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Jordan part of the: “Arab Palestinian Republic!” Revolution, Jordan back to its roots.

17 Apr

In the 1920’s, under a League of Nations mandate, the British authorities split Palestine and created Trans Jordan, which evolved into today’s Jordan, or, “the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.” The creation of Trans-Jordan was illegal at the onset as

In today’s Jordan Palestinian Arabs make up the majority of the population even though they are not citizens, and are not treated as equals by the authorities.

With part of the Twenty-first Century move towards democratizing the Arab Middle East, Jordan is destined to become of Arab Palestine, which will include a part of what is now called the West Bank, and Jordan proper. What the country will be named is still to be determined, a sovereign Palestine will not be a part of the world in the Twenty-first Century. In addition to the West Bank becoming a part a parcel of a great Palestine with Jordan; the is very little doubt that the Gaza strip will be annexed to the “new” Egypt.

In short, a Jordanian revolution is coming as part of Mideast realignment; and one can write-off any thoughts about a sovereign Palestine as an actual reality.

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