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Obama endorsing Gaddafi: “President for Life!”

19 Mar

ObPresident Barak Hussein Obama of the United States, just informed Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s President, that the United States will only support the Security Counsel resolution for a “fly zone,” and the protection of civilians, in a timid manner that will allow the Libyan dictator to call for democratic election, run for President, and win the position; FOR LIFE!

Obama announcement that the United States will not use fighter planes, nor will it participate in ground activity. The United States President informed the Libyans that it shall not participate in any activity that could militarily defeat the Libyans, but that to the world will appear as if it is protecting civilians, and causing a democracy to begin. Obama by releasing a “paper tiger,” is trying to appear as if he is a worldly diplomat, when in reality he, and Secretary are foreign policy ineptness second to none in history.

Little does the naive American President, with his “Islamic instincts and sympathies,” and his desire to be viewed as a world-class diplomat, that his [very] late reaction to events in Libya, are no more effective, likely less, than is his attempts at diplomacy with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

Not stopping Gaddafi militarily is likely ro transform the Libyan leader from a dictator to a legitimate democratically elected “president for Life,” courtesy, Barak Hussein Obama, and the United States of America!