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Gaza: Aryan Shiites (Persians) attempt to Control Arab world

31 Dec

Even though the Iranians are a minority Islam fraction, and they are Aryans, not Arabs, the Iranian are attempting to take de Facto control of the Muslim world. Ahmadinejad and his cronies realize that in order to control the Arabs, who like the Jews are Semites, and like the Jews are preferred by Allah anf Jehova over the Aryans, they must move quickly. Time is not on ther dide of Iran. In spite, or perhaos because of its threat to acquire nuclear weapons, Arab nations, wo are mostly Sunnis, will soon wake up and realize that Israel. the Jews, and their common God, will prevail over the Persians and their Ayatollahs.

The purpose the Iranian instigation of the December 2008 Gaza conflict was demonstrated by two missiles reached Be’er Sheva, Asdodwas also reached. Is this conflict that is getting world wide attention, a demonstration by Ahamadinejad and his cronies that Hammas is getting better equipped and its rockets may soon reach Tel-Aviv?

Not unlike the second Lebanese war in 2006, the Islamic terrorists directed and funded by the NON-Arab Persian Aryan Shiites, understand that Israel has a number of “triggers.” that will make it react; notably capturing its soldiers, or sending hundreds of rockets into civilian centers. Triggering Israel, the Iranian and their terrorist clients, know that Israel retaliation would get world condemnation, and gain the Palestinian cause a number of sympathizers.

The 200 rockets into Israel in December 2008 was a calculated action to generate Israel retaliation. Among other things, the terrorists, under Iranian direction, took the opportunity to send longer range missiles as a demonstration of what to come.

Timing of the 200 missiles was also designed to put the new American Administration that Iran and its [perhaps unwitting] clients, are going to challenge the United States, through intimidation of Israel, its closest ally.

Hammas under its Iranian mentors are betting that in spite of Israeli stating that the Gaza action will be an all out war, Israel is not likely to use the overwhelming force that would be required to eliminate, or at least eliminate  Hammas. Short of eliminating the Hammas threat, Israel would appear as if at had lost tw0 wars to the Arabs, the 2006 Lebanese, and the 2008 Gaza conflict; this is not a desirable position for the United States and its allies to be In.

Caroline and the [mediocare] JFK Legacy!

27 Dec

In modern societies it is generally accepted that children are not punished for sins of their parents, parents are not punished for sins of their [adult] children; that generally children and parents are independent entities that must stand on their own two feet

In seeking the Senate seat from New York State, Caroline Kennedy has little more than her fathers legacy to support her ambition. Even if President Kennedy had a flawless record, which he did not, that should not be sufficient to propel his daughter to an important political office at the national level.

Father daughter relationship notwithstanding , one may ask about the Kennedy legacy itself. If not martyred, would JFK loom the historical giant that he presently appears?

The answer to that question is no! Kennedy was charismatic, more-or-less united the nation after a difficult time, but: There was the Bay of Pigs, the unfinished Viet Nam war, and many other loose ends. As enthusiastic as we Americans are about JFK now, history may only have a position of mediocrity reserved for JFK.

Obama’s “infrastructure” infusion; DOA without product strategy!

24 Dec

Obama’s Recovery: The danger of product-less society!


In the early 1990’s, to very smart American, one Democrat, the other Republican, founded a group they called the Concord Coalition. The late Paul Ethemios Tsongas, a brilliant Democrat, and Warren Rudman, a standout lawyer and politician from Massachusetts, felt that the United States economy is moving on a track leading to long-term disaster.


Paul Tsongas who at one time attempted to run for President, was extremely concerned about a very fundamental phenomena that by its nature could destroy an economic system. Tsongas and members of his coalition insisted that models of the industrial revolution were a sound foundation for a sustaining economy, but that when the phenomena of an industrial product economy is switched to a service-economy; catastrophic results should be anticipated.


Since the 1990’s when the United States started to lose significant manufacturing jobs to Far Eastern countries, many slow-down, and minor recession occurred. However, the catastrophe that the late Paul Tsongas spoke of appears to have begun during the waning months of President George W. Bush Presidency.


Since the backbone of America’s industrial economy its automobile business, the recent decline of auto industry fortunes is a clear signal that the United States economy may be suffering from issues that Paul Tsongas discussed some two decades earlier.


President-elect Barak Obama is proposing an economic stimulus package that will yield three million jobs, and infuse money into an ailing economy. The plan proposed by the Obama people is an essential step to stop the present economy to hemorrhage and become an actual depression. The Obama plan is also important as part of maintaining an acceptable quality of life for the American people. The plan deals with fixes to the Nation’s infrastructure, an essential and overdue undertaking.


Some of the problems with the Obama plan have to do with the fact that it will not yield products. The Obama plan would be based on people serving other people. The plan, rather than to generate sellable commodities that are needed to fuel an economy in today global environment, is designed to improve quality of life, not to generate income generating products.


Since the Obama plan would inject some trillion dollars into the economy, one may look for some product-generating fall out. The three million new employees are likely buy cars, appliances, and houses, all items that are required for a successful industrial economy.


Many question remain. The trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money will have to come from some credible source; what is that source? How will the money be repaid?


If President-elect Obama is serious about fixing the ailing economy, a production recovery element of an economic plan must be developed in parallel with the infra structure infusion, or the present declined will continue and become worse.

Afghanistan: A new Iraq? The case for overwhelming force!

23 Dec


Afghanistan: The case for overwhelming force!


Before it is all said and done, it is likely that over 100,000 United States troops will participate in the “securing of democracy” in Afghanistan. Including “allied” forces the number of troops will likely be over half of those that were deployed in Iraq!


President-elect, Barak Obama was primarily “hired” by the American public to end the war in Iraq and to bring US troops home, to the United States.  The President-elect, even before taking office already “modified” his job description to allow for at least 30,000 American troops deployment in Afghanistan, and this is only a beginning…


Short of President loch sojourn into Kosovo, there are examples in human warfare when the doctrine of overwhelming force, did not determine the outcome. In Kosovo, where unlike most war situation, the enemy was well defined, and “locals” did not side with the it, targeted air attack was enough to bring about a satisfactory outcome.


When the Israeli in their naiveté, attempted to follow the Kosovo model, they suffered their first defeat to Arab forces in sixty years of fighting. Hezbollah, and the Lebanese people made it clear, as did the Iraqi in the most recent American invasion, that it is nearly impossible to win a country through the use of minimal force.


In Iraq, Secretary Rumsfeld, and his deputy Paul Wolfovitz attempted to use business models to plan the war. Even in business, where the basic model of using what essentially is zero inventory, and for all practical purposes only build to ship, the model without modification proved flawed; it clearly fails in a war situation when new and unpredictable inputs continue to emerge.


The Afghanistan situation is extremely complicated. The Russians found this out the hard way; the United States must not allow itself to face a similar situation.


To avoid public rejection and resentment, President-elect Obama must, without delay, prepare The American public for an expensive and protracted engagement in Afghanistan.


Obama appears committed to get the world of Osama bin-Ladin, and is on record as willing to go as far as to violet sovereignty of anyone in his way of protecting the United States from its enemies. Such a position, when dealing with the Afghanistan/Pakistan situation must be explained in may be its possibly worse case scenario.


United States presence in the broader Middle East may change. There may be fewer troops in Iraq, but there will likely be many more troops in Afghanistan. There may have to be more United States ships in the Arabian Peninsula as a buffer to Ahmadinejad, and a larger presence with more joint exercises with Israel of the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea.


It would behoove the incoming United States Administration to prepare the American public for an ongoing war situation with hundred of thousands of troops remaining in the Broader Middle East than the time frame for a total troop withdrawal that the President-elect spoke about during his campaign.

Where is the Change We Can Belive in?

21 Dec

One can see a change from the Bush Administration, but the presently proposed Cabinet is just as Clintonese, as was that of President Clinton.

Barak Obama’s governing style to date is also remonstrance of President Clinton. President Clinton before elected was all pro gay rights, as President he was the one who initiated the “don’t ask don’t tell;” Obama who also was a pure gay rights advocate selected a strictly anti gay Minister to speak at his inauguration.

Will the two most recent Democrat Presidents prove that they do not represent a change, but rather a stereotypical view of governing?

Where is the Change We Can Believe in?

21 Dec

One can see a change from the Bush Administration, but the presently proposed Cabinet is just as Clintonese, as was that of President Clinton.

Barak Obama’s governing style to date is also remonstrance of President Clinton. President Clinton before elected was all pro gay rights, as President he was the one who initiated the “don’t ask don’t tell;” Obama who also was a pure gay rights advocate selected a strictly anti gay Minister to speak at his inauguration.

Will the two most recent Democrat Presidents prove that they do not represent a change, but rather a stereotypical view of governing?

Obama: The streotype Chicago Politician!

18 Dec

When Barak Hussein Obama, the “man of the people,” needed the Gay and Lesbian votes, the President-elect was all pro Gay rights! Now that he has the votes, the Chicago politician that Obama is, he selected an anti-Gay foundation for his inauguration! What a shrude trade: Gay for the Conservative right, what a clevr political move, and we all expected a Change!— Chicago politics at its best: The Senate seat, the inaugural invocation; everything is for sales, if not for money, then for what, favors? — Indeed: Where is the Change we can Believe in!?

“Person of the Year;” Why?

17 Dec

Barak Hussein Obama, one of the world greatest orators was just hired by the American people to manage the affairs of their country. The President-elect was hired based on promises that he will bring change to Washington, something that so far he did not even attempted to do.

A White House staff and Cabinet made up of President Clinton’s cronies does not represent change. In spite of that, perhaps President-elect Obama has good insights ans will do well; let us all hope that he does!

All that not withstanding, the President-elect has proven to be an outstanding public speaker and a good politician, but he is yet to prove himself as someone who can deliver on what he promises. How can Time select Barak Obama “Person of the Year” before tha man had an opportunity to demonstrate what he could do?

Governor Palin, Secretary Rice, & now Caroline Kennedy; how many more blows can women causes endure?

16 Dec

Sarah Palin proved the adage that anybody can be anything in these United States; she proved that it takes no concrete knowledge or skill to run for the highest offices of the Nation. She proved that being a woman was more important than being skilled.

Caroline Kennedy is guilty of similar indiscretion. The slain Presidednt’s daughter is taking advantage of her name, her father’s legacy, and her womanhood to try and make a sham of the system by taking over a Senatorial seat that she clearly not qualified to hold.

The Palin experience, Caroline Kennedy’s political move, following an inept woman Secretary of State in Candoleeza Rice, is setting back women standing in the political arena, women are suffering mighty blows by shams politicians allow.

Is [Islamic] blood thicker than Wright’s teaching?

13 Dec

Now that President-elect Obama shed his sheep clothing and openly exposed  his Islamic routs, will the next United States President “go easy” on Islamic terrorists such as the 9/11 conspirators?