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Obama versus McCain: Of the people?

1 Sep

With little or no “Convention bump,” one may ask: Who is more of the people, the Democrats, or Republicans?

The Choice of an 80,000-seat football stadium to display their candidate suggested that Democrats are more into show than the serious business of the Nation. At a time when the United States is in an economic crunch, people around where the Convention was held having home foreclosures, jobs lost, and standard of living falling like a rock, showing the glitz and spending the money on the Convention was not a display of good judgment, or of having compassion for the people they wish to represent.

In a start contrast were the plans for the Republican Convention that were modest and business-like. The Republican Convention was further helped by Hurricane Gustav, an act of nature that played a hand in getting Senator McCain to show his priorities: The interest of the public ahead of partisan politics.

Did times change the nature of the two parties? Did events? Or, are we seeing the natural evolution that reflects a changing society?

Or, are we simply witnessing two personalities who represent their parties?

Barak Obama, the Democrat: The charismatic orator, the showman, and in spite of having a modest beginning, the elitist, the man who loves crowds, and who seems to thrive on the recognition that comes with celebrity,


The Republican, Senator John McCain: The sober person from an elitist background, but one who seems to be in touch with the common-man and not comfortable in large crowd settings.

Is the historic perspective of Democrats being of the people, while Republicans being the wealthy elite, change?