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The “Political-Quran,” a manifesto precluding Muslims from 1st amendment benefits!

17 Nov

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Obama’s [“unwavering”] flawed Mideast policy!

5 Nov

Barak Hussein Obama, the failing President of the United States, is indeed unwavering in his policies and actions. In many ways being unwavering, and loyal, are positive traits, in many other ways they may be serious flaws.
It is known that trying and failing to perform a given task is not a positive in one’s life, trying the same failing-action a second time, and failing again, suggests that the one who does so is not very smart, perhaps even foolish. Coming back a third time, is a demonstration of total ineptness. In the case of President Obama, he offered to try diplomacy with Iran, on more than three times, and he did so after Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad, rejected any negotiation with the United States, as long as the US continue to befriend Israel. These returns to trying diplomacy with Iran, clearly demonstrates that Barak Obama is totally incompetent in the art of diplomacy.
In the Israeli/Palestinian situation, President Obama demonstrated on several occasions that neither he, nor his Secretary of State, Clinton, have any understanding of the “situation on the ground.”
There is little, or no doubt, that President Obama, a practicing Christian, has Islamic traits, instincts, and sensitivities, and that they show through in his dealing in the Middle East.
Obama’s unwavering desire to make the peace process in Israel become a positive part of his legacy, is commendable. The desire for Middle East peace is a very positive part of the President’s agenda, but it is not realistic unless he the President willing to realize that nothing in human relations remain in a steady-state, it is dynamic, ever evolving, and require adaptability.
For Obama and his Administration to cause an effective Israeli/Palestinian peace effort, the United States President must be willing to acquire a better understanding of the principles, their cultures, and the boundaries in which they can maneuver. Some of the items that must be clarified up-front, must be dealt with early in the discussions and not expect them to go away by putting them on the back burner.
Obama will have to start adjusting his approach to the Middle East, show less reverence to Muslim leader with their oil riches, sacrifice some his those Islamic instincts that he acquired during his formative years, and become less afraid of Islamic rejection.
This is not to suggest that Obama becomes more pro-Israel, but it does suggest that he must treat the Jewish-state in a fair manner, regardless of how much damage it may create for him with the Islamic world. At minimum, before moving forward, the Palestinians must accept Israel’s right to exist in the geographic area it now occupies, and be so as a Jewish-state. Israel on its end must agree that it is willing to accept a Palestinian state as its neighbor.

Obama, the “unilateral compromizer” = Capitulator! A character-flaw, a true weakness.

4 Nov

Barak Hussein Obama, the charismatic United States President, is a great orator, but a poor leader, and a terrible diplomat.

The 2010 midterm election proved that Obama is a very poor leader, Obama’s early agreement to give tax breaks to the rich, is another demonstration of a lack of diplomatic ability.

After the midterm election President Obama offered to work in a bi-lateral manner with the Republicans who made it clear that they will not cooperate with him, or with his agenda.

Obama’s trade-mark is that of capitulation. Right after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave a strong speech saying that Iran will not negotiate, or even communicate with the United States, as long as the United States befriends Israel, President Obama stated that the road of diplomacy with Iran is still open.

Obama’s quick capitulation, and the willingness to sacrifice principal for political reasons after the Democrats lost the midterm election, is another demonstration of a flawed character, as well as of person without any skills in diplomacy.

The quick capitulation after the midterm must be a very encouraging signal to America’s enemies, enemies such as Chavez, Ahmadinejad, the North Koreans, and other who now have proof positive that Obama is not a man who will necessarily defends his principals if enough proper pressure is applied!

It is sad to note that with every passing day more demonstrations that being a great orator, and a charismac politician, “do not a [qualified] President make!”

Congratulation Oklahoma: No Shariah in US! Islam “a code of life,” not just religion.

4 Nov

It may be time for non-Muslims to realize that Islam is NOT just a religion, it is “a code of life” (or DIN,) and therefore is not protected by the first amendment.

The Quran calls for eliminating all non believers, through conversion (with alms,) or by any means necessary (including death,) and to live by the Sharia, which in many ways is very barbaric.

Outlawing the strict following of Quranic teaching and law, should be the rule of the land in the United States. Embracing and protecting Islam, is confusing equality of [harmless] religion, with allowing a dangerous opening for an enemy within one’s midst.

GOP “dodges the bullet,” as main Tea Party gains are actually its losses! Also, cause of women politicians gained by Tea Party losses.

3 Nov

Some of the Tea Party candidates who lost, had they won, would have caused severe problems to both the Tea Party and the GOP. In spite of being mad, the American public in general is intelligence, and does not often allow emotions to clutter its judgement.

Some Tea Party endorse candidates were clearly “not ready for prime.” interestingly enough, the most visible of these candidates were women. By losing women politicians were kepy from losing the grounds they gained in the last twenty years, or more; in other words: They “dodged the bullet!”

The most visible of these women are:

Christine O’Donnell, who among other things was more than ready to bring religion into government.

Sharron Angle who, among other flaws, is a bigoted person who cannot, or rather does not care to, hide her homophobia.

Carly Fiorina, who claims to be the person who propelled HP to where it is today, when in reality was given a “golden parachute,” by HP to get her out-of-the-way before destroying that company, as she had done to Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC,) and to Compaq.

There were also notable men losers that the Tea Party supported and who could have set back social progress in the United States by many years. Let me mention just one of these candidates since he would have represented my state in Washington: Ken Buck, a homophobe who, in spite the recent disaster in the stock market, was still pushing for American seniors manage their own social security.

In closing, the Tea Party did wake up the GOP and suggested to the “party of no,” that it must bring a positive agenda to the tabel. The Tea Party did not propose an agenda (since it does not seem to have one,) but it rather suggested to the GOP that it must get its house in order and engage with the Democrats in navigating the ship of state in a positive manner. The message notwithstanding, Tea Party narrowly escaped the embarrassment of getting a number of inept candidates to run under its banner.

One can only hope that Tea Party lessons are positive and will help the United States understand that government in a democracy must listen to, and comply with, wishes of the voting public.

On Fox, Palin “declared” for 2012 nomination…

1 Nov

Today, on Fox News, while being interviewed by Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin announced her intention to run for President in 2012.
“If the nations needs me,I’ll run,” said the ex Alaska Governor, making it quite clear that she will be the one to determine if the nation “needs her.”
Of course, in her views, only she can live up to her Presidential expectations, including unwavering ideals, and skill, the kind of skills she acquired as an administrator of a state. One can rest assured that Sarah Palin will be a candidate in the GOP/”tea-party” nomination process to select their 2012 candidate! Can Sarah Palin win the nomination?
On the Fox news interview Palin demonstrated the results of months and months of coaching, coaching in both delivery and content. By “polishing” her image Palin probably removed doubts about her ability to neutralize those many who criticized her lack of preparation, or experience. Also, Sarah Palin may have answered the question of “Gravatar”, that the GOP “genius” strategist, Karl Rove, recently pronounced.

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