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Is the Zimmerman case and Obama’s reckless DOJ destroying America’s Jurisprudence?

29 Jun

Is the Zimmerman’s case, and also Obama’s reckless DOJ, destroying America’s Juris-Prudence?
why is the Zimmerman trial getting Hysterical attention that it is getting?
Due to the make-up of the parties involved, one African-American, the other partially while, many in the political arena caused the event to become a racial confrontation.
seizing the opportunity irresponsible people put it on the social media to feed the frenzy. The cable [political] media, for example, MSNBC long ago declared Zimmerman guilty, Fox News declared him innocent; and the trial just started. Social media is doing the same thing What should be a trial based on facts turned into a political and racial circus, an event that is shaming the United States, especially while its Government is trampling on America’s justice, and freedoms!
Adding to the Zimmerman, are DOJ and related activities. There was Fast and fury, the checking of media sources, and the NSA checking of America’s private conversations.
Is irresponsible media that run trials on its outlets, nd a reckless Administration endangering America’s legal being?

Snowden, a catalyst for essential national debate!

26 Jun

Snowden, a catalyst for essential national debate! Did Edward Snowden wake up the “sleeping giant,” called The United States of America,” suggesting that it must not sacrifice freedom of its people in the name of security?
Until more information is out, no one can credibly tell if Edward Snowden was a traitor, a whistle-blower, or a national hero. The sad part that did come to light is America’s standing with the international community, or Hillary Clinton’s legacy from her State Department stint.
There is little doubt that America is better liked around the world than it was when George W. Bush was President, but it much less respected. George W. Bush, not a staler President, but rather a failing one, did “carry a big stick and spoke softly,” while President Obama speaks loudly but abandoned the stick entirely.
The rejection of United States extradition request, or actually demand by Chins was a clear demonstration of that rapidly emerging super-power lack of respect for the United States Administration. Russia rejection of the United States demand goes beyond that of China, it is a demonstration of disdain for the US.
The Chinese, the Islamic World, and a large number of other nations, show no respect for the United States under this Administration. Russia, under Vladimir Putin issue is with the United States, regardless of the Administration in power.
Mrs. Clinton failing performance at State is but another example how policies seldom make good diplomats, they seem to care more about personal image, and for being liked, than for gaining respect for who they represent. Had President Bush appointed a strong Secretary of State to follow Mrs. Clinton, the United States might have avoided some of the present humiliation.
The Snowden case has little do with the respect America has in the world, it does, however, bring out some elements in its character that do not make us proud. When, on September eleven two thousand and one, nineteen young Muslims changed the United States, its character was damaged. The Patriot’s Act, which allows those on power to abuse it, resulted, and remains in place in spite of designed to be a “temporary” measure. That Act, and the power it gives the authorities seems to corrupt those in power. If Edward Snowden simply reacted to abuse of power that he witnessed, then he would deserve to be rewarded by a grateful nation. If Snowden’s motives were anything but the desire to right a wrong, the man should be punished to the full extent of the law. Only time and patience will tell.
In the meantime America must work hard at repairing its image around the world, but one must wonder if President Obama, with Secretary of State Kerry can do the job?

Is Chinese snub a Hillary “fall out?” Or, Hillary’s abysmal legacy!

25 Jun

Is Chinese snub a Hillary “fall out?” Or, Hillary’s abysmal legacy!
Coming off her tenure as one of the worst, if the worst, United States Secretary of State, the fall-out from Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, may be coming back to haunt us.
International relations under Secretary of States Clinton suffered a significant deterioration with many countries, including China, and Russia.
It is very unlikely that if not the damage to relations with China under the Obama/Clinton foreign policy, that China would have ignored the US demand for Snowden’s extradition.
The United States is bound to suffer for many years to come the fall-out from the Hillary Clinton’s inept efforts at State. Most notably would remain the lack of respect other nations are now showing the United States. The country may be more liked than it was under George W. Bush, but it is surly less respected, definitely not feared in any way.

9/11, Snowden, and the America that once was!

23 Jun

On September 11, 2001, nineteen young Muslim men changed America; one can only hope that in time the United States would return back to being its true self, with liberty and freedom for all. The 9/11 action, to cheers of the Islamic world yielded nineteen martyrs, but also created the Patriot’s Act.
Will the brave Mr. Snowden be able to return to the United States? That is going to depend on a number of things. Should what he leaked prove that the Government is indeed acting in an illegal fashion, and heads role, he could come back as a hero. After all, the world accepts the finding of the Nuremberg Trials and acting against authority when the authority demands illegal, or immoral acts is a requirement, not a misdeed.
Will America ever return to be as free as it once was? One must hope, but the hope hangs on whoever assumes power, and how power hungry they may be. Ben Franklin said: “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” His words sure ring true today!

Climate-Science, versus politics, like oil and water: Topics Obama must avoid!

22 Jun

Climate-Science, versus politics, like oil and water: Topics Obama must avoid!

President Obama is about to encounter a slippery slope, science. Science cannot be legislated, it may be slightly redirected through fund allocation, but even that is not a prudent move.
When years ago, in the early 1800’s, Thomas Malthus predicted that the world is going to run out of resources to sustain the human race, panic set in. Many years later the human race proves resilient, without government intervention science adapted to growth.
In the seventies, jay Forrester of MIT developed “dynamic” [human] systems showing the relations between humans and “nature,” and showed how humans adapt.
President Obama with all the “live” issues he has on his hands, and the scandals would be well advised to let the scientific community deal with the environment and simply allocate it the resources to do their job!
Based on human dynamic systems. Scarcity and Growth (Johns Hopkins, 1963,) suggests: “Not only ingenuity but, increasingly, understanding not luck but systematic investigation, are turning the tables on nature, making it subservient to man.”
In closing, I do not accept that nature (who some call G-d, or the Creator,) will ever be subservient to man, but man, through science can, and should be allowed to without interference from either government, or religion, to adapt to the demand of nature, and harness them for the betterment of man.

Obama unwitting, naive, or reckless: Arming terrorists with Syria’s Chemical weapons!

19 Jun

Obama unwitting or naive: Arming terrorists with Syria’s Chemical weapons!
United States President, Barak Hussein Obama is either the most naive, or the most dangerous Presidents in United Statues history.
If Assad’s side wins, Syria will become a Shii nation with Iran and Hezbollah in control, and Russia supplying state-of-the-art equipment.
If the side President Obama plans to support wins, Syria ends up a radical Sunni nation, with strong al Qaeda influence.
In either case Islamic radicals end up with Syria’s large Chemical arsenal, and long-range delivery systems.
Obama’s plan would put US troops in the Gulf, and the entire region, in Harm’s way, what a great foresight, what a dangerous leader is Obama?

Obama to hand Syria’s Chems. to either al Qaeda or Iran/Hezbollah!

19 Jun

Trying for a repeat 200,000 performance in Berlin, while speaking of long-term issues, President Obama is avoiding severe short-term issues with potentially deadly consequences.

Obama to hand Syria’s Chems. to either al Qaeda or Iran/Hezbollah!

Suggesting to arm the Syrian rebels is tantamount to handing over to radical Sunnis, a group led by al Qaeda, may not be a prudent step towards improving the security of the Free World.
Since Assad has the largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world with delivery systems that can reach US troops in the Gulf, Turkey, Jordan, and on the Med.
Should US help aid the rebels, the Sunni side win, Syria would be controlled by extreme Islamism, and it is likely that al Qaeda would control a chemical weapons arsenal that can reach some quarter of a million American troops. If the Assad side wins, Syria would become a Shii control elements, with Iran and Hezbollah controlling the large chemical arsenal that can reach the same number of American troops, and Israel, their mortal enemies.
Short of American troops on the ground to take control of the chemical weapons, Syria would become a source of immediate threat to numerous American troops.
This is a clear case of: “Clear and Present Danger,” while the United States may have a Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) who does not have the internal fortitude to commit American troops to an unavoidable source of danger to numerous American, and allies lives.

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