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Obama’s Muslim bond, or: Is our President’s Iran Chasing, while Humbling the Nation, is it deeper than what meets the eye?

27 Sep

The disgraceful Obama!
For 4 1/2 years I allowed myself to avoid reality and ignore that a man born to an Islamic father is a Muslim in perpetuity; there are no provision in Islam to leave the religion.
I accepted that Reverend Wright’s teaching made Obama a practicing Christian, but doubts started to emerge. On June 4, 2009, in Cairo, in President Obama speech to the Islamic World he quoted the Latin: “E. Pluribus Unum…” Out of many one! Until very recently I held nagging suspicions since Quran’s ONLY mission is: Everyone, the whole world, united under Allah!
Rouhani snubbed President Obama at the UNGA; he would not shake hands with America’s President, yet: “Rouhani’s people arranged for a phone call to President Obama?” Than: “President Obama opened the call by congratulating Rouhani on his election victory earlier this year.” Another WH lie? President Obama initiated the call catering, fearing, if you will, to the Islam!
Notwithstanding Rouhani NY snub of Obama, his calling Israel, America’s close ally (even it may not be Obama’s,) a Disease that with its friend must be extracted, Obama calls Rouhani!
Contrary to my wishes, and early beliefs, President Obama is not only sympathetic, but also intimidated by Islam. Does his secret call to Rouhani suggest that the President perhaps has his own Imam with whom he meets in secret?
It is nearly impossible to doubt that President Obama is heavily committed, and intimidated by Islam, if not more.

Obama’s tenure set-back race progress! Either Sarah Palin, or Hillary Clinton could retard women political causes, as well:

23 Sep

The American nation in its zeal to advance civil rights, and supported by to the fact that minorities and the disadvantaged coalesce behind Barak Hussein Obama a charismatic orator with no leadership experience or skills. President Obama’s abysmal performance in his first four and a half year in office likely set back and and all national political ambitions of African-Americans for many years to come.
America must be careful not to allow its desire to advance women rights to cause nominations of the likes of Sarah Palin on the GOP side, or of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side of the isle; both these ladies have terrible track records, either, or both, should they become President, could likely retard the cause of women in politics by generation.

US losing relevance in the ME, and in the Islamic World

22 Sep

The United States is not a homogeneous country; it is only as smart as is its leadership and any given time. Under Barak Obama, at least while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the US was totally ignorant about matters dealing with the Islamic world. Mrs. Clinton thought that she could charm her way, and President Obama felt that his formative years among Muslims would put him in good stead.
Both Obama and Mrs. Clinton were wrong! Rather than to study the Islamic World and recognize that it is a multi-faceted entity, they tried misused American ideology. They supported Arab Springs, the overthrow of Mubarak, and Mrs. Clinton suggested that Bashar Assad was a “true reformer.”
America with today’s leadership is not only not smart, it is a very stupid country when it comes to dealing with Muslims…Interestingly enough it is also quite impotent when it comes to dealing with Israel, the Muslim Middle East neighbors.
Unless there is a rude awakening by and in the United States, and a very new and more intelligent direction it will become more irrelevant with every day that goes by!

Obama’s Syria follies; a Putin production!

16 Sep

“The Obama Syrian follies, what next?
And now the fun begins!
President Barak Hussein Obama had no clue what his redline would cause; he even outright LIED and said that it was not his line, it was he said something “the international community came up with it,” what a lie, many of us heard it come out of his own mouth!
Kerry announcing crises that required urgent action.
Next Day Obama said that action could be delayed for some two weeks, in order to get Congressional authorization, even though President Obama says he does not need one.
A day, or two later, President Obama informed the world that we can wait longer since “his Friend” Vladimir Putin gave us another retrieve by willing to get Syria to make a deal.
The “deal” somewhat contingent on findings by UN inspectors. Now the fun begins:
The United States, United Nations delegation, read the UN report as supportive of President Obama contentions.
Russia Foreign Minister read the report as attributing some chemical use to the rebels.
Enters President Obama wearing his King Solomon’s crown…To be continued.

Projections: Impasse between Russia and US. Russia would not accept “punishment” for Assad due to some rebel’s culpability.
US will fail to get Security Council Resolution (China and Russia would veto.)
US back to square one; US to try to get Congressional authorization to fire.

Assad action???
Obama Administration between rock and a hard place.”

Could Iran’s manipulating Syria as diversion from its nukes?

8 Sep

Syria a diversion, not by the US, but by Iran!
When at Hillary Clinton’s urging the US stood on the sidelines when the Syrian revolt started, she did so because she said that Assad was a “reformer.” At the onset, due to a surprise element, the rebels had the upper hand. Since the rebels and most observers expected the US to come to the rebel’s aid, America’s standing on the sidelines caught many by surprise.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a nemesis of President, however, saw an opportunity. The Iranian immediately increased their aid to Assad, and were able to get Russia (whose leader, Putin is also no fan of President Obama,) to supply Assad with state-of-the-art war equipment. Iran’s and Russia’s, including Hezbollah, all fighting for Shii, helped shore up the regime; that prompted the Sunni Saudis to come to the help of the rebels, on the surface turning it to a religious war.
The regime side with its chemical weapons, delivery systems, and sophisticated Russian air defense System, was gaining ground on the rebels, while also having the Hezbollah, and Iranian Guard members managing much of their war efforts. The Syrian rebellion was turning away for Iran to divert attention away from it nuclear program.
The Syria conflict is indeed something that is contrary to civilized behavior, and a diversion, but it is not a diversion by the Administration about the Benghazi situation as Senator Cruz says, by rather a diversion by Iran from its nuclear program!

US Syria imperative! There will be “troops on the ground…”

7 Sep

Regardless of United States direct involvement, the region, the whole Middle East, is going to be re-aligned. 2,000,000 refugees and growing, 110,000 dead, and growing, with the two million not even including another 4,000,000 displaced Syrian, the region as is cannot manage these numbers.
Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, the “Kurdish territory,” and even Israel, who is presently mending many of the wounded, are going to be burdened to the breaking point.
The carnage is Syria, and the refugees relegated the “Palestinian problem” to the back page, a solution there will have to be an integral solution for the region after the Syrian war is finished.
Since the carnage in Syria is getting the full attention of the world, the international community has taken its eye off: Iran’s Nuke
The plight of the Kurds
The turmoil in Egypt
The Israeli Palestinian problem
The Syrian refugees burden on Jordan and Lebanon
The community of nations needs to re-assign its focus and not just allow the initial Syrian crises divert its focus from other important crises; but also make sure that the Syrian war is not neglected.”

“Pathetic,” Putin says; and Obama’s Administration fits the bill:

5 Sep

President Obama giving an ultimatun on behalf of the United States, the redline!
President Obama now says that the redline was not his it was stated on behalf of the American people, on behalf the people of the world; what a cop-up, what a pathetic performance by an Administration.
Kerry says it is urgent that we move ASAP, President Obama says on the nexr days that we may need weeks so that he can get Congressional authorization.
The Syrian issue is a developing story, I’ll return to it soon, but for now, does anyone doubt Putin’s suggestion that President Obama is pathetic (as a President, of course?)

Will be continued:

Obama’s “redline” leaves the US but a singular solution to Syria’s crises!

4 Sep

President Obama’ redline that Syria passed on several occasions, does not leave President Obama, and the United States many options for dealing with the present rebellion!
9/11 made America and the “free world” assume a “politically correct” posture towards Islam and accepted a scenario that Islam is a peaceful religion, and only a few radical Muslims are causing havoc in the world. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, Charles’ overview deals with some of that, and a reading of the Quran should fill in the blanks.
This forum does not leave room for lengthy academic discussions so synopses should suffice.
When in an earlier post I suggested that the present Syrian situation represents an issue of the Cuban Missiles Crises dimension, Charles pointed out to me that this is a regional conflict and that, for obvious reasons, such as its geography, is not nearly as dangerous. Taking into account globalization, and paying attention to the Chaos/Fractal observation that, to paraphrase, suggests that: ‘When a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo, it could result initiate a tornado in Oklahoma.’
For sake of brevity let me offer the following:

· Neither side of the Syrian conflict can be trusted to establish a civilized legal entity in Syria should it prevail.
· Syria possesses one of the largest chemical weapons arsenals in the world
· Syria own a large number of delivery system for its chemical weapons, systems that can reach US troops in the Gulf, in Jordan, in Turkey, and on the Mediterranean. The same delivery systems can reach US allies such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, and more.
· Iran and Syria pledged to retaliate against Israel should the Unite States shoot missiles into Syrian territory.
· Russia has a naval base, and anti-aircraft missile facilities in Syria.
· There are Iranian Guard, and Hezbollah in Syria; US strike to reach these operatives would be acts against Iran.
· If Israel is attacked it is on record that it will retaliate.
· Any significant attach by Israel against Syria would unite Islam nations and likely result in a world wide Jihad (Holy War) against Israel.
· Any attacks by Islamic nations against Israel would require the United States to enter the war under it mutual defense treaties with Israel.

Much more can be said, but let me suggest that since President Obama drew a redline which Syria crossed, the ONLY acceptable option would call for American “boots on the ground.”
The United States, with, or without allies must remove the chemical weapons and associated delivery systems out of Syria. Removing those systems will require boots on the ground, but if done wit ah “overwhelming force” could be accomplished in a short period.
After removing chemical weapons out of Syria, the United States and its allies would be wise to let the fractions in Syria determine he future of the country.
One other item cannot be ignored; there are well over two million refugees from Syria in the region. After the conflict in Syria ends it is fair to assume that a geographic re-alignment will take place.