book, The Peter Principle, it states under Hierarchiology and Politics, that: “…when public speaking was a high art, spellbinding orator hope for nomination by a party, and the best orator among the candidates might win the seat. But of course the ability to charm to amuse, to inflame a crowd of ten thousand voters with voice and gestures did not necessarily carry with it the ability to think sensibly, to debate soberly and to vote wisely on the nation’s business.” Even though the above quote seems to fit President Obama, it was first published some forty years ago, in 1969…

An event on Christmas day, in the air over Detroit, suggest that President Obama, the extraordinaire orator that he is, seems to fit the above description by Dr. Peter. Appointing Secretary Napolitano to head Home Land Security, was simply a case of putting a person in a job at the peak of her level of incompetence. President Obama many other appointments, some of those were withdrawn, and some of them that stuck, do point to a lack of ability at recognizing competence, and thus to effectively carry on the nation’s business. The withdrawn appointment of Tom Dascle, and Bill Richardson, Geithner’s tax problems, and Hillary Clinton in a statesman job, an oxymoron for the politician that she is, are but a few examples of Obama’s inept governance. Obama’s best appointment to date is perhaps the carry over position from George W. Bush, the position of Secretary of Defense being held by Secretary Gates.

Following are some examples of Administration blunders that are due to incompetence. Hillary Clinton telling a crowd, in front of Benyamin Netanyahu, in a televised event, that Netanyahu should be congratulated for his willingness to make unprecedented sacrifices, and that the Unites States wants the Israeli Palestinian negotiations to continue “without pre-condition.” She pleased her immediate crowd, as politician do, but she enraged the Islamic World. The next day she flew un expectedly to Cairo in order to try to apologize for her comments. She was not able to mend Islamic fences, while she did manage to widen the chasm between the United States and Israel that the Obama Administration created.

The President made a similar mistake regarding the Israeli Palestinian issue. In front of a Jewish audience he stated that Jerusalem in its entirety was to be Israel’s Capital; but after a day, when he realized the Islamic rage that he caused, the President recanted and said the Israel borders should return to the pre-1967 war. His posture did not appease the Muslims, while relations with Israel continued to erode: Only 3% of Israelis consider Obama a friend…

Many other acts of incompetence can be cited, but let us just view Obama’s military blunders. The President, no military expert by any measure, reduced the number of troops committed to Afghanistan by 25% over the recommendations of his experts in the field; does he now assume that his military expertise is more extensive than that of General McChrystal? President Obama did the same thing with the missile defense initiative for Eastern Europe. The President decided not to continue with the system experts recommended and go with his own, a system based on conglomeration of older and near obsolete components; President Obama, at the peak of his incompetence, seemed to have declared himself the world expert on missile defense; simply in order to appease the Russians, something he did not succeed in doing.

There are many more examples that point to the fact that Barak Hussein Obama is a living example of the Peter Principle, a person who is working at his level of incompetence.

Contrary to GOP: Democrats are not weak on security, the Obama Administration, is!

29 Dec

Secretary Napolitano offered a clear demonstration that the Obama Administration is not up to keeping the American flying public safe. The lady’s ineptitude does not suggest that Democrats are weak on Security, but it rather speaks to President Obama’s inability to select the right people to help him govern.

President Obama as Commander-in-Chief has been making a large number of disastrous calls. Why the young President thought that he can second guess the commanders in the field and cut down the number of troops they requested for Afghanistan by 25%, is beyond any logical explanation, except that perhaps his arrogance is totally out of control.

Another major blunder by the young C.i.C. was his decision to change the missile defense strategy for Europe, and to do so without consulting the European allies of the United States. This decision which was made in order to appease the Russians, an act that President Obama, and Secretary of State Clinton, mistakenly believed would get the Russians to support the United Policy towards Iran.

It is not the Democrats who are weak on security matters, as can be attested by Senator Lieberman stance towards Yemen, it is the Democrat Administration of President Obama whose arrogance seems to overpower common-sense, and its ability to accept advice from experts such as General McChrystal in Afghanistan.

In order to get public confidence in his Administration to the flying public safe, President Obama must make a decisive move and immediately replace Secretary Napolitano. In addition, President Obama must start to demonstrate that security and defense decisions are only made after getting, and accepting advice from experts in the field.

Obama must relieve Napolitano!

28 Dec

Obama must relieve Napolitano, an example of the “Peter Principle!”

From all indication Secretary Napolitano is functioning at the peak of her incompetence, a sample of “Peter’s Principle,” which suggest that people rise to their level of incompetence. This may be acceptable in some positions, but this is totally unreasonable for a person who is charged with the security of the American public.

First she said that the system worked, then she admitted that the system didn’t. She then informed the world, including any and all terrorists who wanted to listen, that she, her department, cannot manage the large list, the one with some 500,000 potential terrorist suspects names. It stands to reason that if she cannot do the job, she should be replaced by someone who can!

The 500,000 list will not get any smaller, with time, if anything, it will grow. If the Honorable Secretary cannot deal with today’s list, what will she do with tomorrow’s?

MS Napolitano informed those on the list that they can likely enter the United States even with bad intentions because they will not be singled out, what a blunder!

I do not subscribe to the notion that Democrats are weak on defense; I do, however, believe the Obama Administration is somewhat inept at dealing with security. Starting with the Commander-in-Chief who second guesses his commander in the field and commit 25% less troops for Afghanistan than the commander requested, and moving on to changing the missile defense program for Europe, as if he is an expert with knowledge that professionals do not posses, President Obama does not seem up to the job of keeping the nation safe.

Removing Napolitano for someone who is experienced and can do the job should be one of his Administration’s top priorities. With Napolitano on the job, I personally do not feel safe flying on American planes, to any destination.

Muslims effectively eroding American’s quality of life! Muslims must be profiled for the good of most Americans.

28 Dec

Actions taken by the Bush Administration after 9/11 to protect the American public eroded American’s quality of life, both in travel and other facets of life.

As of Christmas day 2009, another reduction in American’s quality of life was caused by Muslim terrorists. Back to many body searches, which are very demeaning, and the inability to walk on a plane for the last hour of flight, are suggesting that people are viewed as guilty until they are proven innocent.

Muslim terrorists did not only succeed in killing many Americans on 9/11/2001, they were very instrumental in reducing American’s and other Westerners quality of life. Flying used to be a simple event, now commercial flyers are treated as if the are suspects, or with the presumption that they may be guilty, until they are proven innocent; the Muslim terrorists were very successful in affecting America for the foreseeable future.

It is time to profile Muslims and let alone non-Muslim Orientals, African-Americans, Caucasians, and those of mixed races. Let all those non-Muslim go through simple and sensible checks, while profile, and check Muslim, in a much more thorough manner. It is time to let Americans get back their dignity, and quality of life, and let the minority Muslims from which come those who commit nearly all terror acts around the world, bare the burden of assuring safety.

It is a pity that some innocent Muslims may have to be singled out, but in a democracy: The Rights of the Many supersedes the Rights of the Few!

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27 Dec

Events on the ground support Muslim profiling

27 Dec

Why should non-Muslim Orientals, Latinos, African-Americans, and Caucasian adults, go through the same scrutiny at airports that do Muslims, since most terrorist acts in today’s world are perpetrated by Muslims?

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but in today’s world, most terrorists, are Muslims!

Based on that statistic, why shouldn’t Muslims be profiled and allow non-Muslim to only go though minimal security checks? Why shouldn’t the most prominent threat of terror, one by Muslim, be more closely scrutinized, than others?

Not only will the profiling of Muslims improve the safety of all Americans, it would allow other, non-Muslim American, to have an improved quality of life by reducing the security hassle that they now must endure.