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Obama must learn to speak TO, not at, the people…

7 Sep

Jesse Jackson said it, and most people recognize it: Barak Obama speaks over, and at the people, not to the people. Senator Obama does not speak TO the people, as one must do in order to be heard in a democratic election.

Obama criticized the Republicans for dealing with the voting public as if it is “stupid.” In reality, it is he, the great orator is the one who make his audiences feel stupid by not speaking directly to them, but rather at them. This habit is an implication that I don’t speak [directly] to you because you are not smart enough to understand the [uniquely] smart me.

Obama was called an elitist, which he may or may not be. Be that as it may, his manner of speaking does make him appear as an [intellectual] snob. The Illinois Senator may not actually be a snob, but his oratorical gift clearly makes it appear as if he is aloof and stays away from communicating to, or with “the common man.”

When in small crowds Obama responds to participants questions with orations, rather than by simple words is a quite voice. The Obama handlers may recognize the problems and because of that decided to keep him away from debating McCain in a town-hall format. Staying away from the format, however, is not the answer. To be an effective politician in a representative democracy, Barak Obama must learn how to communicate directly with the people.