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Limbaugh to a listener: “I am the truth!”

27 May

Earlier today, May 26, 2010, “Pam from Baltimore” called Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, and surprised “the Rush” by not calling to agree with whatever it is that he says.

“People like you make me mad, you make so much money and all you do is ridicule our government, you don’t produce anything of value to anyone…” Pam started.

“Pam, you must just hate everyone successful who makes a lot of money,” Rush responded.

“Pam from Baltimore,” only followed Limbaugh complaint that those who do not produce should not make a lot of money. Limbaugh suggests that Government expenditure, and those others not in the private-sector, are bad for the economy because Government does not, and neither others not in the private-sector, produce anything of value.

“Only the private-sector produces and people in it should be rewarded accordingly,” Limbaugh says forgetting that the media does not produce anything, and that media actors include him.

“Pam from Baltimore” then said that she was sick and tired of Limbaugh mocking President Obama.

“I wish I could mock the President,” Limbaugh responded, “but everything I say about Obama, sadly, is true!” Limbaugh forgets the times when he imitates the President, the epitome of mockery…

Finally, “Pam of Baltimore” said: “You lie a lot on your show.”

“I never lie,” Limbaugh responded, “I AM THE TRUTH!”

If Rush Limbaugh really believe that he is “the truth,” essentially the “second coming,” if you will, no wonder that about twenty-five million Americans take Limbaugh’s word as gospel, as flawed as his word often is.

Rush Limbaugh, the de facto leader of the GOP, thinks that he is superior to all others, clearly to the present President of the United States.

With Rush Limbaugh leading the Republican voices considering himself to be “The Truth,” the conservative movement could be in serious trouble. Limbaugh marriages history, the fact that he is a college drop-out, and his demonstrated flawed views and knowledge of the world, do not qualify him is the leader, especially the moral leader, of the conservative Republicans in the United States.

Limbaugh, Islamic Cleric, and God; or is it Allah? (shared with

16 May

To some twenty-five million Americans Rush Limbaugh is the closest thing to the “second coming” of Christ…When the Icelandic volcano erupted, Rush Limbaugh suggested to his vast audience that the event might well have been God’s reply to Obama’s healthcare plan! It was as if Rush Limbaugh speaks with God, perhaps he was “under the influence,” as he often seems to be?

In line with Rush Limbaugh’s views of God’s punishment of Obama, and his people, Muslim Cleric Hojatoleslam Kazami Sedighi, suggested that earthquakes are the result of women not dressing in the appropriate manner. Sedighi spoke on behalf of Allah, Limbaugh on behalf of the Christian God; or, are they one and the same?

Rush Limbaugh must be more careful than to use his vast influence to suggest irrational suggestion about God’s punishment of Obama. If there is a Judeo Christian God, such God will more likely punish Limbaugh, than President Obama. After all, in spite of Rush Limbaugh claims to be telling the truth over ninety percent of the time, Limbaugh lies and violate the ninth Commandment: Though should not bear false witness, with impunity. A vivid example was Limbaugh recent declaration that the would be Time-square bomber was a registered Democrat…

With every day that goes by, Limbaugh more closely resembles Islamic voices who belive that they speak for Allah. The fact that Mr. Limbaugh has great influence is alarming; how can the significant number of Americans accept Limbaugh’s words, words based on his ideology and views, and not on facts? Like many Muslim leaders, especially Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Limbaugh likes to refer to those he opposes, such as Barak Obama and his Administration, as “the regime,” a total misnomer when dealing with a duly elected democratic government. Ahmadinejad has been referring the “Zionist regime,” now Limbaugh borrowed the term to use when speaking of Obama; what a sham!

Those who listen to Rush Limbaugh, please do so with care. At best the man is delusional, at worse he simply sacrifices everything, including the truth, in order to make his point, in order to sell his ideology, and destroy those who oppose to his views!

For “ideology:” Limbaugh promotes criminal behavior!

11 May

Since to much of Rush Limbaugh’s audience, Rush is paramount to “the second coming,” and his word to being gospel, “the Rush” (as he likes to refer to himself,) suggestions to his listeners are like orders from the Creator.
On Limbaugh’s radio show of May 9, 2010, a lady called and told “the Rush” that she received a questioner from the Democratic National Committee (DNC.) Limbaugh got all excited:
“Did they ask for donation?” He asked.
“Yes,” the caller replied.
“What was the minimum?” Limbaugh asked.
“$25.00,” the lady responded.
“Why don’t you respond with negative information and if you can find $25.00 laying around, send it.”
“But I don’t want to respond, I am not…” The lady started to respond, when Limbaugh broke in:
“No, better yet, send negative information and enclosed a cheque that will bounce; yes a check that would bounce…” He was chuckling.

To the best of my knowledge, passing bad cheques is a crime! It seems that to Rush Limbaugh ridiculing the Democrats justifies getting his listeners to commit crimes!

The main concern to this writer has to do with the fact that some 25 million people seem listen and to respect Rush Limbaugh; is the American public. Is the public gullible, and so simplistic, that it accepts the words of the often dishonest, college drop-up, and druggie, that Limbaugh is!

The disgraced and disgraceful Michael Brown, at Fox News! Insulting the American public.

9 May

One of the most inept bureaucrats to ever serve at a high level position in the United States was Michael Brown who headed FEMA under President George W. Bush. George W. Bush who seldom relieved anyone from a job, summarily fired Michael Brown who was a disgrace to the Bush Administration. Brown is the one who failed to deal with the Katrina disaster, even though the “buck stopped” with President Bush who too did not react well to the disaster, and who had the ultimate responsibility.

Now, Fox News, the voice of conservatism in the United States is displaying Michael Brown as an expert on emergencies to discuss the BP oil spill. Fox News has now put together a number of losers that it calls experts. With Michael Brown Fox has Dick Morris who Bill Clinton kicked out of the Democratic party in disgrace, and Karl Rove who single-handedly lost the 2006 election for the Republicans.

Having Micheal Brown criticize the Obama Administration handling of the BP oil spill is the epitome of arrogance and stupidly. Brown was the laughing-stock when with the Bush Administration; all of a sudden he is now an expert on emergency management; is likely being paid well by Fox News who will do anything to try to discredit President Obama.

Fox News disregard for the intelligence of the American public and keeps parading these incompetent people in front of the cameras to tell America how bad its government is, and how bad a job President Obama is doing. Doesn’t Fox have no shame?

Limbaugh plagiarizing Ahmadinejad: “Regime”

5 May

Many of those political airwaves commentators who are out to incite the public and make it angry at the Government, seem to have one thing in common: A rallying term!

Rather than to go into a lot of detail, let me only deal with a couple of the most prominent broadcasters, Glenn Beck, and the dean of them all: Rush Limbaugh.

Glenn Beck decided to define the term “Progressives” as something that is not only evil, but something that is designed to destroy the American way of life. To Beck all “liberals” are progressives; progressives, by his definition, are those who want government to control peoples’ lives, and to do so regardless of what end of the political spectrum they may be on: Right, left, or even center.

It is interesting to note that in spite of beck’s meager knowledge, the college drop-out, recovering drug user and alcoholic that he claims to be, seems to feel that he is competent to define political terms to suit his agenda; he seems to have been able to get a large number of innocent people to accept his unique political views…

Rush Limbaugh, also a college drop-out with trivial amount of actual knowledge, is a master of audience manipulation. He is also a good student.

Observing how Mahmoud Ahmadinejad uses the term Zionist-regime to incite anger in million of followers; Limbaugh decided to “borrow,” or actually plagiarise from Ahmadinejad the term “regime” when discussing the Obama Administration. Limbaugh wants the regime to fail, he also wants Barak Obama to fail, he does not seem to mind that if Obama and the regime fail, so does the United States.

Dangerous people are Beck and Limbaugh; through the clever use of words they are manipulating a significant part of public opinion in a way that the long-term effects could be harmful to all Americans, not only those who the two are trying to discredit, and destroy.