Obama’s and the betrayal of Israel!

8 Jul

Obama’s and the betrayal of Israel, and the chasm grows!

Notwithstanding Rham Emanuel Israeli connection, the fact that Hilary Clinton would have not been voted into the Senate without NY’s Jewish vote, and Joe Biden’s self proclaimed Zionism, the Obama Administration continues to enlarge the chasm between the United States and Israel.

Speeches to the Islamic world seeking friendship and forgiveness, set the tone, Obama appears to prefer Islamic alliances to one with Israel.

When Obama attempted to orderNetanyahu not to authorize more building on the West Bank, the aura of friendship was replaced with a fundamentally adversarial relationship.

When Obama proclaimed to the world that Islam was never, and will never an enemy of the United States he failed to realize many things, not the least of are early declaration by most Islamic nations that Israel is their enemy, one that they wish to destroy. Isn’t a friend’s enemy your enemy?

Most recently Biden, and than Obama, stated t the world that the United States did not give Israel the green-light to take-out Iran’s nukes. Since the Iran nuclear issue has to do with Israel’s security, how dare Obama tell the Israelis that they are not to defend themselves? Or, was the message another capitulation to Ahmadinejad who seems to have Obama, just where he wants him!


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