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The message in the “Western Wall”

27 Jul

Those who published the text of Obama’s message in the Western Wall did the right thing; it was not a religious act, it was a public relation event and should be treated as such.

In addition to being a publicity gesture, Obama is not Jewish and as a Christian putting a message in the Wall should have no religious significance to the Illinois Senator…

Democrats: Form with little substance

25 Jul

Mile High Stadium; what are they thinking of? 200,000 audience in Germany; What are they thinking of?

Is Barak Husssein Obama a a show piece, a cult leader, or is he a serious minded politician? Recent events, and planned events, point to the packaging of Senator Obama for mass audience appeal as one does with rock-stars, and other entertainers.

The Democrat party appears to be selling an entertainer to the American public, while it should be promoting a serious politician. Recent events and plans point to an alarming trend, a move of selling a politician as an entertainer with cult following, rather than a serious person to deal with the Nation’s problem.

Obama’s gatherings are remittance of Hitler, or Mousoliny rallies, the frenzy of crowds remines one of the Jim Jones phenomena; Democrats are well advised to tune down the glitz and bring Senator Obama back to earth, back to dealing with the real problems of the nation.

Obama: Not a visionary!

25 Jul

Senator’s Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democrat Nationl Convention propelled him to national prominence, it also set up the bar for his oration so high that he may never be able to reach it again.

Most of Obama’s great orations repeat the same themes, he does not seem to have any realistic new visions.

In Germany Obama was speaking of a Nuclear free world; this is such a naive view that even a high school student can dispute! Once the human race discovers something, it remains with it forever, Barak Obama must realize that fact and speak accordingly.

Senator Obama is a great speaker, but he does not seem to be a visionary, his ideas are stale, and visions without credibility. The 2004 speech may have been Obama’s finest moment, it may never return!

Caucuses, Obama, and cultism

19 Jul

My wife and I had the displeasure of attending the Democrat caucuses in Colorado, what a sham!

In our case what we found was somewhat scary. Those who were for Hilary Clinton were generally subdued, detached, and civil; those for Obama were rude pushy and made you feel that you are their enemy if you did not support Obama

What we saw at the caucuses is not much different than what you see in Obama’s rallies, high enegy, almost at the level of cult following.

Obama seems to promise an immediate change and a quick fix to America’s problems, he makes his audience feel good, but he does not reveal the magic way that he intends to use to fix America’s ills.

I don’t believe that the founding fathers intended to have a United States President who can single handedly fix the country’s problems. The founding fathers intended to have a President with limited powers managed by a House of Representatives. Barak Obama, the great orator that he is, makes it appear that by himself he will put the country on the right track, even though he does not seem to know what that tarck is!

Checks and balances are needed, the United States does not need, or want, a leader who is all things to all people; the United States needs someone with depth, humility, and the ability to work not only with, but mostly for the people!

Entertainer versus Statesman

19 Jul

Even though McCain with his harsh humor, and at times, manners of a bull in a China shop, he is a sound and seasoned statesman. Obama, on the other hand, is an entertainer who often keeps crowds at the edge of their seats!

Watching an Obama gathering you can feel the energy flowing, McCain’s crowds are subdude and serious.

Who does the United States want for a Presidednt? Someone who makes people feel well (Obama,) or someone who make them do well (McCain?)

The “feel well” candidate may offer short term excitement while the “do well” choice will likely make the country do better in the long run, and offer a much sounder foundation

Obama: An enemy Israel does not need!

18 Jul


In spite of betraying Israel, and some of the most important interests of the Jewish people, Barak Obama will be received by Israel’s “powers-to-be” with dignity and respect. Obama will not be welcomed because of who he is, but rather beacause he may become President of the United States, and Israel will continue to need the United States!

A blatent betrayal of Jerusalem’s status, and of the State of Israel, by Barak Hussein Obama, is a dual edge sword: Obama’s reversal of his stance on a united Jerusalem under Israel, to a Jerusalem with a pre1967 borders, is a clear betrayal of Israel, and of the Jewish people!

Obama’s reversal of his position on Jerusalem within days, supports his motto of a change we can belive in; only it should modified to say: A change we can count on!

Jews for some 5000 years stated with their prayers that: Should I Forget You Jerusalm, May My Right [Arm] Be Forgotten! Through the ages Jerusalem has been the HUB of Judaism. In 1948 David Ben-Gurion sacrificed a large and heavily disproportionate part of his military resources to ensure that Jerusalem not be lost to the fledgeling State of Israel.

Obama, either insensitive, or not caring about Jews, Jewish interets, and Israel, in one quick statement on CNN said that were he President he would not support a Jerusalem consistent with the needs and traditions of the Jewish people. Obama’s CNN interview was paramount to those bumper stickers during the first oil embargo which stated: More oil, less Jews!

Barak Obama is not a friend of the Jewish people, but whose friend is he, one may ask? To date, based on his action, Barak Hussein Obama is a friend of those who can get him votes, whoever they may be. 

Senator Obama is a change-agent, but not necessarily for a change to the good, but rather for a change to gain a political edge, a change for political expediency!

When Obama spoke and committed to a Jewish group that he supports a united Jerusalem under Israel, Obama was courting the Jewish vote. But, when the dust settled and Obama realized that Jews only constitute about 3% of the United States electorate, he immediately shifted to a more universally accepted position. 

Obama’s betrayal of  Israel is consistent with his reversing himself on support of other friends and of other commitments. Obama is not a man you can trust unless one is willing to anticipate and deal with betrayal.

Obama on Jerusalem: A betrayal?

14 Jul

Selling out is More than a flip-flop!

When OBAMA switched his announced support of a united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he openly betrayed the Jewish people and their 5000 years tradition. Obama announced his support of a unified Jeruslem under Israel in front of a Jewish audience, with large media coverage.

Not hours after his Jerusalem pronouncement did Obama explained to questioners that he made a bad choice of words. He later went further on a CNN interview to suggest that he meant for Jerusalem to return to pre-1967 lines.

Either Obama know nothing about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, or he is an outright opportunist. A united Jerusalem under Israel, versus a Jerusalem adhering to pre-1967 lines, is at the heart of the Middle-East problem; to switch from one position to the other within days, is not only irresponsible, it is enough to question Obama’s ability to ever become an international stateman.

If Obama’s motto of “Change you can believe in” means that you change whenever you can gain the most political edge, then Obama is a man of his word. He is clearly not someone you can trust to stick to commitments if a change enhances his position.