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Oprah, Palin, and Color:

9 Sep

Can any rational human being doubt that if Governor Palin were a “woman of color,” she would not be immediately invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show, and not have to wait until after the election?

In my opinion, it is Oprah’s highly publicized endorsement of Barak Obama that, in large part, made the 2008 United States Presidential contest into a racial affair.

Oprah Winfrey is entitled to her opinion, but being the public person that she is, should have shown more restraint and not be so openly racially biased.

Palin: On target? Is democracy failing?

4 Sep

When Governor Palin stated that her is a typical family, she might have hit the nail on the head.

The world does not need, does not want, the typical.  Today’s harsh environment requires the OUTSTANDING, not the typical, it requires excellence, not mediocrity!

With the country, and the world, in turmoil, can the United States afford another mediocre, or perhaps below, person in the White House?

The answer, of course, is no, a resounding no! So why are we having four mediocre candidates out of the 400 million American on this earth?

The 2008 US Presidential election may indeed be historic with a talented woman running as a Republican, a very intelligent Mulatto as a Presidential candidate, and an old man with impacable character as a Presidential candidate; but can it be expected to yield the best President the country has to offer?

Is the still fledgling American Democracy that is at an [historically] embryonic stage proving to be an experiment too confining to allow for the best of the best to emerge? Is the American experiment in Democracy failing?

Democrats: Divine intervention or venue?

1 Sep

Was the fact that the Democrats not get a Convention bump due to poor choices, or divine intervention?


Placing the Convention in an 80,000 capacity football stadium, a venue suited for an entertainer, or some charismatic Evangelist, but not for the serious business of the nation, and then adding a level of gaudy glitz might have shown the American public that the Democrats may not be the party of the common man as it once was.


Going into the Convention while trying to shed off the “celebrity” label, Obama and his people should have shown more prudent choice of venue, and amore modest setting. While the United States is in the midst of serious problems, flaunting it in a political Convention was likely a poor display of judgment.


As if the Creator decided to play a hand in the American democratic process, Hurricane Gustav arrived. Even though the Republicans showed better judgment by planning a much less glitzy event than the Democrats, Hurricane Gustav ensured that their Convention would be a modest event. In parallel of that, Senator McCain selected a true person of the people as his Vice Presidential candidate.


Like Joe Biden, who is also of a modest background, Sara Palin, in spite of being the Governor of a State, still lacks the celebrity of Joe Biden, a visible and popular United State Senator. All of a sudden, it is starting to appear that the Republicans are much more in touch with the common-person than are the Democrats.  

Clinton: Because, he is like me…

28 Aug

President Clinton endorsed Barak Obama and suggested that those (like he and wife were a couple of months ago) who say that Obama does not have enough experience to be Commander in Chief, are wrong.

Clinton’s message: My opponents, when I was running for President, were criticizing me for being too inexperienced to be Commander in Chief; and just like I turned out to be a great C.i.C. so will Obama. I endorse Obama because he will be like me, great!

Bill Clinton forgot that it was not about him, Bill Clinton forgot about Somalia, Bill Clinton forgot about the USS Cole, and about the numerous misses at getting Osama bin Laden, etc., etc. — does the country want another Bill Clinton? Does the country want Barak obama? 

Like Bill Clinton, and perhaps with an edge, Barak Obama is a great speaker and motivator, but also like Bill Clinton, Obama is brash, inexperienced, charismatic, and an arrogant young man. Does the country want a real black-American (in this case a Mulatto) President after the “blackest white man” (as Clinton was dabbed by much of the Afro-American community) as its President?

Is democratic politics synonymous with lying?

27 Aug

Not three months passed since Hilary Clinton stated without equivocation that Barak Obama does not have enough experience to be Commander in Chief, nor President of the United States. At the Democrat National Convention, however, Senator Clinton said that Barak Obama was her candidate and must be elected President in November, 2008.

Did Barak Obama gain so much experience in the last few months to now be qualified as President, or was Senator Clinton being disingenuous, either at the Convention, or three months earlier.

If a child were to ask why the discrepancy exists, one would be told that this is politics: “You say things during the primaries that you then change when a candidate is chosen…”

The way we, the democratic society that we are, explain lies, is by saying that “this is politics, you exchange real and fiction, right and wrong, to suit the political landscape!”

“Time-table:” Wind removed from Obama sails?

22 Aug

A couplne of weeks ago President Bush was speaking about troop reductions in Iraq. Bush was siting numbers, numbers based on actual performance on the ground.

Yesterday, August 21, 2008, Condoleeza Rice stated from Ira that the United States and Iraq are in the process of establishing a [flexible] “time table,” for removing US troops from Iraq. The Administration plan which is based on success on the ground, essentially, a victory!

Sadaam Hussein was removed, an Iraqi constitution was established, and a democratic Iraqi [partially functioning] government is in place. Should events on the ground, including civilian security and a fully, or nearly fully functioning Iraqi Administration be in place within the Obama sixteen-months time table, his time table may prove realistic. But, by his own admission, it may have to be moved either forward and backward, depending on events on the ground.

Obama main theme when he became a Presidential candidate is a time table for removing US troops out of Iraq. That message may have lost its meaning if troop removal becomes a reality because of success in the grounf, a success that in large part may be due to “the surge,” a military move that McCain supported and that Barak Obama objected to.

Assuming that the time table Secretary Rice is discussing becomes a reality, especially if it is accompanied by a clear definition of what conditions are expected (a definition of “victory,” if you will) to allow for a time table that Iraq-table will be turned in favor of John McCain, and Obama will lose one of his major speaking points.

An Iraq time table if accopmanied with the return to more “normal” oil production should also be one item that will help ease the pressure of gas prices on the economy. In spite of the fact that Bush will continue to receive bad grade, probably as bad as Jimmy Carter (the two worse Presidents in US history,) more oil production from Iraq, reduced gas prices, and troop returning, much due to the “surge,” could do nothing less than give Senator Mccain a big boost in what appears to be a tight US Presidential election.

Elections: Sympathy, Race-idntification

18 Aug

It is only natural to vote for someone who one feels is sympathetic to ones own being. You vote for someone who is like your next door neighbor (the one you like, of course.) and you chear for people like yourself when the compete with others.

One shouldn’t black-Americans vote for Barak Obama with whom they can feel unique kinship?

Why shouldn’t veterans vote for Senator McCain with whom they have a lot in common?

Even though neither being black, nor being a veteran gives one electability credentials, identifying with them may well be enough of a reason to vote for one or the other.

Democrats: Form with little substance

25 Jul

Mile High Stadium; what are they thinking of? 200,000 audience in Germany; What are they thinking of?

Is Barak Husssein Obama a a show piece, a cult leader, or is he a serious minded politician? Recent events, and planned events, point to the packaging of Senator Obama for mass audience appeal as one does with rock-stars, and other entertainers.

The Democrat party appears to be selling an entertainer to the American public, while it should be promoting a serious politician. Recent events and plans point to an alarming trend, a move of selling a politician as an entertainer with cult following, rather than a serious person to deal with the Nation’s problem.

Obama’s gatherings are remittance of Hitler, or Mousoliny rallies, the frenzy of crowds remines one of the Jim Jones phenomena; Democrats are well advised to tune down the glitz and bring Senator Obama back to earth, back to dealing with the real problems of the nation.