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Calling a spade a spade: More people killed in the name of religion than for any other reason. The Holocaust, and Islamic Jihad, two leading offenders!

7 Oct

This blog is intended to dispel notions that religions are peaceful, and that in order to be “politically correct,” one must not offend believers.

Attention will be given to United States politics versus that of others, and a discussion of how the present Administration is dealing with friends, and with foes, will take place. With a critical eye, discussion of the Administration “political correctness,” and its blind-eye to violent Islam (and that of other religions,) will be pursued.

An examination of the need to maintain the quality of life of as much of the American public as possible (even at the expense of some minorities,) in face of terrorist threats to the United States, will take place. The premise that “the good of the many supersedes that of the few,” will be examined in face of the fact that Muslims should be “profiled” based on the role members of their Islamic faith play in most of today’s terrorist acts around the word.

The view of this blog is that “profiling” can be done with care, and without causing undue indignities to those being “profiled.” Those “profiled” can be made to understand that the act is not against them individually, but that it is rather because they happen to be members of a group that endanger others. Israel is a case in point. Israeli security screeners seem to go to great length not to offend those Muslims that they “profile;” there is no reason why American “profilers” cannot do the same.

Finally, American foreign policy will be reviewed, especially as it relates to the Middle East, to United States and the Islamic World, and to its relations with “friends and foes,” alike. Special attention will be given to the United States failure to reduce threats from the likes of North Korea, and Iran…
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Returning to the purpose and reason for this blog:

Particular attention will be given to the fact that the major source of today international terror is done in the name of Islam, and the largest single event that destroyed [innocent] people, and did so because of their religious beliefs, or ethnicity, was the Holocaust. The fact that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vows to “wipe Israel off the map,” an act that he may well be able to carry out after enough nuclear devices are produced by his regime, will be carefully monitored, especially in light of that fact that such an event would be approaching the magnitude of the Holocaust, if it occurs.

Close scrutiny will be given the Middle East, including, but not limited to the fact that the State of Israel is the major obstacle to Islamic encroachment on the Western world. Will Israel with its formidable nuclear arsenal, “take-out” Ahamadinejad’s nuclear capability, which could be deployed against Europe, as well as Israel? The apparent deterioration in United States relations with Israel will also be reviewed, especially with an eye on President Obama’s apparent Islamic sympathies, which do not seem to be always reciprocal.

In the Twenty-first Century armed conflict seems to be concentrated among Muslims. War between brethren (i.e. Yeman and Saudi; Somalia; the Sudan, etc.), or conflict in the name of Islam, a Jihad, if you will, the means for forcing Islam on the world. Another item of interest has to do with the fact that the Muslims are divided, Shiites, Sunnis, and others, they are continuously at each other’s throat. Islam is using Israel, or what they call Zionism, as a uniting element, a “temporary glue” that hold them together for their present common cause, if they did not have Zionism to exploit, and their own one can expect a set of catastrophic conflicts (i.e. the recent Iran/Iraq war, etc.).

Not being Islamophobic, I have read the Koran and realize that those who believe, those who accept its words, must rid the word od infidels, not a peaceful suitable for civilized societies. That notwithstanding, it is clear that modern Muslims can, and do, accept the Koran in a manner compatible with Twenty-first Century society; and, like religious Jews who do not put to death those who do keep the Sabbath, or stone adulterers, adhere to the religion yet let others (infidels) believe as they wish.

Strict adherence to the Koran requires all Muslims to destroy infidels, but in reality, most Muslims accept a compromise, just like Christians, and Jews do, and adjust to be compatible with the world in which they live.