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Notwithstanding questionable performance, some Obama’s poor character traits will render him worst President

28 Sep

George W. Bush lied to the nation in a big way, his lies, or rather the results of his lies, made him one of the worst President in United States History. Bush’s lies and the damage they caused, including a war that cost over 4000 young American lives, point to a flawed character not one befitting a President.  George W. Bush’s Presidency did not only suffer from character issues, the man allowed misguided views to deprive Americans from some of their civil rights, while he was also guilty of mis-managing the economy to the point of a crises.

Jimmy Carter was simply inept at the job of President. Carter handling of the Iran situation, the economy, and other domestic issues caused him to be a monumental failure. Jimmy Carter, a man who continues to demonstrate flawed character by attempting to deal with America’s enemies (such as Hamas, who incidentally laughs at the man,) and who disgraces himself by recently bringing race into politics, is likely tied with George W. Bush as the worst United States President in recent memory. 

Barak Hussein Obama’s performance rivals that of Jimmy Carter’s in conducting an inept management of the country. But, in addition to being an inept manager, Barak Obama also displayed a poor character by sacrificing commitment for sake of political expediency.

During the campaign, Barak Obama dropped allies and friends (Wright, and Ayers, to name two) who might have reduced his chance of becoming President. After elected President Obama reneged on his promise to take care of the issue of gays in the military. Obama turned on Israel, a sixty year ally of the United States. Obama turned on Israel for reasons only known to him, but likely to include Arab oil, and his own Muslim birthrights.

Obama recently reneged on the United States commitment to its European allies by dropping the missile defense initiative for the continent. The missile defense move appears to have been prompted by Obama’s desire to get Russian support in other areas, and to shore up his legacy.

Simply for political expediency Obama announced that he was willing to drop the key public option of his health-care plan, an act paramount to giving a child a car, but leaving out the engine.

It seems that ambition, a concern about his legacy, and simply a flaw in character, are the driving forces behind this bright, charismatic, and articulate person, President Obama. 

Obama’s character couple to poor performance as President, put the man on a fast-track towards joining George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter as the worst United States Presidents in history.

Barak Hussein Obama is clearly an outstanding and talented young man. But talent and charisma don’t substitute for character, character is a trait of that is perhaps the most important part of a President of the United States.

Some other American Presidents had character flaws.  In most cases flaws were limited to personal behavior, and compensated for by management skills. President Clinton, for example, was not always truthful, and a Letcher; his presidency suffered. But, unlike Barak Obama, Bill Clinton did not seem to sacrifice United States long-standing alliances for political expedience.

Anti-Jewish versus Anti-Semetic; Obama’s PRO “non-Jewish” Semites Administration!

25 Sep

Since both Jews and Arabs are Semites, when discriminating against Jews one must not make a reference to anti-Semitism! Acts against Jews, are just that: Acts against Jews!

It is worth noting that most Arabs are Muslims, and a vast number of Muslims are Arabs. Please note, however, not all Muslims are Arabs, or Semites. Most Iranians, for examples, are Muslims, but they are not Arabs(Semites;) most Iranians are Aryans and generally feel insulted if referred to as Arabs.

Barak Hussein Obama, a man of Muslim-birth and clear Muslim sympathies, assembled a United States Administration that is clearly PRO Arab and PRO Islam. By virtue of the fact that most of Islam is anti-Jewish, Obama created a United States that is not a friend of Israel, or of the Jewish people. As the adage goes: Your enemies’ friends are your enemies! With a friend like Obama in the White House, does Israel need [more-like] friends

Barak Obama may not be an outright anti-Jewish, or anti-Israel person, but it is clear that if the interests of Israel and of the Jewish people get in the way of his agenda, they would be sacrificed. Obama is a man whose loyalties and commitments are subject to change. At the drop of a hat, the young US President would give up past commitments in favor of political expediency. To name a few cases, there were Wright and Ayers, and the European missile defense initiative, the Israeli settlements, East Jerusalem, his promise to deal with the issues of gays in the military, the United States  commitment for an embassy in Jerusalem, and the public option in his health-care initiative. Barak Hussein Obama, by his actions, does not appear to be a stable man of principle, Obama is rather an opportunist with tremendous political and oratorical skills.  

Statements by Obama that he is a friend of Israel, couple with his wearing a Kipah (the Jewish traditional skull-cap,) at the Whaling Wall, do not make Obama a friend of Israel. Only 4% od Israeli Jews consider Obama a friend, and his actions to date support that view. 

 Starting his presidency by giving an anti-Jewish Middle Eastern media outlet, Al-Arabia, his first interview, and moving on to cairo to apologize to the Islamic World for past US Middle East policies, are clear indications that the President is PRO Arab, PRO Islam, and that he is swayed in his thinking by the vast amount of oil controlled by the Islamic nations, and by his heritage.

It is unlikely event that Obama’s policies towards Israel will change. In this case, it may be time for those multitude of Jews who voted him into office to start and rethink their role in the future of American politics. Those well meaning liberal Jews must realize that Barak Obama is not a friend of the Jewish people, that Barak Hussein Obama is not a friend of the state of Israel.

In spite of Jews in “high places,” Obama’s Administartion is anti-Jewish/Israel!

24 Sep

Only 4% of Israeli Jews consider Barak Hussein Obama to be positive about Israel! Well over 90% of Israelis realize that President Obama is a friend of Israel’s enemies, and by virtue of that, a de facto, enemy of Israel. As the saying goes: Your enemies friends are your enemies!

With Rahm Emanuel (a man with roots in Israel,) and with David Axelrod holding key Administration positions, one would think that Obama would be pro-Israel; he is not!

Obama seems to listen and accept opinion from Anti-Jewish voices from the likes of Brzezinski (the National Security Advisor to one of the worst failing US Administration in history, that of Jimmy Carter,) rather than to those who realize how important and loyal Israel has been as an ally for over sixty years.

From giving his first television interview to Al-Arabia, an anti-Israel network, to telling Islamic audiences in cairo that he apologizes to past US policies in the Middle east, Obama is openly a foe, rather than a friend of Israel.

The United States, under Barak Obama, in its dealing with Iran, may leave Israel no option but to attack this rogue Islamic nation with its nuclear development and long range missiles. Since attacking Iran by air would require flights over Iraq, an US controlled air-space, would Barak Hussein Obama instruct United States assets to be used in order to stop the Israeli attack, as the likes of Brzezinski recommend? Would Obama fight Israel, notwithstanding the fact that its effort against Iran, if one is taken, would be indertaken on behalf of the international community?

But then, Barak Hussein Obama is consistently one who turns his back on allies in order to gain political favor. Canceling the European missile defense effort, and telling Israel to stop their settlement, are but two example where Obama ignore the national interests of allies in favor of his own agenda.

A two-faced Muslim-born Obama, the young United States President, is changing the character that the Founding-fathers intended for the United states. Obama is moving the United States away from  a Judeo-Christian nation, a nation of honor and dignity, to one whose word is no better than the paper that it is written on…

Will Obama shoot down Israeli planes over Iraq?

24 Sep

Should Israel, because of Obama’s inept handeling of Iran’s nuclear developments, decide that it must take-out Iran’s’ nuclear capabilities, it would likely use nuclear weapons delivered by sea, and by air. Those delivered by air would require flying over Iraq, an air-space controlled by the United States. Would Barak Obama instruct the US military to shoot down planes of his only true ally in the Middle East?

President Mubarak of Egypt already demonstrated that his country would allow Israeli submarines passage to the Arabian/Persian Gulf from where they are likely lob missiles into Iran, would Mubarak prove to be a better ally of Israel, and the Western community of nations, than the United States under Obama?

Obama’s scrapping Europe missle defense increases Western dependency on Israel, and the begining of a return to US isolationism:

18 Sep

Obama’s systematic abandoning his allies in favor of courting historical foes of the United States, will force “the West” to deal with Iran’s nuclear and long range missile threats through “the good offices” of the tiny, but mighty, state of Israel.

Obama’s Islamic roots seem to keep him from confronting Iran, or any other Islamic entity in spite the danger they may represent to the Western nations. The American President seem to also fear Vladimir Putin who seems to have his way with the young and timid American President.

President Obama seems to sacrifice the traditional allies of the United States. His dealing with allies is totally out of character with historical United States behavior. Since allies seem not to present obstacles, turning against them is easier than confronting enemies, and Barak Obama appears to have chosen that latter route.

We do not subscribe to the theory that Democrats are soft on defense, even though Barak Obama clearly fits that mold. His actions, which continue to weaken the United States, are clearly in line with what Hillary Clinton predicted when trying to become a presidential candidate Obama behaviore is also consistent with what the Republicans accuse him of being, a man weak on security.

Barak Obama seems to consistently turn against allies, be they personal (i.e. the Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers.) or national allies (i.e. Europe, and Israel.)  The chasm Obama created between the Unites States and Israel comes at a very bad time for the Western alliance, since Israel may be the only credible deterrent to Iran’s nuclear threat.

Scrapping the missile defense effort for Europe while increasing the gap between the United States and Israel, are steps towards isolating the United States, returning it to its standing of the Fifties.

Failing domestic policies coupled with international isolationism  are moving President Barak Hussein Obama closer to earning the position of the worst President that the United States ever had.

Obama: “The” [world] expert on missile defense!

17 Sep

Ten months in office, using the same technological resources used by George W. Bush, President Obama acts as if, overnight, he became the world expert on missile defense.

The brilliant young American President, using the same knowledge base as did his predecessors, scraps what appears to be a credible strategy for defending against missiles. Suspending efforts for European missile defense initiative, the United States President is leaving Europe vulnerable to missile attacks by any number of potential adversaries, including the likes of Russia, Iran, and others.  President Obama actions are paramount to selling-out the United States’ European allies! 

Was Obama betrayal of the European allies done in order to please Vladimir Putin, or as part of a legacy Barak Hussein Obama is trying to establish.

Without new technological breakthroughs, or new technical data, Obama scraps the proposed missile defense system in favor of what he calls proven technology, a technology that does not really exist except to defend against obsolete weapons. It pains me to agree with [ex] Vice President Cheney, but consistent with what Mr. Cheney has been saying, Barak Obama continues to systematically weaken the United States and its allies.

Even though Vladimir Putin in formally the person in charge of Russia, he is the power behind the throne, and he seems to intimidate Barak Obama on every front. The United States stood still when Russia violated Georgian sovereignty, and it nows gives Russia what it wants by scrapping the missile defense initiative for Europe. Scrapping the missile defense effort also encourages Iran’s missile and nuclear weapon development programs.

Jimmy Carter disgraceful reaction to Congressman Wilson’s blunder!

16 Sep

The petty and racist little person that Jimmy Carter is, he seems to only see the things through his own flawed view of the world. 

Suggesting that Congressman Wilson outburst against President Obama, was racist, only enforces the fact that Jimmy Carter, the bigot, anti-Jewish person that he is, equates others to himself, not allowing them credit for having their own opinions.

Jimmy Carter a failed President would be well advised to keep his racist opinions to himself, and not embarrass the Office he once help.

Jimmy Carter; disgracing the Office…

16 Sep

Likely tied with George W. Bush for the worst President in United States history, Jimmy Carter continues to embarrass the United States by demonstrating ignorance, and bigotry not fitting an ex-President of the United States.

It has been proven, once, and once again, that Jimmy carter is anti-Semite, more precisely, anti-Jewish. His Southern anti-African American bigotry is legendary! Suggesting that Congressman Wilson shouting at President Obama speech: It’s a lie, was a racist outburst simply demonstrates that Jimmy Carter is such a petty individual who sees other flaws through his own racist eyes.

Obama’s Healthcare speech: Another Clinton-like disaster?

10 Sep

No, Michelle Obama did not lead the Obama healthcare effort as did Hillary for Bill Clinton, but otherwise they are similar.

Both men were arrogant enough to address Congress and the nation without getting the public behind them, they both counted on their oratorical skill, and thought that coupled to a Democratic majority in Congress, they can win; Clinton failed, and Obama is headed in that direction.

Like Clinton, Obama’s popularity at this stage of his Presidency is low and declining, like Clinton, campaign and other promises don’t seem to mean a great deal to President Obama, a man on a fast-track to becoming one of the worst US Presidents, even.

Obama’s health plan address, a bad idea!

7 Sep

Planning a prime-time health plan address before a more complete and rational plan is on the table, can be a terrible mistake!

Since Obama’s forte is his oratorical skills, putting those skills to the test may cause the President harm. President Obama is like a boxer in the ring who must weaken his opponent enough so that he can win with one single knockout punch, but is quite unsure how weak his adversary is when the punch is to be delivered.

If the opposition is still too strong to be silenced with one punch (the speech,) the health-plan may suffer a mortal blow by the President’s address.

Why is Obama putting his most formidable skill to the test in order to defend something that is much too complicated and incomplete to be defended? If it is arrogance, then a speech that does not reach its mark may wake the President up and teach him a lesson in humility, a lesson that he can surely use.

The problem, however, is that the United States does need a good health-plan and could not afford to discard the present effort just because the President wants to give a speech.