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Lieberman, the “hub” of turning DADT; the future Secretary of State?

21 Dec

Joe Lieberman, usualy just another Senator, took the situation in hand, and with the help of Senator Collins, split DADT from the defense budget and was thererfore the single most important factor in turning DATD in 2010; a great step froward for the United States, and the United States military.
With Hillary Clinton about to vacant the office of Secretary of State, Joe Lieberman, a man with extensive foreign policy experience, after his bold move regarding DADT, should be the leading candidate for Secretary of State.

Obama, the inept negotiator, is also a woeful diplomat!

8 Dec

Today, President Obama demonstrated that he does neither understand, nor able to participate in negotiation, he does not posses any visible diplomatic, or other negotiation skills. In his press conference President Obama tried to justify the fact that he capitulated to nearly all demands of the Republicans regarding the Bush-era tax cut extension. The President’s explanation included a view which suggests that to govern in a democracy must sacrifice principles in favor pragmatism. President Obama stated that giving up the “public option,” in the health care legislation is much the same as giving in about the tax cut for the rich. The President suggested that if a president’s success is measured by standing on principle, if that is the yard-stick, the President stated, then one can not govern; in other words, democracy based on principles, is not workable.
Obama is uniquely a “unilateral compromiser,” allowing the “other-side” to understand his position early and adjust it in a way that it can negotiate from strength. Obama, in other way, does not have poker sense, or the ability to negotiate without “giving up the store.”
Today Obama demonstrated his lack of diplomatic prowess with his sacrificing of nearly all his desired points in order to get the GOP to “give-in” on some issues regarding the Bush-era tax cut, issues that they would have not supported under any circumstances.
internationally Obama negotiating skills are so miniscule, that they are not even visible. Today the Obama Administration stopped pressuring Israel to stop construction, if Obama and his people took the time to understand the situation, that discussion would have borne fruit. Obama and his negotiating team was simply unable to deal with the Israeli/Palestinian issue because they were not prepared, did not understand those involved, and were not able to maintain an air of “honest-brokers.”
Moving on to Iran. In spite of many statements by Iran that it is not willing to deal with the United States, unless the US comply with certain conditions, a country Obama insists that he wishes to negotiate with, just thumbed her nose at the American public by boasting the its nuclear stance while suggesting that its nuclear work is self-sufficient. Following is North Korea, a country with whom the Obama Administration have been trying to negotiate for sometime. North Korea just enlarged the magnitude of its conflict with the rest of the world by lobbing cannon shells at a South Korea island. Its blatant action made the whole international community to lose faith in the American ability to lead the “free” world.
Consistent with his other diplomatic activities, allowing the GOP know that he will sign a tax cut deal before year-end, made it possible for the Republicans to hold their ground, a situation not a similar to Obama’s suggesting that one cannot deal with hostage-takers unless the hostages are freed; what an irrational view! Obama should have learned from those who are successful in dealing with hostage-taker, and attack the Republican, bring to a vote, at 11:30PM on December 31, 2010, the tax-cut that the house passed and let the Republicans deprive the unemployed from being able to survive in these United States.
In a world that is essentially of many up of nation, a global community, if you will, for a nation to survive and strive, it must be able to negotiate with others, even if you are the leader of the world. Lacking the ability to negotiate (or communicate,) may well lead to serious problems for the United States as long as the Obama Administration remains in place.

Obama’s bipatisanship = Capitulation. Recent Scores Democrtas 2/GOP 98

7 Dec

Obama appears to believe that bipartisan compromise means:

On one end, Obama and his Democrats capitulate on every issue!
On the other side, the GOP’s defines bipartisanship as not voting with the Democrats on a single issue.

The most recent casualty was the BUSH Era tax cut, leave it as the GOP wants except for minor time limit till the next review.

Obama’s compromise appears to be an act of giving in to opposition, capitulating before he is ever asked.
Cases in point: After Iran made it clear that diplomatic channels with the US are closed, Obama announced to the world that he intends to negotiate with Ahmadinejad; when the Republican congressional leaders made it clear that Republicans will not vote for any Democratic proposal during the lame-duck session, Obama continued to suggest that bipartisanship is alive, and the list goe on. A diplomat Barak Hussein Obama is not!

GOP’s character as determined by: Agnew, Quail, Cheney, and Palin!

5 Dec

Since the choice of Vice Presidential candidates demonstrates a party’s character, do the choices of: Agnew, Quail, Cheney and Palin speak to the character of the GOP?
Enough said!

The “Bush tax cut!” Or, how to get the “$250K option,” to pass!

3 Dec

If Reid could only bring up the Republican option first, have it defeated, leaving only the Democrats’ options alive! By doing so the Democrats will only leave options without tax breaks “for the rich,” or those representing a tax increase, not something the Republicans could not tolerate!

Since the “lame-duck” Congress leaves the Democrats a good enough majority, not a filibuster proof majority, but a majority that could filibuster if it so chose to do. Bringing up the Republican proposal for extending the “Bush tax cut” as it is, can be easily defeated. With that done, Democrats can get the Republicans to go along with their own proposal, or the tax cut will end, causing a tax increase that can be then only attributed to the Republicans.
Let us hope that Senator Reid wake up tomorrow morning and realize that he has such an opportunity.
Let us hope that Senator Reid follow this path and get the “Bush tax cut” extension done based on the option passed by the house, a $250K ceiling is not unreasonable when the poverty level is $40,000.00…