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Bill Clinton anti job-bill stance is tantamount to Hillary in primaries!

23 Sep

Bill Clinton anti job-bill stance is tantamount to Hillary in primaries!

When ex-President Clinton challenged Obama’s job-bill, it was his “first shot across the bow,” or the first step towards challenging President Obama for the Democratic nomination for President. Since President Clinton cannot legally run for another term, the ex-President was likely speaking for his wife Hillary.

Since Bill Clinton seldom makes public statements that do not promote an agenda, his opposition to President Obama’s job-bill is a clear signal that in one way, or another, he intends to challenge President Obama for the Democratic nomination. There is little doubt that Bill Clinton has doubts regarding President Obama’s ability to effectively govern the United States, and that, on the other hand he feels that his wife is eminently qualified to do the job.

Today, September 22, 2011, President Clinton informed the world that he is questioning Barak Hussein Obama, ability to preside over the United States; the ex-President opened the doors for his wife, Hillary Clinton, to challenge President Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012.

For 2011 Bloomberg third-party, a natural! Or, Is [the only] two-party democracy failing?

17 Sep

Is the young American experiment in two-part Constitutional, or Jeffersonian Democracy, on the ropes?

The ongoing gridlock in Washington, and the constant bickering between the two parties in Washington makes one wonder if the American democracy with its de facto two parties, workable; is it a viable system?

Serious questions come up when the opposition party sets as its primary goal the defeat of a President, rather than  to do what is best for the country, one must question the viability of the system. Early on in Obama’s Presidency, Rush Limbaugh, the most vocal and respected voice of the Republicans in the United States, announced to the world that he wished for Obama to fail, the tone was set,  defeating Obama became more important to the Republicans than doing what is best for the country, a very untenable situation!

The other option!

When previous third-party candidates made reasonable showing, the way US democracy is designed, such candidates did not get any representation in Congress. Didn’t Ross Perot and his Reform Party , for example, deserve representation in the country’s legislator when they received 18% of the actual votes?  They deserved 18% of Congressional voice, but got none!

A third-party in 2012 should serve as means for breaking the gridlock in Washington, and with good candidates could well fix whatever is presently ailing the United States.

It is my opinion that the likes of Bloomberg, backed up by Romney, could bring about the changes required to fix the US economy, as well as its morale which has been so damaged by Washington bickering!

Bloomberg-Romney: “Just what the doctor ordered!” Or, time for a third party.

17 Sep

Barak Obama had proven that, in spite of intellect, speaking ability, and charm, he does not posses the G-d given gifts required for being a United States President.

intellect and the ability to speak in publicly, do not necessarily mean qualification for the “highest office in the land.” Jimmy Carter was a clear demonstration of that fact. Carter. clearly an intelligent person, but one who is tied for the worst President in United States history with George W. Bush, and with Barak Obama.

Romney is the only person who the Republicans may choose to represent them in the Presidential election, but as a member of the GOP Romney will have his hands tied by the likes of the Tea Party, and could not govern in an effective manner, even if elected.

Michael Bloomberg, backed by Mitt Romney on a ticket, brings to the table the skilled required to turn the country around. Bloomberg walked into the mayoral office of New York City where he replaced “America’s mayor,” and improved on the performance of his predecessor…And, prior to New York, Bloomberg demonstrated the capacity to perform in a manner second to none, within the capitalistic system.

With an incompetent Obama, and an extremely weak GOP lineup of candidates, it is time for a major change, such as the election of a competent third-party candidate.

Electing a third-party candidate may also help shore-up the faltering United States test of the viability of constitutional democracy…

A Bloomberg-Romney third-party run could well be “just what the doctor ordered!”

Sovereign Palestine: A historical aberration!

16 Sep

Since making [an Arab] Palestine into a sovereign stated is a historical aberration, bringing the issue of full Palestinian membership, in front of the United Nations, could be a positive, if an honest debate ensues.
Let us start with the understanding that never in history there ever was a sovereign Palestine; let alone an Arab Palestine of any kind; why start now?
There was an “artificial” Palestine that was governed by the British, under a League of Nations Mandate, it was not a sovereign country. The British authorities, with the Balfour Declaration of 1917,  committed that in that “Palestine,” a “national home for the Jewish people…” will be established.  Then, with no legal authority, the British government carved away from “Palestine,” a large part of its geography and made it into Trans-Jordan, as payment to Arabs support during their war with the Ottomans.
In 1948, following British actions, the United Nations took away from the remaining “Palestine” a big chunk, and declared that what was left is to be the sovereign State of Israel. Through a number of defensive wars, Israel expanded that territory. But yet, with no historical precedence, Israel, through its own largess returned [valuable] territory to those who attacked it, in exchange for peace.
To live within the historical perspective of the region, an Arab Palestine should not be established!
What is now called the West Bank should be returned to Jordan (with its majority of “Palestinian population,), Gaza should be annexed to Egypt. and East Jerusalem should remain, as it has been for 3000 years, Israel’s capital in perpetuity.
Why attempt to change history?
forget the artificial “two-state solution,” and get the peace to be among the existing nations of the region.

No future US wars in Mid East, McCain’s license to dictators…

12 Sep

No future US wars in Mid East, McCain’s license to dictators…

While Syria is burning, President Assad is killing civilians in his country, and the United States allows the Arab League to sweep the matter under the tug by getting President Assad “to reform…”

Similar to the situation in Iran, several years ago, the United States encourages “the people” to revolt against “brutal dictator,” but when said dictators, such as Ahmadinejad, flex their muscles the US seems to leave those revolting high-to-dry! If the United States does not come to the aid of those trying to oust President Assad, the man will remain in power, and many more civilians will die.

When Senator McCain recently said that the United States will not enter any more wars in the Middle East, the Arizona Senator, who was supposedly speaking on behalf of the American people, was essentially giving the green-light to Mid Eastern “brutal dictators,” to continue to do business as they always ave done. Assad, Ahmadinejad, the rulers of Bahrain, Saudi, Yemen, to name of few autocrats, are now sleeping much easier, having received McCain’s assurances that the United States will not help democratize the world, abandoning the [de facto] US policy of many years.

The situation may have an explanation if the United States did not encourage these revolutions. but, since the US does support these revolution, standing on the side-lines while those who they encouraged to revolt are being slaughtered, is totally unconscionable…

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Palin and Bachmann: Retarding women progress! Or, will 2012 mark the “cat fight” of the Century?

3 Sep

Palin and Bachmann: Retarding women progress! Or, will 2012 mark the “cat fight” of the Century?

Not many rational people can argue that women are no less qualified than are men to hold any political office, including that of President. In spite of the fact that a woman can be just as, if not more, effective than a man, so far only a couple of women were on national tickets, and so far, only as potential candidates for Vice President.

It is, however, a sad state that in today political world the only two potential women candidates are  outlandish and unqualified young ladies. Sarah Palin, if for no other reason than the fact that she quit in her term as Governor of Alaska in order to feather her own nest, is a quitter that the American public can not trust, or count on, for serious leadership.

Michelle Bachmann is not only inexperienced, she continues to misstate facts, and to make promises that any rational human being can see can not hold water. The young Minnesota Congresswoman often tries to explain her blunders by suggesting that they represent her sense of humor; running for the top office in the land, is no joking matter!

It is a shame that GOP potential women candidate are so outlandish that they are setting back women progress in politics. While the GOP has rational women in its ranks, the likes of Hutchison, Snow, Collins, why is it that Palin and Bachmann are the only potential women candidates for President for 2012?

By the nature of the beast, if the two aforementioned young ladies were to face each other in the primaries, one can expect a nasty “cat fight,” like in no other primary in United States history.

It would be wise for the GOP establishment, including the Tea Party, to find away to dispose of Bachmann and Palin as candidates, or, if they don’t, risk muddying the [political] water for women far into the future…

Capitulating again: Obama’s “Joint Session” fiasco!

1 Sep

When President Obama gave up the Public Option in his Health Bill, it was a disappointing surprise. Then, the President let the Bush tax cut remain during the budget negotiation, and it rang an alarm; does the man have character? Can he ever stand behind his principles?  Then came the capitulation on the debt ceiling, it was a new high in disappointment! 

When on August 31, 2011, President Barak Hussein Obama, blatantly challenged the Republican House leader to allow a speech to the joint houses of Congress, at a time scheduled for a Republican candidates Presidential debate, the young and apparently inept American President, crossed the line, allowing politics to supercede what is best for the nation. Fortunately, Speaker Boehner rejected the President request, and America’s Capitulator in Chief, capitulated again.

Capitulating at every turn and demonstrating a questionable set of values, only add to President Obama’s standing as perhaps, tied with George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter,  the worst United States President ever.

The only question left: What important principle will President Obama sacrifice next?