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Jindal should become [Gulf] “Oil-spill Czar”/C.i.C.

25 Jun

Since the oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the nations most pressing problem, a national focus as well as a point of control and responsibility must be established.

Barak Obama is President, there is no way President Obama can devote undivided attention to the oil-spill problem. Others who are already involved, are without sufficient authority, stature, or ability, to manage and solve the problem.

I thought, as others did (i.e. AOL article,) of General Norman Schwarzkopf, but he is too old and not familiar enough with oil exploration technology.

Then I thought: How about Bobby Jindal?

For President Obama to appoint Bobby Jindal oil-spill Czar, would be brilliant move. Jidal appears to be an effective manager, has first-hand knowledge of the problem, and is clearly full of positive energy.

Jindal could be put in a position that BP at the “spill” (under some kind of receivership), the part of the Coast Guard and other military resources involved in the “soill”, as well as all other key players involved in trying to solve the oil-spill problem, report to him, and he calls the final shots; in a word, the “buck will stop with him,” and then with the President, of course, who serves as the ultimate and final back-stop.

Since this oil-spill is today’s “the” major national priority, Governor Jindal cannot turn down the responsibility, if offered. Accepting the role, to return to his “day job” after the assignment is completed, will be an honorable service to the nation; this is nothing like Governor Sarah Palin quitting the Alaska Governorship in order to amass her own fortune.

A Jindal acceptance of a position to solve this major national problem, would be an act of patriotism, a commendable public service. A Jindal appointment as “National oil-spil Czar” would be a brilliant and positive move by the President of the United States.

Obama’s sacrifice: “Standing in the rain”; pitiful!

16 Jun

Obama’s sacrifice: Standing in the rain; pitiful!

There is little, or no doubt, that President Obama is a great orator when he is in the right frame of mind. No one will forget his speech at the Democratic convention, or his presentation in Berlin; but there are some low-points, such as his speech in Cairo!

Recently, perhaps due to stress caused by the BP oil spill, Barak Hussein Obama, had a number of visible lapses in his oratory skills.

When trying to convince the American public that he is properly attuned to the Gulf oil spill, Obama told his national audience, that he was standing in the rain talking to fishermen about possible issues due to the oil spill.

“Standing in the rain,” a great sacrifice!

The rain statement reminds one of a professional football player who is making millions, but complains about playing on a wet field; what a pitiful posture!

President Obama second big oratory blunder was introducing his Energy Secretary, while addressing the nation about the catastrophic Gulf oil spill, as the “Nobel Prize winner,” who cares? That introduction was especially out of line since the value of the Nobel Prize has diminished considerably after President Obama was awarded his.

The President needs to learn how to focus and deal with issues and not try to sway the public thinking by using shallow tactics…

Obama’s Oval Office demonstration of ineptness

16 Jun

President Barak Hussein Obama remains an example of the Peter Principle, functioning at his level of incompetence! While operating at his level of incompetence, Barak Obama catching up, or perhaps even surpassing Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, as the worst United States President of modern times…

Barak Obama again proves that a great Orator does not a leader make. In his June 15, 2010 Oval Office speech the American President did not satisfy the need of the American people in a time of crises, the President did not even project his unusual magnetic ability to capture his audiences. Obama’s speech did not demonstrate leadership, it did not even suggest that the Government has matters in hand.

The dreamer, orator, and apparent visionary that Barak Obama seemed to be at the start of his Presidency, now appears to be an inept little man searching for straws to latch on to, looking for solutions to problems that appear completely outside his scope of understanding.

It is not experience that Barak Obama lacks, as some would have you believe; Barak Hussein Obama lacks the ability to lead, more importantly, he lacks the ability to manage and deal with problems. A theoretician, orator, and gifted politician, Obama is not a pragmatic leader and therefore causing domestic problems that he cannot handle. His lacking leadership is also allowing international foes to take advantage of every moves he makes.

At a time when the Obama Administration was able to get Russia, and China to go along with a fourth round of sanctions on Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that by March 2011 Iran will have another enrichment plant running, and that ten more were approved for future introduction. Due to concentration on the severe oil problems in the United States, the Obama Administration is simply allowing the Iranians to continue to mock it, and to challenge the US leadership position in the world.

Under Barak Hussein Obama the United States standing in the world is getting weaker every day. The Islamic world mocks Obama, European don’t trust him, and other are looking for signs that President Obama is worthy of the position that he holds, and that the United States under his leadership is a worthy participant in world politics.