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CNN, plagiarism, misrepresentations,and public responsibility!

20 Aug

CNN, plagiarism, misrepresentations,and public responsibility!

Plagiarism is an action that usually seems to plague academia, does seem to creep into the world of media, music, and that of politics. In music and literature, it is an issue of copyright infringement and has legal remedies in the media, and politics, it is a different issue, and it can only be dealt with through public opinion.

Recently the well respected, and [overly] well paid Fareed Zakaria of CNN and time plagiarized, he received a slap on the wrist by Time, and by CNN, and is back to his duties with both entities; shameful display of irresponsibility by the media moguls.

If a graduate student were caught plagiarism said student would be expelled and clearly not be allowed to peruse his academic career. Why should Zakaria continue his work, which depends on public trust, and respect without getting more severe punishment?  Media personalities set an example and should not be allowed to act in an unsavory manner such as Zakaria did.

A much more severe issue with CNN is dishonest presentations. On the evening of August 19, 2012, CNN introduced a “live” video of their Ben Weidman in Syria; the same tape was shown on the previous night, this is worse than plagiarism; it is simply lying to public. This is not the first time that I saw CNN show video that it introduce as lived, which was not.

In a country overburdened by regulations it would not be prudent to suggest that more Government regulations are imposed on the media to ensure that its presentations are either factual, or labeled as something else.

Time for: Tax-Equitablization! Reject tax equalization…

9 Aug

Present scaled tax rates are based on income, with numerous means to take deductions. The basis of such tax is to reduce the disparity between those who make a great deal of money, and those who do not.

For a system to be more fair and better accepted by democratic populations, it is perhaps time for tax not to be just based on either gross, or net income, but on the source of any given income.

In addition to level of income, source of income should be used to determine level of taxation.  For example, a teacher, policeman, or doctor should be taxed at a much lower rate than are entertainers.

A much more detailed proposal will follow.