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Palin: On target? Is democracy failing?

4 Sep

When Governor Palin stated that her is a typical family, she might have hit the nail on the head.

The world does not need, does not want, the typical.  Today’s harsh environment requires the OUTSTANDING, not the typical, it requires excellence, not mediocrity!

With the country, and the world, in turmoil, can the United States afford another mediocre, or perhaps below, person in the White House?

The answer, of course, is no, a resounding no! So why are we having four mediocre candidates out of the 400 million American on this earth?

The 2008 US Presidential election may indeed be historic with a talented woman running as a Republican, a very intelligent Mulatto as a Presidential candidate, and an old man with impacable character as a Presidential candidate; but can it be expected to yield the best President the country has to offer?

Is the still fledgling American Democracy that is at an [historically] embryonic stage proving to be an experiment too confining to allow for the best of the best to emerge? Is the American experiment in Democracy failing?