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Obama, a figment of the public imagination:

29 Nov

There is no Barak Obama!

President-elect Barak Obama, is in reality a virtual person. The American public voted for the virtual-Obama, the person it wished for, not the person that Obama actually is.
The handsome tallish Mulatto with his captivating smile, a voice made in heaven, and oratory skills second to none, is a figment of the public collective imagination; or perhaps, a gift from the Creator to the world, his crumbling creation!
The person that is Barak Obama, the one that the American public elected, is not the person you see, it is rather: JFK, Superman, the Messiah (a la Louis Farrakhan, and others,) Winston Churchill, and the Christ Himself, all rolled into one…
In desperate times people resort to desperate measures, electing Barak Obama is such a measure. The Obama election could prove an act of the Creator and “save” the Nation, or turn out to be just another blimp on the radar screen of history.
The “Change” promised as is demonstrated by early selection of staff, will not come from Obama. If a change occures it will come from the minds, and possibly actions, of the American public.
Let us hope for the best realizing that Obama is not a panacea, but that he is very likely to be a great improvement over President George W. Bush, one of the worse Presidents in the history of the United States.
Good luck Barak Hussein Obama, let the Creator be with you!

PS There is indeed a Barak Obama who from all indications is a very fine person, but as elected, he became what the public wanted him to be, rather than what he really is. Let’s hope that, at least in part, the real and virtual Obamas merge and become one… 

Some elections fall-out; a “short-list:”

19 Nov

Some quick items that resulted from the 2008 US Presidential election”

  • A positive win for President-elect Barak Obama in spite of denying his Islamic birthrights of which he should be proud — Congratulations!
  • Obama’s good selection of a chief-of-staff who incidentally has Israeli birthrights
  • A stoppage of rupturing women rights by Falin leaving the national scene
  • A relief from having to listen to the arrogance off CNN’s Blitzer proclaiming that he and his political team is/are the best (especially since they were not…)

There is much more, but this may be a good early start…

America: We are not the “greatest…”

19 Nov

After about two years of hearing politicians, and the media, continue to state that America is the greatest nation on earth, that the US military is the best military on the planet, and that we are the freest people in the world, we come to find out that “the people” must bail out this greatest of greats, or it will falter.

The automobile industry, “backbone” of the US economy, is in shambles. It seems that some inferior people with slanted eyes and who live far away out produced America’s “most productive” people in the world, to the point that taxpayers have to be called upon to bail out the greatest industries of them all.

America’s land of opportunity finds itself in a position that “the people’s” investments in securing their own futures are now in jeopardy. America’s greatest military of them all does not seem to accomplish many of the tasks given them by “the nation.”

The amount of money required to run a major political campaign in the United States was proven in 2008 to make America not the land of equal opportunity to all, but actually to make those with money “more equal,” than for those who are less fortunate. The free press of the United States proved in the 2008 elections that being biased and using its immense influence to promote one candidate over the other, could sway, if not actually direct, the democratic process. While skewing the political landscape, the media kept referring to itself as being “the greatest,” demonstrating a posture of arrogance that is made of while-cloth.

There is little or no doubt that America is a great country. But like other great nations in history, it is becoming arrogant and may cause its own demise. Perhaps it will only lose its leadership position, and not actually disappears, but arrogance already reduced its economic viability.

America must be careful and not encourage mediocrity; it must not come to the rescue of every “great” institution that fails because its failure may affect the rest of the nation. America must be made to stand on its own two feet and become an equal partner in the global community of nations. America must shed off its self-image of being the best, or greatest, it is not that any more, if it ever were…

The “bailouts” crime

19 Nov

Starting with the $700 Billion financial institution bailouts, and moving own to a discussion of an automobile industry bailout, the United States congress, and the Administration, is perpetrating a crime!


Mike Todd, of Elizabeth Taylor fame, paraphrasing what he used to say in explaining the secret to his financial success, that to owe a tremendous amount of money, much more than he could ever repay made sure that his [well to do] creditors would not let him fail so that they do not ultimately lose the money that they were owed. This philosophy may be flawed, and it is not likely that Todd meant it literally, but present day automobile industry situations seem to fall in that kind of category.


The automakers made it clear to the United States Congress that if they fail, millions of jobs would be lost! Serving “the people,” Congress cannot let millions of its constituents join the ranks of the unemployed; it must keep the automobile companies in business and use “the people’s” money for the task.


If a typical member of “the people” was to fall so far behind, the law will likely be called upon to “fix” the problem. The individual would have to be held ac countable and live up to the responsibility of living up to legal commitments. Why should large industries be made to live up to the same standard?


The pragmatic answer is simple; holding the likes of the automakers responsible would hurt the nation, not something that the Congress can allow happening.


What is the alternative?


Those executives who were at the helm when the irresponsible spending took place should not only be deprived of “bonuses,” they should be made to pay reparation to the public, and if the damage reaches a given level, those responsible should punished in an appropriate legal manner, even incarceration if deemed necessary.  

The executives who justify the obsene pays by claiming to be “the best of the best” should be made to prove their value by fixing the problem, or be punished in a suitable manner. Those voting for baiouts should be dealt with especially if those who they help bailout are owed political favors.

The 2008 US election; was Allah a factor?

5 Nov

In the eyes of Allah, once a  Muslim always a Muslim. The President-elect of the United States of American is of Muslim-birth, and under the eyes of many is, and always will be, a servant of Allah, his rejection of this notion notwithstanding.


The fact that Barak Hussein Obama was elected President will have a tremendous effect on African-American, and other Muslims in the United States. Ranks of Muslims, in spite of Obama’s insistent that he is a Christian, will swell, but many miss-representations of its merits will also likely to spread.


I am not a Muslim! I read the Koran, but I am not a Muslim; yet I believe that Allah spoke, Allah intervened in the United States Presidential election.

Studies of the Old Testament and related Jewish Scripture, as well as scrutiny of the New Testament, do not preclude me from concluding that the 2008 United States Presidential election was in large part guided by Allah, the founder and foundation of Islam, the youngest of the three major monotheist religions.


Senator John McCain is not a stupid person, yet he picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate. McCain picked an avid conservative as his Vice Presidential running mate at a time when President George W. Bush was destroying conservatism in the United States. Governor Palin was a symbol of right wing conservatism, a lightning rod, if you will, to add fuel a “movement” that Senator Obama already started. Was Senator McCain on a mission to destroy his political future, or was his choice [of Palin] a result of divine intervention?


In spite of denials, President-elect Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim-born servant to Allah. Being a servant to the Lord, whatever name one chooses to use as reference to the Creator, does not necessarily mean practicing the religion. The Creator works in mysterious ways! One does not have to be radical in one’s views to realize that in Islam, once a servant of Allah, always a servant of Allah, one’s own words to the contrary not withstanding.


A Muslim-born, practicing Christian, with a Hebrew first name (Barak means thunder, Obama, however, on s number of occasions said that the name was rather meant to be Baruchwhich in Hebrew means blessed), and who is half black-African, and half white-Kansan as President of the United States, cannot simply be the result of citizenry participation in a political process. The selection of Barak Hussein Obama to become President of the United States of America has all the earmarks of Divine intervention.


However, one must watch for those extremists who may wish to attribute Obama’s election to Allah’s message of a world united under Islam, others should be scrutinized who may suggest that his election was a message suggesting that blacks are superior. Most rational people are likley to just accept it as the Creator’s directed step in evolution of the human element within the Creation. Whatever the reason, Obama’s election appears to posses some wisdom beyond that which humans exhibit.


The rise of a Muslim-born man to power would empower Muslim all over the world. The fact that Barak Obama is black (though technically a Mulatto) would do miracles to black egos and self-esteem. These traits, however, are also likely to cause some inter-racial problems in the United States, and worldwide.


There will be those who may suggest that Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is an Islamic organization and try to associate it with legitimate Islam; that will be damaging and wrong. If many join the Nation of Islam, or similar fascist organizations, due to Obama’s election, then all the good it had done may be quickly erased.


Obama’s election should be put in its perspective. It was means for crossing color, religious, and ethnic lines and unite all people under a mandate that came from the Creator, or Allah, if you so chose. Under Obama Presidency the people of the United States, and other members of the global community should be vigilant and allow it to become a launching pad for bigotry, and mislead quasi-Islamic radical views.