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Obama on Jerusalem: A betrayal?

14 Jul

Selling out is More than a flip-flop!

When OBAMA switched his announced support of a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he openly betrayed the Jewish people and their 5000 years tradition. Obama announced his support of a unified Jeruslem under Israel in front of a Jewish audience, with large media coverage.

Not hours after his Jerusalem pronouncement did Obama explained to questioners that he made a bad choice of words. He later went further on a CNN interview to suggest that he meant for Jerusalem to return to pre-1967 lines.

Either Obama know nothing about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, or he is an outright opportunist. A united Jerusalem under Israel, versus a Jerusalem adhering to pre-1967 lines, is at the heart of the Middle-East problem; to switch from one position to the other within days, is not only irresponsible, it is enough to question Obama’s ability to ever become an international stateman.

If Obama’s motto of “Change you can believe in” means that you change whenever you can gain the most political edge, then Obama is a man of his word. He is clearly not someone you can trust to stick to commitments if a change enhances his position.