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Boycotting Israel because of “occupation”: A bogus claim, and a sham!

28 Feb

The anti Israel: Boycott Divestment Sanctions (DBS) activity, is based on untruths from its foundation!
Let me start by saying that the are no such things as “occupied territories!”
Throughout human history there never were a nation that conquered land, especially in a defensive war, that had to give it back; why should Israel be required to do so?
It is also important to realize that “Palestine” as a nation never existed. It was the term coined by British imperial colonialism for the mandate they established and controlled in the Middle East following their conquest of it. There is no genetic or cultural difference between the “Palestinians” and most Jordanians, Jordan being a construct of British and French nation-state planners (as most of the nations established in the Balfour Declaration) that succeeded what had become known as Transjordan, and in a region where tribalism supersedes allegiance to nation-states (a western notion of governance).
Those territories within Israel that BDS and others call “occupied” are legitimate Israeli territory, they will be returned to the Arabs when, or rather if, there is a sovereign Arab Palestine, which is not fait accompli, and may never be.
As long as the Palestinian Authority (in its Arabic charter,) and Hamas in all its formal document, call for the destruction of Israel, as they presently do, there will not be an Arab Palestine.
Unless Arabs attitudes towards Israel’s sovereignty, and viability, the lands Israel won on war will remain hers.
Israel, for example, in good faith, and in a unique case in history, in order to demonstrate its desire for peace, through its largess returned the oil rich Sinai to Egypt.
Israel is not a ruthless occupier, on the contrary, it is a responsible care-taker. However until such time as it has negotiation partners who are willing to accept its sovereignty, and its right to exist as a Jewish State, it is a legitimate care-taker of the territory it won in war.
Israel only required to give up when a “two state solution” is in place, and without a responsible negotiating partner that will likely never happen…

Should one expect Islamic world domination, or its joining the global community?

23 Feb

Of the three Abrahamic religions the three “Gospels” only the Koran spells out (at the beginning of every Surah/chapter) that it is Allah’s last word to the human race and that it can never be changed. In Islam there is no “second coming,” and no allowances are made for adaptation to a dynamic changing world.
In contrast to the two other monotheist religions which had undergone many changes to adapt to a dynamic world, the Koran, and Islam, remained stagnant, and in large part, violent.
Until 9/11/2001, in spite of much strife, Muslims were left alone because most of their mayhem was internal. For example, we, in the West, are not terribly disturbed by Assad killing of well over 100,000 Syrians, but we are concerned about 77 dead in the Ukraine.
Muslims who live by the letter, cannot modify Koranic instruction, yet the fact that many Muslims now live in Western countries may be encouraging, and may eventually force their hands. Most of Europe, and parts of the United States, are seeing influx of Islam. Upon a close observation, and in spite conflict with strict religious rules, one can now see measurable Islamic assimilation into non-Muslim societies where they live.
Is Islam a dangerous religion? Of course it is, just look at Syria! Nearly five millions refugees were dumped on the region in the last three years, this “change in population distribution,” will eventually change the geography of the Middle East, and global balance of power. Then there is Egypt that elected, but quickly forced out, a radical Islamic government. Even the virtual (yet to exist) “Palestine” is divided by two authorities, one democratically elected radical Islamic government, the other a semi-secular one.
America’s political correctness towards Muslims is very short-sighted and dangerous. One cannot doubt that in spite of the Koran calling for “world domination,” the day will come when Muslims will become integrated in the global community.
In the meantime, United States foreign policy is so misguided that the chasm with Islam is widening rather than narrowing. Hillary Clinton’s supporting the United States effort to “lead from behind” at Arab Springs, was a boost for expanding Sharia law in North Africa. Supporting the removal of Mubarak was another boost to Islamic law, and then Mrs. Clinton calling Bashar Assad a “true reformer,” a declaration that kept the US from supporting what started as a very promising nationalistic and secular rebellion in Syria, to loose its initial effectiveness.
Next there is Iran. President Obama who seems intimidated by anything Muslim is allowing Iran to walk all over the United States. Iran is a [radical] Islamic Republic controlled by an Ayatollah (an emissary of Allah) whose first goal is to dominate the Islamic world, and then the rest of the world. In spite of being Shiite (20% of Islam,) and non-Arab, Iran is following the Koranic directive towards world domination. The nuclear bomb that Iran is developing is designed to first become leader of the whole Islamic Middle East, it already started with Iraq, Syria, and “Palestine’s” Hamas.
The most important question about the Islamic world has to do with its integration into the global community; will it integrate, or will it try to dominate? Since it is unlikely that Iran will have a functioning nuclear bomb before President Obama leaves office, and because it is relatively certain that whoever follow the President into office will not allow the likes of Iran, a third world country, to push the United States around, a case of “the tail wagging the dog,” Islamic domination is unlikely to become reality.
Does this mean that the Islamic World will fall in line and be essentially integrated into the global community? The answer is yes!
The follow-up question: When?
My answer: Not in my lifetime, not in my lifetime!

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US Biased views on International Conflicts! Ukraine, Venezuela versus Syria, what a contrast!

21 Feb

There were seventy killed in the Ukraine, a report said, hundreds injured in Venezuela, another media tidbit…Over five million Muslim refugees were driven out of Syria in the last three years, yet the press in the US is essentially quite about Syria since President Obama capitulated on his red-line to Assad.
Did the American people develop such a callous view of Muslims that when Assad slaughters thousands it is essentially ignored, but when people “more like us” are killed by their governments we are outraged?
Muslims are continuing to kill Muslims, and others when the occasion presents itself, and the rest of the world does not blink a [serious] eye; what should be done?