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Capitulating again: Obama’s “Joint Session” fiasco!

1 Sep

When President Obama gave up the Public Option in his Health Bill, it was a disappointing surprise. Then, the President let the Bush tax cut remain during the budget negotiation, and it rang an alarm; does the man have character? Can he ever stand behind his principles?  Then came the capitulation on the debt ceiling, it was a new high in disappointment! 

When on August 31, 2011, President Barak Hussein Obama, blatantly challenged the Republican House leader to allow a speech to the joint houses of Congress, at a time scheduled for a Republican candidates Presidential debate, the young and apparently inept American President, crossed the line, allowing politics to supercede what is best for the nation. Fortunately, Speaker Boehner rejected the President request, and America’s Capitulator in Chief, capitulated again.

Capitulating at every turn and demonstrating a questionable set of values, only add to President Obama’s standing as perhaps, tied with George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter,  the worst United States President ever.

The only question left: What important principle will President Obama sacrifice next?

Will Obama trade Israel’s security for his own legacy? Or, is oil more important than Jews (Israel?)

3 Jun

An ill planned, ill-fated Obama trip to the Islamic Middle East, is a slap in the face of Israel and its supported.  In addition to capitulating to Islamic leader, bowing to their kings, and now suggesting that the rogue Islamic nation of Iran has the right to have nuclear power at its disposal, Obama seems to be ready to allow the chasm between Israel, the only democratic ally that the United States in the Middle East, to grow.

Communicating with ones enemies may be OK, but negotiating with an enemy that is on record for destroying ones ally, is not; yet Obama is willing to hold discussions with the Iranians whose leaders are bound and determined to destroy Israel.

At the risk of losing Islamic allies (which the United States does not really have,) Obama is apologizing to the Islamic world for acts that the Unites States should not apologize for, for actions that were done in good faith, actions that may have well been the correct actions for the time and place.

Barak Obama must not try to judge actions of past Administrations, nor apologize for those who behind him did the best job they could. Obama also must guard against unrealistic ambitions. The President desire for oil independence should not be allowed to sacrifice allies such as Israel.

It is very important to avoid temptation, become cult followers of Obama, and accept his rhetoric’s about peaceful Islam. The American public could be easily trapped by Obama’s oratory excellence and start to believe that a sacrifice of Israel may ease oil prices, and bring about world peace; it will not, even some voices in the US are emerging that suggest Israel should not get the support given it by the United States if it have adverse effect on Islamic relations, more importantly, on the supply of Arab oil; please all be vigil or an irreparable rapture may develop, a rapture that may end any and all hopes for real word peace!

Al-Arabia: Obama’s Islamic roots emerging; is Israel being sacrificed?

29 Jan

Is President Barack Obama’s foolish and irresponsible interview with Al-Arabia a result of his Muslim-birth, and a bond with Islam that he is finally displaying, or was the selection of Al-Arabia another demonstration that [the Bush] pro-Israel policies are about to change?


To chose Al-Arabia, an openly anti-Israel, anti Zionism, anti-American (at least while allied with Israel), and anti-Jewish, news organization, as the first television channel for an interview, is a slap in the face to many allies of the United States, and to many people who voted Barack Hussein Obama into office.


Since the Obama Administration is so dead-set at destroying everything the was done by the Bush Administration; would Israel turned out to be thae baby that went down with the bathwater; or would Israel lose because it was strongly supported by Bush, or would Israel be sacrificed because of Obama’s Mulim-birth; or could Israel maintain United States support becasue it is the right ting to do? Only time will tell how Israel will fare, so far, however, under the Obama Administration, it has a lot to fear, beyond just fear itself.


The Al-Arabia selection also enhances Iran’s Ahmadinejad position, which suggests that Islam is so powerful that the United States must modify its posture towards this ruthless and primitive religion. Muslims recognized President Obama’s capitulation to the Islamic world as a demonstration of weakness versus Islam. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for example, welcomed and publicly voiced his appreciation of President Obama’s apologies to the Islamic world during his interview with Al-Arabia. Ahmadinejad, however, is insisting that the United States must apologize to Iran separately. Ahmadinejad, who recently demonstrated his global influence by causing* the Christmas war in Gaza, seems to understand that regardless to statements to the contrary, Obama’s Muslim-birth has a great deal to do with who Obama is!


Since most of the Islamic world is made up of Semites, and because Iran is an Aryan nation, one can sympathize with Ahmadinejad demand, providing one believes that the United States did indeed wrong the Islamic world, which it did not!


President Obama may be very popular in the United States; his recent actions demonstrate that political expediency is more important to Obama than are earlier commitments and loyalties. Examples of Obama’s flighty nature are the cases of the Reverend Wright, and of Mr. Ayers who are but two close associates that Obama threw under the bus because they appeared to represent political liabilities.


After months of insisting that he is not, and never was a Muslim, Barack Obama finally came out of the closet and used his Muslim name, Hussein, when he was sworn in. By Shariya (Islamic law) once a Muslim always a Muslim, The Koran does not have provisions for a Muslim to convert out of Islam; to the contrary, whoever convert out of the religion receives an immediate death sentence. Technically, Barack Hussein Obama is under a Shariya death sentence since he was born a Muslim and later converted to Christianity.


President Obama’s selection of Al-Arabia as the outlet for his first television interview does not seem to appear as an innocent though poor, choice, the selection seems to be the beginning of a dangerous trend, a precedence setting event that may signal a shift in US policies under Obama to an approach to the world that may strengthen Islam and move it forward toward the world domination that is predicted by the Koran.


President George W. Bush was not a popular President, but he did work at keeping the United States safe from those who would like to destroy it.  Obama is moving away from the Bush approach to terrorism while giving openings to [Islamic] terrorists who are waiting for an opportunity to inflict as much damage on the United States as possible. We must all hope that Obama misguided ties to Islam will not come home to roost, or that the Islamic world does not take advantage of Obama’s soft spot regarding his Muslim-birth.



*Ahmadinejad started the recent conflict in Gaza by getting his surrogate, Hammas, to terminate a cease-fire with Israel and lob numerous rockets into Southern Israel on Christmas Eve. Note that the timing was selected to start on the Christian Holiday, and would have to stop on the United States Presidential inauguration, since Israel would not dare destroy that special day for the new President.

Clinton: Because, he is like me…

28 Aug

President Clinton endorsed Barak Obama and suggested that those (like he and wife were a couple of months ago) who say that Obama does not have enough experience to be Commander in Chief, are wrong.

Clinton’s message: My opponents, when I was running for President, were criticizing me for being too inexperienced to be Commander in Chief; and just like I turned out to be a great C.i.C. so will Obama. I endorse Obama because he will be like me, great!

Bill Clinton forgot that it was not about him, Bill Clinton forgot about Somalia, Bill Clinton forgot about the USS Cole, and about the numerous misses at getting Osama bin Laden, etc., etc. — does the country want another Bill Clinton? Does the country want Barak obama? 

Like Bill Clinton, and perhaps with an edge, Barak Obama is a great speaker and motivator, but also like Bill Clinton, Obama is brash, inexperienced, charismatic, and an arrogant young man. Does the country want a real black-American (in this case a Mulatto) President after the “blackest white man” (as Clinton was dabbed by much of the Afro-American community) as its President?

Vacationing while Georgia is Burning?

20 Aug

Obama is not yet Commander in Chief, but when events that are changing global distribution of power and influence are taking place, he should show interest and involvement in real time, perhaps from Washington DC where as a Senator he can be current on events, not from Hawii where he is vacationing.

Vacation with families is not a bad thing, but for someone who has the ambition to take over until recently (one may argue that Mr. Putin may be assuming that role,) the most powerful job in the world to remain on vacation when global balance of power and influence may be changing, is at best a demonstration of poor judgement. Just like President Bush (who unlike Obama did have the responsibility for action,) image and credibility suffered when he failed to react to Katrina in a timely manner, Obama remaining in Hawii while “Georgia was burning,” will add another chink in his armor; ir will show another flaw in his foreign policy credibility.

As President Bush learned during Katrina, the Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) does not have a time for vacation, his job is 24/7/365; there may be enough time for Obama who may be C.i.C.-in-learning to learn that the President is indeed a FULL time job, no real vacation!

To Black-America: Is Obama “The One?”

14 Aug

Even those few dye-in-the-wool African-American Republicans are finding Barak Obama tacitly be their choice. Not many of those black-American Republicans are voicing displeasure with Obama whose policies are clearly incompatuble with their thinking. To the contrary, important black-Republican voices will support Obama, be it because of his color, or for whatever other reason they may have. Most notable of those who may switch is General Colin Powell. 

Colin Powell, one of the most respected man in America, and supposedly for many years a friend of John McCain, may endorse Barak Obama; or so they were saying yesterday (8/13/2008) on CNN.

Most media outlets and many, many Americans, are trying to suggest that the 2008 United States Presidential election has nothing to do with race, are they right? Or, are we like ostriches hiding our heads in the sand, or like the Emperor’s subjects that would not admit that he was nude? Is disregarding what is happening regarding race in this election the epitome of hypocrisy?

After Barak Obama won the Iowa caucuses, and received the endorsement and blessing of Oprah Winfrey, it became tacitly “unacceptable” for black-Americans not to vote for Barak Obama. Why is it not a race issue when the poles suggest that well over 90% of black voter are expected to vote for Senator Obama?

Black-Americans, and most other “liberals,” would cry fowl, and complain of racism, if the poles showed that even if as few as 60% of whites will not vote for Obama; why doesn’t the 90% black for Obama does not constitute racism?

The Colin Powell vote is another issue. As respected as General Powell is, he may well decide not to vote for McCain due to his age, or perhaps for some other significant political disagreement; but appearances are bad, an endorsement, or even a vote for Obama will only serve to widen the racial chasm that already exist.

The message in the “Western Wall”

27 Jul

Those who published the text of Obama’s message in the Western Wall did the right thing; it was not a religious act, it was a public relation event and should be treated as such.

In addition to being a publicity gesture, Obama is not Jewish and as a Christian putting a message in the Wall should have no religious significance to the Illinois Senator…

Obama: An enemy Israel does not need!

18 Jul


In spite of betraying Israel, and some of the most important interests of the Jewish people, Barak Obama will be received by Israel’s “powers-to-be” with dignity and respect. Obama will not be welcomed because of who he is, but rather beacause he may become President of the United States, and Israel will continue to need the United States!

A blatent betrayal of Jerusalem’s status, and of the State of Israel, by Barak Hussein Obama, is a dual edge sword: Obama’s reversal of his stance on a united Jerusalem under Israel, to a Jerusalem with a pre1967 borders, is a clear betrayal of Israel, and of the Jewish people!

Obama’s reversal of his position on Jerusalem within days, supports his motto of a change we can belive in; only it should modified to say: A change we can count on!

Jews for some 5000 years stated with their prayers that: Should I Forget You Jerusalm, May My Right [Arm] Be Forgotten! Through the ages Jerusalem has been the HUB of Judaism. In 1948 David Ben-Gurion sacrificed a large and heavily disproportionate part of his military resources to ensure that Jerusalem not be lost to the fledgeling State of Israel.

Obama, either insensitive, or not caring about Jews, Jewish interets, and Israel, in one quick statement on CNN said that were he President he would not support a Jerusalem consistent with the needs and traditions of the Jewish people. Obama’s CNN interview was paramount to those bumper stickers during the first oil embargo which stated: More oil, less Jews!

Barak Obama is not a friend of the Jewish people, but whose friend is he, one may ask? To date, based on his action, Barak Hussein Obama is a friend of those who can get him votes, whoever they may be. 

Senator Obama is a change-agent, but not necessarily for a change to the good, but rather for a change to gain a political edge, a change for political expediency!

When Obama spoke and committed to a Jewish group that he supports a united Jerusalem under Israel, Obama was courting the Jewish vote. But, when the dust settled and Obama realized that Jews only constitute about 3% of the United States electorate, he immediately shifted to a more universally accepted position. 

Obama’s betrayal of  Israel is consistent with his reversing himself on support of other friends and of other commitments. Obama is not a man you can trust unless one is willing to anticipate and deal with betrayal.