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Is Obama, an Ostrich, or “the Manchurian Candidate?”

27 May

Is President Obama an Ostric, or “the Manchurian Candidate?” How can our smart President not realize that the Nation is not safer today than it was before 9/11/2001?
President Obama is not naive, he certainly not dumb, why doe he not see that Islam is out to conquer the world, and is not a peaceful religion?
It is beyond my comprehension how an intelligent, smart, and well educated person like President Obama can believe that the nation is safer today than it has been at any time since before 9/11/2001. I travel the word a great deal, I read, and I have studied Islam and its goals, how can President Obama feel that we are safe.
Add to general world condition the bombing at the Boston marathon, the killing of a British soldier in broad daylight, the stabbing of a French soldier in Paris; how can we, the world, be considered safer?
I have been racking my brains to understand President Obama’s thinking. No rational adviser would suggest that we are safer. What is it that President Obama is thinking?
A very unpleasant thought entered my mind, one that deserves consideration.
President Obama spent his formative years in Islamic Indonesia, could have he been subjected to brainwashing suggesting the Muslims are moderates and that Americans owes then a debt? Could he be “the Manchurian Candidate,” with, or without, an electronic chip in his brain?
Since Obama’s infamous Cairo speech to the Islamic World at which time he apologized for America’s mistreatment of Islam, and essentially begged for acceptance, I had questions regarding his actual relations to Islam. I do take the President at his word that he is a Christian, but was he so strongly indoctrinated as a child to fear and revere Islam?

Integrity, and the Obama Administration: An Oxymoron?

24 May

The United State Attorney General, the Honorable Eric Holder, approved checking various documents that were “tool of the trade,” to a number of reporters.
The Obama Administration in responsible for many breaches, trampling on the First Amendment, however, puts to question the integrity of this Administration.
Since the First Amendment, for all practical purposes, defines the nation, hurting it is hurting the nation.
Since President Obama supposed to be a constitution scholar, if he continues to allow the attacks on the First Amendment to continue, severe consequences should follow.
Not fully supporting the First Amendment is tantamount to operating outside the law, and for totally lacking integrity. Without integrity in government within a democratic system, the system will fail.

First amendment, the defining of America’s Character! Is the Aministration trampling on the nations soul?

20 May

Of the twenty-seven amendments to the United States constitution, the first amendment is the one defines the character of our nation! Trampling on the first amendment, as the Obama Administration via its Justice Department seems to be doing is not only reckless, it is irresponsible, and it is verges on being illegal.
The Obama Administration appears to interfere with the press by monitoring telephone loge, which mat includes confidential sources, as well as possible whistle blowers. These are tool that the media uses to carry out the responsibility assigned to it by the founding fathers in the first amendment.
The founding fathers in their wisdom elected to make the media a watchdog to inform the public about how its government was acting, and particularly report any anomalies. The Obama Administration seems to not only trample on first amendment provisions by checking phone records of the press, but to use the media to cover-up its questionable actions. A case in point was when Ambassador Susan Rice announced on television that the Benghazi fiasco was not a terrorist act, but rather misnamed it a “spontaneous act against a movie.”
The fact that President Obama does not have many positive accomplishments under his belt should deter the President from crossing the line of propriety. High unemployment and under employment, shaky international relation, and an unsafe world, worse than it has been since the cold-war are things to be concerned about, but none are as damaging as attacking the heart and soul of the nation, the United States Constitution
Trampling with the first amendment is attacking the soul of America; it represents reprehensible behavior that should not be tolerated.

How important is it for the US to impose its morality on others?

18 May

Afghanistan just rejected law to give women some rights, the “conservatives’ on its legislator sited conflict with Islam.
There are about one and a quarter billion Muslim in the world; it is time the United States learns that those who follow the Quran are not moderate Muslims. The United States seems to think that its culture, mores and religions it accepts as its moral compass, applies to all others.
“Political correctness,” may feel comfortable for most Americans, but it is not the correct way to deal with those who don not accept the “American way,” as the best way. Rather than to change other, the United States must find a way to co-exist, or it may find itself in numerous situations that would be quite unpleasant to deal with.
A major concern that American who determine foreign policy are unable to deal with has to do with the fact that other cultures and religions are often are in conflict with United States core beliefs.
The sad thing that so far United States policy is “selective.” In some Muslim nations where women and many other have no human, or civil rights, the US looks the other way because dealing with nations is “in the best interest,” of the United States; Saudi Arabia is a case in point.
In many ways Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State hurt United States relations with other nation. Her determination and goal of imposing US type women rights on others, is but one of those reasons. The question, at what expense is the US willing to impose its morality on others?

IRS; AP; Obama, a new Cheney? Pity the President…

16 May

For a time there was a sense of outrage, what happened to the promise held by this great orator, the “brightest of the bright” young man who captured the nation’s heart with his speech at the Democratic convention? Now it is pity, feeling sorry that the Creator gave our President many unique talents, but not one to be a leader.
Early on President Obama made mistakes, many due to lack of experience in world events, many due to poor advisors. As time moved on, however, the President’s mistakes started to become more serious, many due to his inability to lead, and to work with Congress. Poor staffers such as Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder also contributed to the President’s four failing years.
In spite of four failing years as a President, because of poor Republican choices, and his racial roots, Obama was re-elected. As an independent I was hoping for a positive change. Hillary Clinton, who was responsible for many of the Administration mistakes, left, and the President sounded as if he was about to turn a new leaf.
While there are still forty million Americans either unemployed, or under employed. But, Obama kept campaigning. With one of the worse periods in US international relations since the cold war, Obama does not seem involved.
Regarding the Benghazi cover-up one should allow Hillary Clinton’s Mae Culpa to stand, after all it did happen on her watch.
Then: The IRS, and the AP situations:
It is clear the IRS issue was likely done by rogue operatives, but it was under Obama’s watch, and the “buck” does stop with him. Giving the President benefit of doubt, one can assume that no WH, or Democratic influences were involved.
The AP situation, much more severe, even though not done by the President, or members of the WH staff. The AP situation conflicts with the United States constitution, an alarming situation. President Obama’s efforts to suggest that interfering with freedom of the press, with the first amendment were justified based on national security consideration, puts President Obama in class with Dick Cheney, who was the worst Vice President in US contemporary history.

Did US Syria Policy contributed to it becoming a regional religious conflict?

12 May

The Syrian civil war has already turned into a religious regional conflict. There are well over one million Syrian refugees in the region, and the number civilians slaughtered is approaching 100,000, many more than all casualties during the one hundred year Israeli Arab conflict.
The handling of the situation in Syria by the United States allowed a legitimate secular nationalistic movement to be turned into a religious civil war. Hillary Clinton’s policy of attending on the sidelines allowed Iran and Russia to help Assad turn the tide resulting in what is now a religious regional conflict that will expand.
“Leading from behind at Arab Springs,” were a horrible mistake; the Benghazi fiasco may not have been as bad, but was more visible, but Syria!
As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made very bad calls, but Syria is going to prove to be the worst of them all. Standing on the sidelines when a nationalistic and secular rebellion began was a terrible error. Not helping the rebellion allowed Russia and Iran to shore up Bashar Assad, and caused the conflict to grow. It also allowed the Saudis to give the rebels some help, but with that came the introduction of al Qaeda into the equation.
The Syrian conflict is not over; there is an issue with chemical weapons, with long-range missiles (that can reach about 260,000 US troops on the Gulf,) and the effect on the Kurds, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel.
The incident in Turkey is only one of many, the Syrian situation will have lasting affects on all countries in the region, and on the national interests of the United States. The Obama/Hillary Clinton Middle East dogma has proven, and is continuing to prove to be disastrous!
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