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Arabs to regret a “Palestine!” Or: Did the UN act irresponsibly on the Palestine issue?

30 Nov

It will not likely take long for the Arab states in the Middle East to realize that declaring “Palestine” a state was not only pre-mature, but unwise.

Since Abbas has no control of the whole area now referred as “Palestine'” how can one expect a responsible governance of the territory? November 29, 2012 will be remembered as the day a United Nations aberration called Palestine was formally created.

There are many reasons why the situation will now be extremely unstable: Abbas not controlling the whole “Palestine,”  on paper declaring Jerusalem as its capital, a totally unrealistic statement, or wish by the Palestinians, and the inability of the new state to be economically self-sufficient, are but some of the more obvious issues.

It was a sad day, for the United Nations, and for the Arab people, it is a day that may forever live in infamy!

From now on Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are not going to be able to hide being a shield that until now allowed them to blame any atrocities by “Palestinians” against the Israeli people, on “rogue elements.” From now on the PA is responsible for what “its” people do!

Any missiles by Hamas, even though they are supplied and directed by Iran, would be an “act of war” by the New “Palestine,” any civilians killed by said rockets would be acts against humanity subject to actions by the International Court of Justice.

No more “get a free move” card, all hostile actions against Israel would from now own be answerable by the PA; the PA is now a sovereign who must play by the rules, or be punished! 

A Palestinian state declaration by the United Nations was tantamount to having a baby born pre-maturely, very pre-maturely, perhaps too early to survive even with a great deal of outside help. The hope is, that if the new “Palestine,” fails to survive, Jordan can annex the West Bank, and Egypt, when it settles it political situation, will annex Gaza; as the alignment of the area should have been from the start.

Israel’s role in the new Middle East; Or, is a new United Arab Republic emerging?

25 Nov

Israel a pawn that could emerge a Queen, or…A UN “created” Palestinian State, a vanishing sham?

Henry Kissinger, not a man I hold at the high esteem some do, but who does have some insights into world affairs, predicted that Israel will not survive beyond ten years; was he right?

Hamas, the Palestinian Authority (in its Arabic version,) Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and a number of others have as one of its main goals the destruction of the [Jewish] State of Israel. These are not desires, or wishes, they are their formal objectives, and that of a number of other groups. Iran, with backing from Russia, is supportive of these groups, supplying funds, weapons, training, and advice.

Adding to the Middle East situation is a revolt in Syria, an event in which Russia and Iran are trying to shore-up Assad, but which is likely to remove him from the scene in favor of some Islamic coolition, that may or may not succeed. Since Hamas has its headquarters in Damascus, and since Assad’s Syria has been serving as a conduit for Russian and Iranian resources to Lebanon (Hezbollah, plus, plus…), and to Hamas, the Palestinian Authorities, Islamic Jihad, and others, Assad removal should bring about a state of power re-distribution, which will likely also affect the situation in North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc.)

Moving right along to Egypt. Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, contrary to American speculation when the US “led from behind,” are not becoming “secular democracies,” they are rather becoming Sharia ruled autocracies. In the case of Egypt, perhaps the most important Arab country, clearly the most populated one the situation is quite alarming. Should the Islamic Brotherhood, with the now visible President Morsi, be able to hold on to power, it may have to live up to its charter which also include the destruction of Israel. Morsi role as peacekeeper between Hamas and Israel notwithstanding, his party hierarchy is likely to force the rejection of Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. This situation could be undone should Egypt’s military, driven by the more secular part of the population, gets involved. Should that happen a more democratic Egypt, not ruled, and the Islamic Brotherhood wishes, by Sharia law.

Returning to Israel’s role in the region. To orthodox, and most other Jewish people, having Israel as a Jewish State in the exact geographic location which it now occupies, is a G-d  imposed truth, an obligation to Jews to support and cherish.  Most Muslims don’t quite see it the same way. Regardless of historical facts, to Muslims Israel is an intruder in the region that should be extracted as soon as possible; Henry Kissinger’s prediction of Israel’s demise would be a very pleasing notion to most Muslims.

As soon as things settle a bit more in Egypt, and as soon as Egypt returns to being the voice, and perhaps force behind Arab Islam, the driving forces competing for control of the Islamic Middle East would be Egypt, with Arab (mostly Sunni Muslims,) support, and Iran, the Aryan, mostly Shia nation. Since Iran is basing its ambition on force and technology that gives it overwhelming power, and Egypt is still dealing with internal political unrest, Iran presently has the edge and is the source of fear ro the Sunni Arab countries of the region.

The most recent skirmish between Israel and Hamas was a test by Iran of Israel’s military capabilities, the resolve of America’s recently re-elected President, and the international community. Using its enormous and highly sophisticated propaganda machine, the Palestinians were able to paint themselves “victims,” to make Israel appear to be the aggressor, and to actually win the event. Again to quote Kissinger, for guerilla fighter not to lose, is a win.

What next? Should the Palestinian Authority (PA) succeed in getting the United Nations to accept it as a sovereign state, it would reduce its future options in dealing with Israel. Now, the PA can blame rogue elements for attacks on Israel, but, as a sovereign nation any and all attacks on Israel from its territory, including Gaza, are going to be acts of war; such actions will then be subject to “international justice,” with severe repercussions.

Israel, should it not be destroyed in the process, would be the “delegate” of the “free world” to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It would be a force in the new re-alignment of the Middle East, helping determine if it Iran, or Egypt that would rule the Islamic Middle East. Israel, playing its cards right could be a force behind the creation a new: United Arab Republic; one led by Egypt under a more or less secular Sunni control. As Palestine, an aberration now (since throughout history there were never a sovereign Palestine,) would be a part of a new Arab Republic, its role against Israel would end, as Israel would become the economic and technology leader in the region.


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An Iran surrogate Hamas must be eliminated; Gaza annexed to Egypt!

25 Nov

Since Hamas insists on continuing to build its arsenal, notwithstanding any cease-fire agreements with Israel, Israel must act upon the smallest provocation, it must do so with goal to eliminate this terrorist organization, before the roles are reversed. Being a surrogate of Iran, the long-term danger to Israel could be of enormous proportions.

If Netanyahu is half the man I think he is, the next provocation, if, or rather when, there is one, by Hamas, would bring about the use of “overwhelming force,” the total elimination of Hamas as a viable entity, and the removal of weapons from Gaza.

Hamas is a client of Iran; it has its headquarters in Assad’s Syria, another client of Iran who is also under the wings of Russia. Attacks by Hamas have very many causes, not the least is diversions from the Syria revolt and from Iran’s nuclear developments. Israel becomes a pawn in this geo-political struggle for controlling the Middle East. Israel must look after its own interests, especially that the United States, under Barak Obama, does not seem to have the wherewithal to do the job.

In the case of Gaza and Hamas, should Egypt ever settle down politically, it should annex Gaza under a strong set of treaties with Israel.

Obama’s re-election a “go” signal for Islamic radicalism? Or, Is Palestinians “victim” image a “license for mayhem?”

18 Nov

Obama’s re-election a “go” signal for Islamic radicalism?

The Obama Administration took no action when the Iranian shot at on of the United States dones…The Obama Administration, wittingly, or otherwise allowed the radical action against it in Benghazi and took no action,,,The Obama Administration “led from behind” the Arab Springs movement towards enhanced Sharia rule (mistaking it as a move towards democratization,) and the Obama Administration is yet to take a real stand regarding the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel’s civilians.

During Obama’s Cairo speech Barak Obama set the tone of his Administration with Islam, the Administration would allow Muslims a great deal of freedom to so as its leaders see fit. Yes, the Administration imposed sanctions on Iran, but it is not stopping that Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons, nor from supporting terrorist organizations such as Hamas, and Hezbollah. The Administration is also not interfering in Iran’s support of Assad in Syria in spite of the slaughter of over 30,000 civilians, and counting.

Did Obama’s re-election signal to Hamas that openly attacking Israel would not meet with any resistance from the US Administration? Did Hamas wait for the day Romney is defeated since he would have likely put a stop to the Hamas action without delay? After all, the United States has assets in the Mediterranean, and could have easily kept the Hamas attacks on Israel from taking place.

The Obama inaction is at least a tacit approval of Hamas activity. Riding on the fact that for years the world have been exposed to Palestinian propaganda, and the fact that Barak Obama has sympathies towards Islam, Muslims are now, and will continue to take advantage of the United States, and among other things allow Russia, in spite of not having the “Union” behind it, to slowly assume leadership.

During the last several decades, the Palestinian people, backed by Islamic nations, and by others “developing” nations, conducted a campaign to paint themselves as “victims,” a very successful campaign, might add.

The Palestinians victim image, which seems to make most media sympathize with them in any conflict because “they are the victims.”

Victims are “underdogs,” and the world always supports the underdog, especially Jewish people who are used to being discriminated against, and are understanding of the phenomena.

Would Obama with his inept leadership allow the Islamic World create chaos that would eventually have direct effects on the United States?

The next four years will be critical years in human history. with Obama at the helm in the United States, one should be very apprehensive bout what shape the world would take by the time Obama leaves office.

Presidential politics versus social issue

11 Nov

Consistent with the constitution, the President’s duties should not include social issues, those should be generally left for Congress, mostly to the House with Senatorial oversight.
The President, and Presidential election issues should be limited to defense (“national security”,) the post, and the general economy. Such a division could make politics much more civil, and government run much smoother.

Petraeus, a divine intervention or political shaminigans?

10 Nov

Most people in high place whether storms caused by affairs, Bill Clinton, and Newt Gingrich, are but two such examples; General Petraeus decided to resign over his. Since the Petraeus revelation came just one week after the election, and an earlier exposure might have effected the election results, one must wonder; was this fortuitous, or what?

By taking the blame for the 9/11/2012 Benghazi fiasco, wittingly, or not, General Petraeus relieves Hillary (the likely 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate) from her “ma culpa!” And, the just re-elected President Obama from taking the blame by agreeing that the “Buck Stops,” with the President.

Petraeus has a enough name recognition, and in a high enough position to allow his assumption of responsibility to withstand any scrutiny. The question: Had the Petraeus revelation come a week earlier, would the US have elected a different Commander-in-Chief (C.i.C)?

Should Obama “hire” Romney as: Economy Czar?

10 Nov

Using conventional tools for measuring performance, one would quickly reach the conclusion that President Obama’s four years in office were a failure. Since, in spite of being a poor leader, manager, and communicator, Barak Obama is a smart, charismatic orator, and human being, no doubt that he realizes his failing, and will seek solutions.

Would America’s young brash President look to solutions in his largest failing area, the economy? Without a doubt: Yes!

Since another issue for Obama was to manage a bi-partisan Congress, what could be better than to solve the problems with the economy using “an instrument” that could deal with both issues? How about appointing Mitt Romney the: Economy Czar? How about killing two birds with one stone?

Much of “the left” dislikes Mitt Romney, but even those who dislike the man generally agree that he is good at “manipulating,” and managing within the US economic structure, why not, President Obama, solve you economic, and bi-partisan issues while appeasing those millions who voted against you in 2012?


Obama as C.i.C. for those who want US without world leadership!

4 Nov

Barak Obama’s style is to “lead from behind,” such a strategy suggets that others should lead, and the likes of Vladimir Putin, as was suggested, in not so many words, by Mitt Romney, is waiting in the wings to fill the void. While Putin would like to fill the void, Muslim leaders would like Obama to remain America’s President, most of them, especially Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, enjoy toying with America’s “toothless tiger,” who they love to mock…