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Events on the ground support Muslim profiling

27 Dec

Why should non-Muslim Orientals, Latinos, African-Americans, and Caucasian adults, go through the same scrutiny at airports that do Muslims, since most terrorist acts in today’s world are perpetrated by Muslims?

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but in today’s world, most terrorists, are Muslims!

Based on that statistic, why shouldn’t Muslims be profiled and allow non-Muslim to only go though minimal security checks? Why shouldn’t the most prominent threat of terror, one by Muslim, be more closely scrutinized, than others?

Not only will the profiling of Muslims improve the safety of all Americans, it would allow other, non-Muslim American, to have an improved quality of life by reducing the security hassle that they now must endure.

Profiling Muslims is “the right thing to do!”

26 Dec

It is time for the United States (and other “free” countries) to profile Muslims; statistics prove that most terror acts in the world are perpetrated by Muslims; why not make the world safer?
It is time for the US to stop the charade of “political correctness” of searching old Caucasian ladies as throughly as they search a young Muslim man. It is time let the innocent Caucasians, Orientals, and African-Americans (unless they are Muslim) alone and profile and check adult Muslims to protect the American public while at the same time improving the American public quality of life.
It is time to do what is RIGHT FOR THE MANY AT THE EXPENSE OF THE FEW (Muslims,) when the situation justify doing so.
It is time to formally profile Muslims and let up on other travelers so that they can return to the more normal life of pre-9/11!