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Iran’s suggesting Harmuz closure, tantamount to declaration of war! Another Ahmadinejad challenge to Obama: “Put up, or…”

28 Dec

Iran’s suggesting Harmuz closure, tantamount to declaration of war! Another Ahmadinejad challenge to Obama: “Put up, or…”

Suggesting twice in two days that it is capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz, and that it can inflict damage to civilian shipping, is tantamount to declaration of war against the United States, its allies, the Arab oil produces of the Gulf, and the rest of the world.

The Ahmadinejad regime put President Obama and his cohorts on notice that it does not either respect, or fear him, his country, and his allies, another challenge to the young American President to act.

The Iran pronouncements could be a two-edged sword, the first to display to the world how inept President Obama at participating in the international arena. The other side, however, is an opportunity for Obama to rebuff all Iran’s attempts and prove him a world leader of significance. The second is an opening for Obama to beef-up the 5th Fleet in the Gulf and made it known that said fleet is equipped with nuclear armament, and delivery systems that can reach any spot in Iran that it chooses.

In order to demonstrate a true United States resolve, President Obama may also arrange for joint naval military exercises with the Israeli navy in the Gulf, Egypt already made it possible for Israeli submarines to go through the Suez on their way to the Gulf.

If President Obama does not take positive action in face of Iran’s pronouncement about closure of the Strait, the American President will again prove that the United States is nothing but a paper-tiger, and that he, Obama, is totally incapable as a participant in international diplomacy and politics.

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In politics common-sense gave way to “labels” they should be replaced by actual beliefs:

28 Dec

In the 2012 election, semantics are taking over for common sense. It is important to realize that there are no pure liberals, conservati­ves, or libertaria­ns, nor pure Republican­s or Democrats. Essentially no individual is completely on either the left, or right of the political spectrum.

Political labels are description of theoretical policies and can seldom be applied in a pragmatic manner. After some 130 years of the American democracy, it is time for politicians shed off labels and offers the electorate their actual beliefs.

Each one of these labels has within it elements of the others, perhaps in varying degrees, but never the less they are all somewhat hybrids. It may be time for candidates start to truly present to you their actual beliefs, not what they expect that the voting public desires.

Iran: Beneficiary of US [complete] Iraq withdrawal; towards domination of Islam!

28 Dec

 Iran beneficiary of US [complete] Iraq withdrawal; towards domination of Islam:

The United States leaving Iraq in control of Shiites who are close to Ahmadinejad and his Ayatollahs, was a 2011 Christmas present that will may make up for the likely loss of Syria, the only Arab, excepting the Hamas controlled Gaza strip, client state.

The loss of Syria, Iran’s conduit to Hezbollah, and Hamas, in large part can, and likely be made up by gaining a foothold, and some level of control of Iraq. Iran, in its move towards domination of the Arab world is a beneficiary whenever a political, vacuum is left, as it is in Iraq. The US complete withdrawal will serve Iran well.

Early destabilization of Iraq’s government is order to eliminate non-Shiites from the government is likely to be the first step. Soon afterwards one can count on having an Ayatollah appointed for Iraq, beyond that one should anticipate that Iraq would be a full-fledged client state of Iran.

Unless Iran is relieved of its nuclear development process, by Western states, Israel, or the United States, one will likely witness a major development of history, and step towards Iran’s domination of much of Islam, but in a very unstable manner that will render the Middle East unsafe for many years to come.

Consistent with US inept foreign policy the early and complete withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake of history, a mistake that make come back to haunt the United States, unless by a flux of luck, Iran blows, and its Islamic regime is removed by a democratic government.

Two months tax cut: Obama’s virtual win but an actual loss!

22 Dec

In two months when the tax cut issue comes up in the midst the election at a time that it would be clear how ill-advised was the two months rather than a year extension, it would be a key element that will hurt Obama’s re-election attempt.

Two months extension was foolhardy, but it was the only thing Obama, America’s compromiser was able to get, it was done at what time will prove was a large cost to the economy, and Obama will come out the loser. Sometime short-term is prudent, sometime it is not; the two months time-cut will prove to have been a very wrong action, just before the end of 2011.

President Obama: America’s [dis]Honest Broker, twisting facts?

22 Dec

President Obama brought to the stage a number of citizens in order to support his view that two months tax cut extension is what is wanted, and needed.

Omaha made two glaring errors. When speaking of $1,000.00 savings per year, or $40.00 per paycheck, implication $40.00 per week, when in reality the $40.00 would be per two weeks!

Obama second error was to read what people said the $40.00 would mean. One person said that he would not be able to take his daughter out to pizza; so what? Buy store pizza and enjoy your daughter at home.  Another response included charities; how essential is that in one’s day-to-day living?

Since the one-year extension was what Obama wants, but is willing to give up so that he can go on vacation, the man is violating his trust. Why not send negotiator as Boehner requested and agree to the one-year option. Should the President agree to such negotiation he can bring back the surtax on millionaires, and do so as an up and down option while using other items, such as the Keystone pipeline, as options for sweetening the deal.

Delusional Obama thinks 4th best, actually tied for 3rd worst:

21 Dec

Delusional Obama thinks he is 4th best, actually tied for 3rd worst:

President Obama is a horrible President; he is in league with Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, as the worst President(s) United States history.

Obama is a superb orator, perhaps one of the best in the annals of man. In spite of oratorical skill, President Obama is a poor communicator; oratory and communications are two different capabilities.

President Obama is a capitulator who often gives up on what he believes in favor of his legacy. Obama is proud of the amount of legislation passed while in office. The President does not mention that nearly every bit of legislation under his watch was watered down. From giving up on public option in the healthcare bill, to allowing short term of increasing the ceiling for the US debt, to leaving in Bush tax-cuts to the rich, and now the tax-cut to the middle class. The list of items in which President Bush capitulated is near endless: Barak Hussein Obama earned his stripes as the US Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.)

Today President Obama suggested that he might be one of four best US Presidents; he clearly, is not!

Look at his foreign policy. Give credit where credit is due, his dealing with Al Qaeda were impressive, from taking out Bin Laden and a number of his key people, to warding off a number of potential attacks on the United States and its allies. Obama also did stand behind supplying weaponry to Israel, but on the other hand, his treatment of that ally, especially in public, leaves a great deal to be desired.

Obama’s other dealing in the international arena leave a lot to be desired. President Obama sacrificed the missile shield for Europe to appease the Russians who did not offer qui pro quo, but simply laughed at the young President and his inept Secretary of State. Iran and North Korea do not take Obama seriously, and the US image that was terrible when Obama took office, started to improve during his early Presidency, but then declined to now be on par with how it was under George W. Bush.

Ego is one thing! But, for someone as inept as Obama is proving to be, one who seems to feel that he is one of four best Presidents (while he is indeed one of the worst,) is another indication that the man is in the wrong job and should not be returned…

While 25% Americans are poor; why waste $ on meaningless Iowa caucuaes?

21 Dec

The irrelevance of the Iowa caucuses!

 How can Americans, as a nation justify spending million of dollars for the totally irrelevant Iowa caucuses when nearly 20 million American are either unemployed, or under-employed?

This year the group of potential Republican candidates is not a stellar collection of potential losers. In spite of the fact that the group is weak, there is a chance that one member of the group could become the GOP Presidential candidate. The Iowa early voice, which is determined in caucuses, has nothing to do with the candidate selection, it is a shameful waste of money at the time that so many Americans are poor.

Adding to that irrational behavior is the fact that out of seven candidates only about half have any qualification that would allow the public to consider them seriously as Presidential candidates.

Nearly not qualified for “prime time” (in order of those higher in the poles): Ron Paul (the Nevil Chamberlain of the twenty-first century,) Michele Bachmann (lack of general knowledge, i.e. US Embassy in Iran,) Rick Perry (unprepared as he demonstrated in various occasions during the present process,) and Rick Sentorum (whose life and total approach to life evolves around religion.

Why is America spending so many millions on meaningless primaries when so many of its people are living below the poverty level?

Boehner insistence on one year tax-cut; an Opportunity for an Obama redemption; Or, a chance for Obama leadership.

20 Dec


Boehner insistence on one year; an Opportunity for Obama redemption!

Extending the “middle class” tax for two months would be a sham effort by Washington that will have to deal with in two months, in the middle of election activities. I seldom agree with Speaker Boehner, but I do now, get a year extension the tax-cut and associated items, allowing you an opportunity to deal with taxes in a more comprehensive way after the 2012 election.

Should Reid and the Senate returns to the negotiation table, as they should, President Obama can give instruction to Reid that will bring back the surtax on millionaires and for a change not capitulate. With that on the table it is not unlikely that the GOP will not feel confident enough to reject it and raise the public ire.

Obama, here is your opportunity, get the tax-tax extended for one year, and bring back the surtax on millionaires. Be a leader Mr. President the nation had enough of your capitulation.

Two-months tax-cut irresponsible! One-year tax-cut offer GOP cannot reject.

20 Dec

Two-months tax-cut  irresponsible!

I seldom agree with Speaker Boehner, but when he is right, he is right. Extending the “tax-cut for the middle class,” for two months will simply postpone the inevitable. If he is successful in rejecting the agreement as passed by the Senate, let us hope that President Obama take the opportunity to pass rational  legislation.

A delay so close to the end of the year could make Obama into a leader. What Obama could do:

Agree to one year agreement.

Insist on surtax on millionaires.

Agree to approve, not just set a date for the Keystone pipeline.

The President can get such package passed by the Senate ASAP, and explain to the House that he sign such package, no changes before year-end to give the middle class it tax-cut; a one time offer, the House will not ne able to pass such deal.

Obama: America’s [Consistent] Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.)…

17 Dec

Obama’s staff was quick to state that allowing Keystone consideration in the unemployment and tax bill is not “a blink,” even though it really is. It is especially a blink when one realizes that the item of funding via surtax on millionaires is also missing.

It should be considered a blink since in the case of Obama capitulating is the rule, not the exception! It is clearly a capitulation. Obama, America’s Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.) struck again! Also, where is the surtax on millionaires?

In politicians consistency is generally considered a positive, providing said politician is consistent about good behavior, and good ideas. Consistently giving up on good ideas in order to accomplish necessary, but watered-down actions, may actually not be a desirable means for a politician to function…

President Barak Hussein Obama of the United States is consistent about capitulation to the GOP; is consistency in the case a positive trait?