Obama’a religion: Is a Wright-ilk Christian preferable to a Muslim? Or, does a President relgion matter?

6 Jul

Obama’s religion: Is a Wright-ilk Christian preferable to a Muslim? Or, does a President religion matter?

Only one US President was not a Christan Protestant, and John F. Kennedy, the Catholic President, did not seem to have his religion play a role in the conduct of his office.

In the case of Barak Hussein Obama, his obvious sympathies towards Islam, using the name Hussein (a name he avoided until elected) at the inauguration, and his open overtures towards the Islamic world, suggest that religion may matter.

During the Presidential campaign Obama kept claiming that he is not, and never was a Muslim. After the election he more-or-less openly admitted that he was born a Muslim, and had a non-trivial amount of exposure to Islam in his youth. Obama then informed the world that as a grown up, under the tutelage of the Reverend Wright, he became a Christion. He was an active member of Wright’s church for over twenty years, or until anti-United States sermons by Wright were made known to the American public.

Obama, whose wedding was performed by the Reverend Wright, and whose daughter were baptised by Wright, dropped out of Wright’s church as soon as Wright bacame a political liability. It would be naive for anyone of intelligence to believe that Obama did not know of Wright’s radical anti-Jewish, and anti-the [white] US views, while a member of the church.

Only recently the Reverend Wright openly, and in Public,  repeated his anti-Jewish views, at a time when his protoge, President Obama, was putting pressure on Israel to capitulate to US demands that would clearly endanger its security, and would benefit its Islamic neigbors.

Obama has been demonstrating Islamic sympathies, and instincts, and also behavior patterns of Islamic character; if re-elected, would Obama use a Koran for his swearing him into office? Would Obama openly embrace Islam if re-elected? The President seems very comfortable in that mode.

Assuming that Barak Hussein Obama is elected for a second term and then openly embraces Islam as his religion of choice, would that be detrimental to the United States?  Or, would a Muslim Obama be much like was the Catholic Kennedy, and leave religion out of picture?

To date Obama’s Islamic sympathies are items of concern since they are already damaging a fragile US influence in the world. Not responding more forcefully to a bogus Iranian election, and letting that Islamic nation make mockery out of democracy, was a clear weakness, an inept discharging of Obama’s duty as the President of the United States.

But then, what if Obama was a devout followers of Wright-ilk Christianity? In that configuration would Obama be openly anti-Zionist, push to legally give African Americans minorities more rights than white people (i. e. the New-Haven fireman case that the Supreme Court just set right?)

Is President Obama a departure from the most important seperation of church and stae? Is Obama leading the United States towrds a role of an archaic religious-republic? 

The United States Constitution was written in a way that no one man can lead the country into a disastrous state. Let us just hope that either Obama gets his head straight and comes to realize the damage his behavior is causing, or that the checks and balances in the system continue to function and that Obama is steered away from his religion-associated ways.


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