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The onion called Obamacare, least smelly is the wesite; what’s next?

25 Nov

Let me start by saying that I hope I am wrong…
The website is a problem, my exposure to complex data bases suggest that as for as this one had gone, a fix may not work, and that a fresh, costly and time consuming redesign may be in order. That notwithstanding, when a website if finally functioning, it would be just the top layer of Obamacare’s onion. What follows is a question mark, except that the shear size of the program, and its expansion over what it is replacing must be very costly, in other words, the following onion layers, much like a real onion will be more smelly, more difficult to deal with.
There are about 400,000,000 people in the United States, 30,000,000 were thought to be uninsured, many others by the Administration measure are under insured. the uninsured are about 7.5%, the under-insured probably bring the number of those who need to be added, and those that must be enhanced bring the number to some 10%+, since there will not be new taxes, who will take care of adding that cost?
It appears that those 90% of inures will have to pay more to cover the 10%+. This would be true if the 90% did not include the large number of those under medicare, and exempt Government employees, that suggest, in a very simplistic manner that some 60, 0r 70% of the population must pay for the added costs, simplistic view suggest that the insured will have to pat for added cost, probably at least a 14% to 15% boost in the costs over present costs for health insurance, providing there are no other problems…
Good luck, Obamacare, let us hope the core of the onion is not too smelly to survive.

Exchaning billions to Iran for diversion from Obamacare; is America moral-authority for sale?

25 Nov

Several billion $$ to Iran for diversion from 24/7 coverage of Obamacare: Or, America the prostitute, selling what is right for what is expedient!

What a disgrace. Just three weeks ago, on November 4, 2013, Iran’s Supreme Commander, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that America was the most hated country in the world! On the same day the Supreme Leader led a chant by large crowds in Tehran: “Death to America!”
In three weeks the Supreme Leader changed his view and has a good faith agreement with the same “hated” Americans; to those who accept that premise, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll sell you cheap!
The deal was brewing for several months in secret, a deal that the Obama Administration can use to further its [political] interests; a few million in relief on sanctions for a “deal” the Administration can use for various political ends, as it turned out, a G-d sent situation that would allow the Administration to divert attention away from the 24/7 media coverage of the miserably failing Obamacare, what a disgusting selling out what is right for what is expedient!

Obama, the master of diversion! Or, the Iran ruse, an ACA cover-up?

24 Nov

A ruse, is a ruse, is a ruse! And the Iran agreement is just that, a ruse! Since 2012 the Obama Administration has been holding “secret” discussion with Iran preparing a “deal” that can be used when major diversion from major issues that hurt President Obama and his Administration. The ACA with its 24/7 media coverage was just such a problem.
My many years with Iran suggest that we have another ruse on our hand; this view is also consistent with the Obama’s Administration being masters of distractions, and diversions.
Most recently, when President Obama capitulated on the Syria red line and was made to look foolish by Putin who shoved him aside to take over the negotiation. The following snubs by the Iranians at the United Nation filled the news 24/7, then the Government shutdown, and the complete diversion that Obama could have stopped with a stroke of a pen. His delay of ACA now would have kept the shutdown from happening.
Now the big mess surrounding ACA has been getting 24/7 media coverage; out of the hat comes a deal with Iran…A ploy, a joke, within weeks it will be exposed for what it is, a ruse!
Notable diversion by the Obama Administration:
Benghazi, failed diversion using some obscure ant0Islm movie.
Syria’s red-line and negotiation and the snubs by Iran at the UN, the Government shut-down
Obamacare (ACA), a ruse Iran deal
What a devious Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) we have, what a divisive Government!

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Zimmerman a wild-man, not a racist! In US race constitutes an ugly political agenda!

21 Nov

Zimmerman a wild-man, not a racist! In US race constitutes an ugly political agenda!

When Oprah Winfrey endorsed Barak Obama for President she transformed the Presidential race into racially driven political contest. President Obama was elected because he is [half] an African-American, not on his merit!
Leaders of the black community, such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many ultra liberal activist are continuing to maintain pressure on the rest of society by selectively choosing situations where they can make it appear that African-Americans are kept from functioning like other Americans due to bigotry, even when it a case of incompetence.
Most recently Oprah Winfrey use her visible national state suggested that President Obama’s failing Presidency was because of his race she unraveled a festering and very dangerous split in the country. Oprah’s words reflect the attitude that is prevalent on the political left, blame failure on race, and in the case of a failing Obama Administration attribute off the “tea Party” and Republicans who are racist.
The George Zimmeramn, Tryvon Martin situation is a case in point. George Zimmeraman, as his behavior since the trial demonstrates, is a violent out of control individual, as his wife said, he is “a wild man!” George Zimmerman killed Tryvon Martin because it is thew kind of thing a man like him does, it had nothing to do with Martin’s race…
The left activists in the country identified the Zimmerman as a race case and are insisting on Eric Holder calling this a hate crime so that the race issue remain in the headlines. Since President Obama is totally inept at actually performing his duties, keeping race at the forefront of the news allow Obama’s supporters to blame all the numerous President’s failing on his race, not on the real reason: His ineptitude!

Assad gaining ground, joins Khamenei in thanking Allah for Obama!

17 Nov

Since President Obama lifted the red-line that he had for Syria, Bashar Assad, with the help of Russia and Iran with its surrogate Hezbollah, have been gaining grounds on the rebels. Assad who already slaughtered over 110,000 0f his own people, and caused over three million Syrians to flee Syria and become refugees is gaining grounds towards keeping he Presidency, what a sham!
At the beginning of the present rebellion in Syria, the rebels had the edge. The rebels advantage was mostly due to the surprise element, not because they were right in trying to depose a brutal dictator.
At the onset the rebels had a couple of other aces in the hole. They were Essentially secular, and they had hope that the United States will come to their aid.
America’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, however, declared Assad ”a true reformer,” and decided that the United States should remain on the sidelines.
Without US support, and with time on his side, Bashar Assad was able to get Iran with Hezbollah, and Russia to support him and turn the tide. Since the Sunni Gulf states fear and despise the Shiite Iranians who are, among other thing Aryans, not Arabs, or Semites. Assad’s side becoming strongly Shiite prompted Saudi, with al Qaeda and other Gulf States to give the rebels some aid, but not enough to defeat Assad. The Sunnis entry marked a shift from an ideological conflict to a religious war.
Most recently, when President Obama gave Syria a red line, and the capitulated, the American weakness gave Assad and his troops impetus, they regain their composure and started to turn the tide in their favor, courtesy President Obama, as started by Hillary Clinton.

Ayatollah Khamenei: “Thank you Allah for Obama!”

16 Nov

Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a man of enormous stature, prays to Allah six times a days, sometimes more. The Supreme Authority, Khamenei, is a devout Muslim who accepts the Quran, as the final and last authority for what mankind must do.
The Quran edicts that Muslims must seek world domination, that is one of the Ayatollah’s most important goals, he diligently works on the task, he devotes hours to that challenge, every day. Khamenei plan starts with a plan for controlling the Islamic World; notwithstanding the fact that his Shii part of Islam only represents about 20% of Muslims.
Based on world politics, the Ayatollah Khamenei devouts a number of his prayers every day to expressing gratitude to Allah for special gifts that help him to better perform his obligations. For the last four and a half (plus) years, the Ayatollah devotes time to thank Allah for putting Barak Hussein Obama at the head of the “free world.”
The Ayatollah Khamenei noted that Obama’s formative years in Islamic environment, followed by influences from the infidel but the positive anti-American teaching of the Reverend Wright, prepared the young mulatto American for Islam to manipulate; a gift from Allah that he was always grateful for.
Khamenei plan started with the insertion of the brash Ahmadinejad to speak for him in order to soften Obama and show that he (Obama) can be pushed around with impunity, the Ayatollah followed with the milder sounding, yet more sophisticated Hassan Rouhani; Khamenei is preparing the a the coup de grace, to get sanctions removed, and for allowing Iran to complete its nuclear development plans.
Khamenei orchestrated the humiliation of Obama when Rouhani, his second in command, was to visit the United Nations in New York. He did so in steps, very effective steps: First, Rouhani accepted a television interview by CNN. During the interview Rouhani announced to the world that he rejected an invitation to meet by President Obama; he was also able to squeeze in enough words to say that he even rejected an invitation for a handshake with President Obama’s.
It followed by President Obama giving Rouhani an expensive present, followed by Obama phoning the Iranian and saying that Iran US relations are thawing. The Ayatollah then took the opportunity to dismiss the phone call as “meaningless.”
On November 4, 2013, as the United States was planning to offer Iran concessions regarding its nuclear development program, the Ayatollah declares that: “American is the most hated country in the world.” After that, Khamenei led chants: “Death to America!”
Two weeks later the Iranians are in Geneva manipulating the United States, its allies, and the UN in negotiations.
The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “Thank you Allah for Obama, may he live long and prosper!”

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Duped by Iran! Khamenei November 4, 2013: “Deat to America!” Friends today?

15 Nov

Duped by Iran! Khamenei November 4, 2013: "Deat to America!" Friends today?.

After numerous clear rejections, Obama still try diplomacy with Iran; is that insanity?

11 Nov

Does it make sense for Obama to soften US stance towards Iran in spite of Khamenei harsh words, to relinquish the leadership role and to let tiny Israel keep the world safe from Iran’s nukes?

On November 4, 2013, Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared the United States: “The most hated country in the world,” and led a demonstration with chants: “Death to America.” Within a week, and a just after being humiliated by Iran in New York, President Obama send Secretary of State Kerry to Geneva to hold talks with the Iranians regarding their nuclear program; how naive can President Obama be?

Albert Einstein defined insanity as: “A state when someone who tried a solution to a problem failed, tries the same solution, to the same problem, but expects different results!” Is this a good description of President Obama dealing with Iran?

Israel is a relatively powerful nation with 7,000,000 people (less than 2% of United States population,), one with infinitesimal landmass. Until recently, when off-shore gas was discovered by Israel, the country was essentially void of natural resources, except for human brain-power, and the technologies said human resource yielded.
Suggesting that Israel take out Iran’s nuclear developments, before the rogue Islamic Republic that Iran is, acquires nuclear weapon capabilities, is a monumental task, with great expectations. Should the “civilized” world agree that Israel be its emissary for whatever is good and civilized, and take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities? If so many difficult conditions will have to be met. Te suggestion here is that: “The tail should wag the dog…” Can it be done?
Any rational scenario for Israel would have to include missile launches from submarines on the Golf, Israel owns quality subs courtesy of Angela Merkel. Having said that, said submarines will have to have clear passage through the Suez Canal, a task that must be done under the present Egyptian regime since a Muslim Brotherhood return to power would not keep this option available.
The Saudis, Jordanians, and other Gulf States, who all fear Iran as much as Israel does, would have to agree to give Israel the right to use their airspace; Iraq’s space, of course, would not be available since Iraq now is a client of Iran.
The United States would have to supply Israel with its most powerful bunker-busting bombs, and in large numbers. The United States, with Gulf States, would have to also be responsible for free Israeli submarines movement in the Gulf.
On top of these conditions, clandestine operation within Iran will have to be coordinated.
Since on November 4, 2013, Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei led a parade in Teheran declaring the United States as the most hated country in the world, he said so without even excepting Israel, his mortal enemy, can anybody accept United States President Obama declaration that US Iranian relations are thawing?
Does any rational person believe that loosening the sanctions on Iran, at this time, as Obama wishes to do makes sense?
About two years ago Israel, during the quite of the night, took-out a nuclear facility in Syria, that task was welcomed by the Western World it only appear on the back pages of newspapers around the world. Israel’s success should not make people be complacent; taking out Iran’s nuclear capability will be costly. Iran WILL retaliate, even if cannot reach Israel, it can take out its anger on the numerous US troops on the Golf, and it will likely hurt those Arab neighbors who allowed Israel in.
A final word. Iran has a “Fatwa,” an irrevocable order by the highest religious authority, an order to: “Not build nuclear weapons.” Since Islam makes allowances for lying when it mean maintaining it version of survival, a term called “Takeyya,” the Ayatollah’s order leaves room for Iran’s completion of its weapon grade Uranium development, material which then to be used on nuclear-weapons technology that it can get from Russia, China, and even possible from North Korea.
President Obama (a person who seems to be intimidated by anything Muslim,) thinks that Iran is softening its posture regarding the US, how can rational people people who witnessed the November 4, 2013 demonstration against the US, find a way to dispute President Obama’s views while he is the titular head of the free world? Obama still controls many of the elements that will be required to take-out Iran nuclear capabilities, how can one make him see the light? Could, or should, this large powerful world count on tiny Israel to do its bidding, and bail it out? Or, should allies unite and convince President Obama that as the “leader of the Free World,” he is the one, the only one, who must take decisive action to keep the world safe from Iranian nuclear weapons!”