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Farce called conservatism; skills not philosophy qualify one for elected office!

29 Oct

Conservatism is an honored, respected, and proven viable philosophy that passed the test of time; but it is now a skill-set that allows human entities, be they person, or organizations, to produce anything.
I am compelled to write this short blog because I live and Colorado, the home to Tom Tancredo, a self-proclaimed “conservative.” Tom is quite typical of many Republicans who seem to think that be “a conservative,” qualifies one for as an elected public official; it does not.
In his ads,Tom Tancredo, like many others, tries to discredit his opponent, and then, in order to “close the deal,” he loudly proclaims: “I am the true conservative in this race.”
Such a claim makes his candidacy a FARCE, since “conservatism” is a philosophy, not a set of skills!
When a politician is elected for any position, what skills are brought to the “job,” though philosophy counts, it does not qualify a person for public service, even though the reverse does apply: A wrong (in “the eyes of the beholder,”) may well count.

Positives notwithstanding, Tea Party may be detrimental to women in politics

25 Oct

Positives notwithstanding, Tea Party may be detrimental to women in politics.

The 2010 Tea Party movement is a very positive event in United States politics. This primarily grass-roots movement, was able to demonstrate to the American electorate that there are severe flaws in the Government, and that changes are in order. Even though the Tea Party is dominated by members from the right, it does include members from most persuasions, as most grass-roots organizations should, and do.

The Tea Party brought to the forefront of American politics the fact that changes in Government are due, and that [at least some] changes cannot wait.

The rapid evolution of the Tea Party also created problems to the nation. opportunists, such as Sarah Palin, jump on the band-wagon and tried to direct the movement into unchartered waters without having the skills, or experience required for so doing!

For twenty, of so, years women in US politics made great strides. Let me mention just six US senators: Hutchison (R); Collins (R); Feinstein (D); Snow (R); Boxer (D); Landrieu (D). These ladies though partisan, as they should be, generally did credit to the Office of the US Senate, they greatly advanced the cause of women in politics.

The Tea Party, mostly because of lack of time to build up competent representatives, endorsed, or put in place a number of women who are likely to set back the cause of women politicians for years to come. Tea Party women whose images already hurting the movement as well as women causes include, but are not limited to: Sharron Engle who alludes to armed revolution (“the second amendment solution,”) Christine O’Donnell (of witchcraft fame,) Meg Whitman (with the illegal hire, and who is trying to buy the election,) Carlie Fiorina (who was in large part responsible for nearly destroying two fine US Corporation, and who was consequently “bought out” with what turned out to be much of the money that she used for campaigning,) Nikki Halay whose only asset was an endorsement by Sarah Palin, the most shameful of the bunch. Plain’s giving up the governorship of Alaska, and letting down those who elected her in order to accumulate a personal fortune, also became the poster-girl of the Tea Party, demonstrating that commitment and responsibility do not count when they conflict with one’s personal objectives.

With all the good the Tea Party may do, its careless selection of women leaders may hurt the causes of women, as well as the general effectiveness of the Tea Party movement.

Ahmadinejad, a Jew?

19 Oct

Ahmadinejad, whose appearance is not unlike a caricature of the Jew in 19th century Europe, may well have Jewish roots and tries to hide them by his anti-Semitic talk.
In the Muslim world hiding one’s identity in order to accomplish one’s mission is very consistent with Quranic Da’wah which means deception. Living in the Islamic world, and acting in a manner consistent with Quran edicts, one must also practice Taqiyah which is the practice of hiding one’s real beliefs in order to carry out one’s Quranic mission. Ahmadinejad could well be hiding his real background and beliefs behind his anti-Semitic facade.
That not withstanding, the Iranian President should be sued for defamation by US officials that he implicates in his 9-11 accusation. Whenever he enters the United States in the future he should be hauled into court and made to support what he claims, or be made to pay billions for his irresponsible talk. Next time he tries to some to the United States the little Iranian should be only given a visa without diplomatic privileges, and be made to prove what he claims, or be punished for his mean-spirited accusation of Jews and Americans, just because they are not Muslims.

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The Democratic Jewish State of Israel

19 Oct

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